What is the danger of homemade sex toys

There are many instructions for creating sex toys, but few people say that home-made items can cause serious harm to health. What happens when an intimate thing is made independently? What to fear before use?


For the manufacture of masturbators, men use any improvised things: from foam rubber to cellophane. They are packed in glasses, bottles, buckets, so that everything holds, and then the penis is inserted inside. And as a result get severe rubbing or burns.

With translational movements, discomfort is not felt immediately , but after a time when the skin is already injured. And if there is still an improper lubricant, then it also reduces the feeling. And then the penis turns bright red and recovers from 3 days to several weeks. Friction on inappropriate items can be dangerous. And it’s better to buy a masturbator designed to stimulate men than then suffer from homemade products. The price of the device in a sex shop is from 1000 rubles. The cost of treatment is several times higher 


Unsuitable lubricants are saliva, baby cream, and shower gel. They are not designed for internal use. If it enters the urethra or vagina, it causes inflammation.


If you use improvised means instead of a dildo, for example, vegetables and fruits, deodorants, remotes, handles, you can become seriously ill. Most of these items cannot be thoroughly cleaned. Washing under water even with a detergent is not enough to remove all bacteria from the surface. And all this enters the body.

The vaginal microflora reacts differently to strange things. Sometimes problems begin immediately , dysbiosis occurs. Sometimes a reaction begins after several experiments. The most severe cases are inflammatory processes. It is difficult and long to treat them, and their reason also happens in the use of home-made sex toys. A good dildo, safe and convenient, can be bought for 1000 rubles. For 2-3 thousand you can get an excellent vibrator with a lot of functions. And it’s better to use them, and not something inappropriate to maintain health. 


In the presence of sharp protrusions in the phallic things, injuries during sex or masturbation are possible. A compound home-made sex toy can fall apart right in the body. Even a glass cup or bottle can crack. And this will cause serious damage. Tears and cuts happen. For their treatment will have to see a doctor. Wound healing on the mucous membranes takes a long time.

Men often get stuck in various holes . With an incomplete erection, a member can be introduced even into the hose from the vacuum cleaner. But then you can’t always take it out yourself. And this also leads to injury or an unpleasant meeting with doctors. Very often, homemade sex toys get stuck in the anus . During the game, they plunge too deep, and then they cannot be removed. If the item has no limiter, it easily gets stuck in the body. And surgeons take it out, this procedure is painful and humiliating. Every year, thousands of items are removed from the anus in men and women. 


Is it worth it to make a sex toy yourself

Homemade products are made for two reasons:

  • It’s a shame to buy in a sex shop. This problem is a thing of the past. You can order any item anonymously on the Internet. Information about the buyer will not be on the card statement on the package. No one will ever know that the package is from a sex shop. 
  • No money for sex toys. More and more on the market of manufacturers creating cheap goods. Masturbators, dildos, anal stimulators at a price below 1 thousand rubles in 2020 exist. And these are reusable, safe things. 

It’s much easier to buy a sex toy in the store, and not worry about health, than to make something yourself. There is no point in this anymore. Once in the twentieth century, sex toys were expensive, today everything has changed.

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