What is sexual etiquette?

In no textbook of good manners do you find recommendations on how to behave man and woman during intimate encounters. If the behavior at a party or at a dinner party is strictly regulated (a fork in the left hand, a knife in the right hand , etc.), then each of us acts on a date, hoping only for our intuition, our own experience and the advice of our friends. Want to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings? Check out sexual etiquette!   

Do not rush things and do not rush to the neck of your companion on the very first night of acquaintance . Entering into sexual intercourse, you should at least know the name, surname and address of the partner (in extreme cases, the phone!). Are you worried about fan behavior? Then take a timeout and remember the golden rule: “If in doubt, do not.”  

Don’t get dressed on first dates too defiantly! Otherwise, you will unwittingly provoke a friend to action. But it is important not to go too far: too strict and prim clothes can scare the gentleman away. So stick to the middle ground! 

Do you like your fan more and more and don’t mind having an intimate relationship? What Well, it’s time to think about security. After all, safe sex is the most important and relevant requirement today . Until you know each other well, use condoms. (“Good” means at least three months: this is the time frame for producing antibodies to the AIDS viruses. After this time, it would be nice to have a blood test done for both partners.)    

But who should take care of condoms? It is logical to assume that partner. However, a man in love will willingly get the moon out of heaven for his beloved, the mountains will be rolled up, if necessary, but … can easily forget about such “little things.” Therefore, at first try to have this indispensable tool with you. In the future, if you are being protected from pregnancy, it will be fair to divide the cost of contraception in half. 

Now let’s discuss what underwear should be like. If you don’t want to be misunderstood, don’t wear leather bras, feather panties and the like. Choose something expensive, beautiful, but not too provocative. But then, if it turns out that you both love sex “with a twist”, you can buy something for yourself (or let him do it).  

If for some reason you cannot meet at your place or at his home, leave this problem to him to solve. Let him think about where your intimate dates will take place 

Too violent expression of passion is inappropriate if you are not alone in the apartment (especially if children are sleeping in the next room) or in a house with walls that are not thick enough. It is unlikely that the neighbors will like the expressive screams and groans announcing the quiet of the night.  

Try to refrain from commenting on his appearance and sexual virtues such as “in clothes you seem more courageous” or “oh, how funny he is with you, but just was so big” … Also, do not ask him for details of previous novels. 

The bedroom is not the place where you need to say “for life” , discuss new books or talk about problems at work. Talkativeness is the weakness of many women, but this does not excuse you if, while he caresses your chest or gently kisses behind the ear, you chirp incessantly on various abstract topics. Such behavior is also unforgivable when, after the end of sex, you sharply lower your partner from heaven to the mortal earth with an exclamation: “Oh, I forgot to tell you! I have problems at work (the computer crashed, the mobile phone was turned off yesterday, the products went up again , etc.). ”   

Never mimic an orgasm ! Firstly, men have already heard enough about our tricks and are able to distinguish truth from lies, and secondly, even if you manage to play this role to the end, you won’t get an Oscar. Pleasure from sex – too. So is the game worth the candle?  

In the case of a “misfire”, it would be equally tactless to turn to the wall with a dissatisfied sigh “well!” Or take too zealous a consolation for a partner , saying that our desires do not always coincide with our capabilities, but this does not matter, because now you have a chance to try a new vibrator … A soft smile and a delicate phrase will suffice, for example: “I also don’t always want to have sex, besides today I feel something unwell …” 

All sorts of sexual know-how also require special delicacy . Even if in your favorite melodrama heroes have sex on the edge of a cliff, this does not mean at all that such an idea will please your boyfriend. Of course, he will never admit that he is afraid of heights, he simply … will stop dating you. Introduce innovations into your intimate life only by mutual consent and not at the early stages of meeting, but a little later, when you learn each other’s habits, learn to understand and feel your partner. If you’re not completely sure of it, don’t rush to implement extreme scenarios and too daring proposals such as tying hands , etc. (By the way, “symbolic” tying gives the same effect in terms of adrenaline rush when a partner desire can easily and quickly free your hands.)   

To avoid an awkward situation, remember that even the most ardent love can not always be in a state of full combat readiness , especially if it’s just in practice proved to you my love. He needs to rest, gain strength. Each man has his own “recharging mode”: someone needs ten minutes, someone needs half an hour or more. It’s best not to force things, but to wait until he himself shows a desire and is ready to have sex again.  

Do not turn sex into a guessing game : instead of being heroically silent, like partisans during interrogation, while your partner is trying to “declassify” your erogenous zones, tell him what you especially like, but do it tactfully and softly, and not with the instructor’s annoyed tone , which got inexperienced beginners.

The prohibited method is to use sex as a “carrot and stick”. It is unacceptable to deprive a partner of intimate joys for an undeliverable bin or late arrival from work. Sex is not a tool of manipulation, but a means by which two people who love and respect (!) Each other get mutual pleasure.   

If your relationship, alas, did not work out and you had to break up, say goodbye to common sex toys as well. And before you start a new life and a new love story, give yourself a word: “I will not say anything bad to my future lover about the previous one.”

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