What is sublimation, or currents of sexual desires

If the sexual energy that fills you does not find a direct exit, then it can transform. Simply put, if what you want is not available at the moment, the desire that fills you does not just disappear. You know, physicists say that nothing disappears without a trace. Desires, including sexual ones, are also subject to this law.

What can sexual energy not be used for its intended purpose? Let’s figure it out. For simplicity, imagine this energy as a stream. For example, a young man sees a beautiful girl who is very attracted to him. Now imagine that a stream of energy bursts into his mind. Among this “energy fall”, which will fall upon consciousness, special currents will inevitably turn out to be. These are streams of sexual desires.

The energy that appeared in the youth from our example will inevitably begin to act. The more it is, the faster it happens. Much more depends on temperament. This stream is special. He makes you act. Only the young man himself does not stand aside. It is he who unconsciously decides in which direction the sexual energy will be spent.

Several options are possible. Let’s say the guy approached the girl he liked, their relationship began to develop. Moreover, it is likely that the resulting stream will sooner or later reach its direct goal. And if everything goes differently. Say, a stranger will “send” a young man without leaving him even a phone? And if a guy is next to her and she smiles happily? What will happen to the sexual exercise that the beauty left in the heart and mind of our young man?

Sexual energy will inevitably seek a way out. It can result in some kind of activity. This is called sublimation. Perhaps the guy will try to draw a girl, write poems about her, music, song. But far from everything that a guy will do under the influence of the received energy, it will certainly be possible to read the image of that girl. Say, he will become more intense than usual to do physical exercises, it will be better to study. This is also commonly called sublimation.

And perhaps the young man will act differently. The same stream affects different people differently. An excited young man can even go for violence. The energy that fills him can hurt his enemies, and even friends. Sometimes sexual energy develops into aggression. Such behavior is a kind of atavism, that is, a way to act, inherited from our animals. After all, according to Darwin, we came from them.  

It should be noted that sublimation is a psychological defense. If it did not exist and sexual energy could not find a way out, then the psyche of our hero would be in jeopardy. Similarly, sexual energy affects girls. The main thing to remember is that not everything is so simple. The spectrum of energy that we receive is very wide, and sexuality is only part of it. The currents of our desires can change the world.   

The very word “sublimation” translates as “exalt”. Through her sexual desires, to which some part of society refers to something base, can give rise to more flattering forms. Thus even great works of art are born. Just do not think that everything is limited to the described currents. Sexual desires are just an important supplement to the rich flow of feelings and emotions. Strong feelings and vivid desires give rise to all the most beautiful in the universe! 

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