What is petting?

The party reached its climax. After the N-th glass of good beer, people began to discuss highly intellectual topics, such as “Vasya, do you respect me?” Or “Extinction of seals at the North Pole”, and suddenly “… petting” sounded in the middle of the noise.

The people, still a minute ago with a clever face, argued about respect and death among pinnipeds, made a puzzled face. “What is it?” – said everyone respected Vasya. It turned out that not only this respectable person, but also the majority of those present can not say anything definite about this. 

Having rummaged in world information resources and our own memories from rich personal experience, we, dear reader (hereinafter referred to as DC), found the answer to the question “What is the petting?” And decided to share it with you.

So, dh. What is petting? 

Petting (from English pet – “pamper”) is a deliberate orgasm by artificial excitation of erogenous zones in the conditions of bilateral contact, excluding directly pure sex.   

Passionate kisses, hot hugs, gentle touches, mischievous tickling, massage elements, tingling, scratching – this is not the whole arsenal of beginner pettingers. More experienced use the most unexpected means for affection. For example, blows, tickling eyelashes (leading Hollywood makeup artists recommend the mascara “Leningradka.” Look at the shelves of the city!).  

Petting is not masturbation, two people are involved in the process 

And here is a bit from the history of petting. It is interesting that the priestesses from the temples of love could bring themselves and the man to ecstasy and even orgasm with the help of a single (!) Touch (for example, electric shock. We joke!). Of course, the secrets of ancient seductresses have long been lost. But then we know that nothing is impossible. The main thing is to try, experiment and really, really want … to bring pleasure to your soulmate.   

Now about the pros and cons of petting

The most important plus is that after such sex your parents, DC, will not become grandparents. In addition, you will save a lot of money on the “gingerbread”. You can engage in petting anywhere, anytime and, in principle, with anyone: the scene can be an apartment with ancestors (we specify: parents should be in another room), and a VIP zone in a nightclub. In addition, we should not forget that the elements of petting are also in sex itself. You do not immediately proceed to intercourse, though, amiable DF?     

Another no less important plus: acting correctly, so to speak, with soul and creativity, you can achieve orgasm. In any case, fresh sensations will not be superfluous.

The main plus of petting is the absence of consequences in the form of pregnancy 

Now about the cons. It seems to some (most often young people) that petting is just a substitute for full-fledged sex, which does not bring any pleasure. They say, they say, this is the lot of young adolescents. But be that as it may, they are engaged in petting and … do not complain.   

You can adhere to any point of view, but with the correct application of the information that we have outlined here, you will get awesome pleasure!

Er-r-r-horn zones. Or what a young pettinger needs to know.

Boys about girls:

1. A woman loves with her ears . This is common knowledge. Caressing the organ of hearing of your beloved – the ear, behind the ear and, hmm, in the ear, do not forget to whisper pleasant nonsense.  

2. Get your girlfriend half a turn! No wonder Count Dracula preferred the neck to everything else . Well, a gentle touch with a tongue can drive a log even crazy!   

3. The chest . It is adapted not only for feeding offspring, but also for other interesting things. 

4. The scene is the navel . The subject of action is your language. Look do not choke on a dumbbell if your girlfriend has a piercing!   

5. She is the most !!! This is a more complex mechanism than it might seem at first glance. The principle of “stuck-pulled out” in the petting does not work. So be strong, baby! 

6. The oral cavity serves not only to absorb food, but also to get high.  

7. The back, shoulders, the area between the shoulder blades . DC, check if your passion has grown wings … Or maybe she has the most-most-most-erogenous zone there?  

8. Muskulus glezus maximus. In Russian, just a priest . Allowed elements of masochism in the form of patting, tingling … Just do not get carried away! 

9. A new “chip”: the erogenous zone between the fingers (!). As well as a standard set of hypersensitive places on the palms, elbows, shoulders and fingertips.  

10. The inner side of the knee . Uh … What can I say ?! 

Between us girls … a few words about the boys:

1. The ear . Some associate with dumplings, dumplings and other gastronomic delights. The main thing is not to eat in a fit of passion. 

2. Lips (upper and lower), tongue (one thing) and even teeth (32 – the norm) – these are the main attributes of a beginner pettinger. The main thing is to brush your teeth 2 times a day, visit the dentist in a timely manner and, of course , chew Orbits! In general, it is not for us to teach you.      

3. The chest . Usually hairy (to a greater or lesser extent). Of course, not as sensitive as a woman. But no less er-r-horny. That’s basically it. 

4. The navel . We are moving lower and lower. And here he is … 

5. HE IS THE MOST !!! If we measured the erogenous zones in a 10-point system, there would be all 11. Bingo! Erogenous zone number 1, which in some guys replaces all the others.     

6. Hair: thick hair or shiny bald head (if the young man is skin-headed). As you like more. Some people like to run their hands into a magnificent pile of hair, while others like to rub against the back of the head, covered with fine bristles. And how he likes it!  

7. The neck . Feels kisses, touches and stroking. Just don’t touch your prince with your fingertips and claws. From such gentle touches he will only tickle. Use your fingertips and palm while touching hard enough to not tickle. This rule, by the way, applies to any part of the body.  

8. The back . There are different backs: powerful, stooped, muscular and not very. However, all young people want to feel strong, sort of Schwarzeneggers. If you just purr to him about his muscles, he will melt like the last snowman. 

9. Buttocks . Strongly do not be tender: you can light a fire of passion simply by pinching it at the fifth point. 

10. When we look at this part of the average male body, one wants to lend their depilator to their owner. However, many girls even like this ( legs ) … But we are not talking about girls, but about the strong half of this world. So here. Heels, lower legs, popliteal fossae … The closer to point number 5, the greater the effect.

The closer is nirvana …

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