What kind of music do striptease dance to?

In this article, we will talk about the nature of musicized outcrops. And with a white verse we’ll talk about how to turn the ordinary, in general, process of parting with clothes into poetry.

Evening. Candles A tired moon rises above your windows. Her silvery rays merge in a passionate kiss with soft light from the fragile flame of candles. Bubbles in a champagne glass burst to the beat with a beat of your heart. Do you feel the rhythm? His eyes look at you, trying to catch the music of your movements. Your image in silver and fire smoothly follows the pulse. Dance …

Action 1. “Romance”:
Music creates a mood. What then, in your hands the power. Manage other people’s images, becoming a fantasy. Who do you want to be today? It all depends on the music. So, dear ladies, here is our first lot: Mr. Elvis Presley with the composition “Fever”. Performed by the king of rock and roll, this song, echoing its leisurely rhythm, as if she herself was naked. Presley’s low velvet voice slowly leads you into the land of movements. Having succumbed once, you will not be able to stop and will merge with the music until the last chords. Leisurely seduction is the credo of this composition. Slow but confident steps music gets to the point. You just have to follow her. 

Night. Storm. Lightning flashes instantly illuminate the space. The light in the floor lamp is about to burn out. Hurry up. The rustle of rain merges with your whisper. You are trying to catch his breath. But he stands by. Dance …

Action 2. “Passion”:
Impulses run through the millions of wires in your body. You are like a living generator, electricity inside you, so light hundreds of light bulbs so that their invisible light melts the chords of music in your passion. So, we present to you the second lot: the Gotan Project group and their imperishable composition “Santa Maria”. Sheet music tells a story. The history of music. The story of true electricity. A story of genuine passion. Like dancing on the edge of a knife, music moves dangerously along the blade, and it does not stop until it reaches the finale. This composition smells of Paris and immerses you in this city – perhaps you came up with it. And this is another Paris – your own. Live in it, breathe it, dance … Until passion melts the last chord, and the city dissolves in your memory. 


Midnight. Hot. Every muscle in your body is in tension. The surrounding objects seem to be hot. Even a soft carpet burns your fingers. Fiery air enters your lungs and ignites a fire. A shiver runs through the body, raising hundreds of tiny hairs. You need to move. Dance …

Action 3. “Eroticism”:
In Brazilian mythology, her name was Angra, in the Celtic Brigid, in the ancient Roman Vesta, in Greek Hestia. But now you are the personification of these names. You are the Goddess of Fire. Attention, the third lot: the group The Pussycat Dolls with the song “Buttons”. This song burns like a bonfire, around which someone beats the drums and someone claps his hands, as if gathering for the Sabbath. It seems that this music awakens primitive instincts, makes you feel wild, immured with evolution, inside. Now you are able to feel the wind and become one. A clear rhythm will help fly over the planet to the true fire – the eternal sun – the Sun. 


Chorus: I’ll
end the play with many points,
And I will leave you the choice.
Perhaps even tonight
you will fly to heaven?
How to integrate into the blue velvet?
Only you know the answers …

See you…

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