What men lack in sex (survey results)

Did you also think that only sex is important to men, and feelings do not matter? Today we will prove that this is not the case. You will see that men are much more romantic than they want to appear.

Research by British scientists

One of the manufacturers of toys for adults has proved to the public that men value love (a study was conducted in Britain by order of ” LoveHoney “). It is this feeling that affects the quality of their sex life and the degree of satisfaction with their partner.

If a woman loves a man, enjoys intimacy and is on the same emotional wavelength with him, he can get a vivid orgasm and pleasure. It is the ability to feel a partner that allows a man to enjoy physical contact.
Half of men cite love as the most important factor in sex. 40% say that you can get an orgasm only when you have sex with your beloved woman. Then the emotions will be intense, and the feeling of bliss will last about half an hour. 29% believe that there should be chemistry in sexual relations, which is responsible for the attractiveness of a partner. If there is chemistry, they say, then sex will be great pleasure.

And what did the women answer

Oddly enough, the women turned out to be pessimistic. They said that it is possible to enjoy sexual intimacy without love. 66% reported having had an orgasm from sex with a stranger or someone they didn’t love. They deliberately agreed to have sex only because they liked the man. Men admitted that they had had sex on the first day they met only because women seemed very beautiful and sexy to them. Perhaps the reason is that ladies now feel more relaxed and free. They choose partners on an equal basis with men, they can pay for sex and play erotic games. According to the survey results, men are much more in need of emotional contact than women. 


What men need in sex

6,000 men and women were asked to fill out questionnaires. They had to answer the question, what affects the quality of sex life. The sample consisted of 3000 women and 3000 men of different social status, marital status, age and appearance. So, 48% of men believe that love is the main thing in sex. It is she who is responsible for the occurrence of orgasm, the feeling of unity with a partner and the desire to remain faithful to a particular woman. About 14% of men indicated that self-confidence and chemistry are important for a happy sex life. When a woman is not worried about her appearance, is ready to have sex in daylight, shows interest, physical contact will bring pleasure. Only 6% cited appearance and sense of humor as important factors in sex. It follows from this that most males pay attention to emotions and feelings, and not to beauty, figure, or the number of learned jokes. 


What magazines lie about

Some sexologists who write columns in popular magazines often publish articles about the importance of constantly offering a man something new. Women should be in an eternal search for interesting ideas, how best to have sex and what novelty to try in bed, just to keep their beloved. Sooner or later they get tired. Of course, experimentation and the embodiment of male fantasies sometimes increase the level of sexual life. The man feels flattered. How, my beloved tried so hard, picked up costumes, bought gadgets. But time passes and he is fed up with new products. Now they have become a habit for him. It’s like overeating on your favorite sweets. When they are perceived as a gift, you look forward to repeating them. You wonder what to try next time. But if you eat them every day, after a few weeks they will start to annoy you. It has been proven that nymphomania occurs on the basis of physical overeating. Satedness, the opportunity to try new things, makes a woman change partners and get fleeting pleasure. It is very difficult for her to feel a real orgasm. Only 8% of men put women’s willingness to try new items to the fore. For most, it is important that their partner is ready to diversify their sex life. The women say the same. Long gone are the days when the missionary position was the height of debauchery. If you sometimes try new caresses, desired positions, role-playing games together, this will help keep each other. But blindly following the recommendations is not necessary to constantly try new tricks in bed. It can ruin the relationship. 





Men want love

We often wrote about how important it is to appreciate and love your man. Expression of gratitude, admiration, sincere interest in him will give him faith in himself. When a man is inspired and happy with the realization of his own importance for his woman, he is capable of miracles. If you prove to him that he is your most beloved and desired in bed, then your relationship will last for a long time. Men know when they are being used. Sometimes they provide an opportunity for women to twist ropes out of them, in the depths of their souls realizing that this is not for long. At the same time, they feel when a woman loves them. Emotional connection, a happy sex life and a feeling of love help a man achieve heights in social life. And this can only be given by a loving woman. 

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