What is sex for?

We would say in Odessa: “Shaw, are you fooling people? Why, it’s understandable! ”So I reply in Odessa: it’s understandable, but some still think, and where to get it? Anecdote turned out, honestly. 

Now, seriously. Sex is an integral part of our life, and the best part of it. Everyone needs sex and always. True, one is more, while the other is slightly less, but all the same, everyone needs it. Why? It’s nice, I don’t argue. In addition , we are so arranged. We can use this gift whenever we want, under very different circumstances, in the most seemingly inappropriate places for this. Say fi? The main thing is not where, but with whom. This is for women. In this case, I can’t say about men. Perhaps they need relaxation and the question is with whom, purely technical. Or maybe not quite so, here I do not know.        

We are completely different, but this does not prevent us from enjoying sex and loving each other. Yin-yang – feminine and masculine, can not exist on their own. Yin-yang are fundamentally opposite, but attracted by both plus and minus. We a priori cannot live without men, and men without us women. Otherwise, harmony will be broken.   


Men still like the process itself more. And gentle whispers, kisses under the moon are tricks, and they are designed for us women. By and large, all these preludes are of little interest to men. But they quickly join the “game” and are well aware of its rules. Sometimes better than ourselves.  

Sex for men is in some way self-affirmation. “I can – I am a man” – this is a kind of wording, a set-off in consciousness, which helps a man to assert himself and be confident in his abilities. And not only in terms of sex. Any other issues are resolved much faster if a person is confident in himself.    

This is not to say that men are made out of what and they have no feelings and emotions, and all thoughts are only about sex. The man also gives, gives the woman his emotions, and not only takes them. It is these men who are considered good lovers. The technical process of sex may be the highest quality, but without emotion it is nothing.

It is important for a man to understand that the partner is tuned to his wave, she likes sex with him, she is excited and happy. And he wants him, just like he does her. Only then there is harmony, trust between partners, and a surge of emotional closeness – an orgasm, much brighter.  


How does a woman recognize her man? Initially – by external attractiveness, smell, timbre of voice and charisma. The next stage – a woman chooses a partner who is cool kisses. Here, of course, everything is individual. That kiss is a priority for whether this man will become a lover or not.  

No need to think that women do not like sex or do not want it. Often women simply hide it. Perhaps the whole thing is in the upbringing and constriction of a woman. A man should pay attention, touch a woman more just like that. Tension will disappear, and a woman will open up for emotions, affection and sex. Patience and proper behavior in this regard is a good bonus. Often such women are passionate and good lovers.

“Oh, my head hurts.” Women very often use this formula-trick in relationships in pairs. But this does not mean that a woman completely abandons sex. In part, this means – yes, maybe I’ll think about it. That is, the matter is not always in the head. The woman is not tuned, emotionally depressed or out of sorts. With a careful approach of a man, in understanding, affection, the head goes by itself. If this, of course, is not a disease.  

What gives sex to women? Sex is a very good incentive to look wonderful. And also lose weight, because sex is a load for all muscles. Sex gives a vital impetus, tone, emotions. All the negative and depressive fades into the background, the woman is simply happy.   

“Where to get it?”

The basis of a harmonious family life is stable, regular sex. Permanent employment, negative information, children, work, problems – all this distracts, and sometimes makes sex impossible. Moreover, negative factors affect both men and women equally.  

In this case, you need to take a timeout from everyday life. Make small holidays of sex and feelings for yourself. Rent a hotel room? Why not. You can spend your weekends, holidays or just find a few hours of relaxation for yourself. Remember that yin-yang is attracted anyway. So why refuse? The more emotional intimacy between spouses, the happier the marriage.  

And one more thing: women, “cut” your men less in terms of the psychology of relationships. Praise, cheer, and be the foundation for your man. Without a foundation, the walls will not be strong. 

And men should pay attention to their women, give care and affection. And the words – beautiful and gentle – will also not be superfluous.  

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