What penis size do women prefer?

Some women argue that size matters, while others, on the contrary, consider the length and width of masculine dignity to be secondary. Given the physiological characteristics, the phallus should be felt during coitus. If this does not happen, the partner does not enjoy it. The latter fact makes many men wonder whether ladies love a member of great length and thickness, or is it all purely individual? How long do girls like cock? 

Why do women love big cocks?

It’s no secret that the fair sex is quite open about their preferences regarding the size of the phallus. Most admire the outstanding members. Confirmation of this is the girls who evaluate the representatives of the stronger half on the beach by the bulge protruding in swimming trunks.

There are several reasons for this “behavior”:

  • Guys with large penises always feel confident. This is facilitated by the well-established opinion among the male company that the fair sex likes big dicks.
  • The guaranteed pleasure arouses the interest of the opposite sex. The outstanding dimensions of the penis allow it to completely fill and, without much effort on the part of the partner, stimulate the female vagina, penetrating as deeply as possible.
  • A large genital organ in an erect state excites without any preliminary preludes. This is due to the libido of the fair sex, when the imagination begins to “paint” erotic scenes.

This explains the well-established opinion why girls like really big sizes. Is it that important for relationships and building a strong couple? A similar question is asked by every man who wants not only to enjoy success with the opposite sex, but also to find a life partner. To answer it, you need to go a little deeper into the essence of the question.

How long and what diameter do girls like?

Medicine and women’s personal preferences do not always agree on the parameters of the male genitalia. Experts call a small penis up to 9 cm and normal from 10 cm. Girls mean by the term “large” a length of 18 centimeters and many overlook such a parameter as width, that is, diameter.

The last parameter is of direct importance for getting satisfaction in bed. A “pencil in a glass” will not create the same feeling of fullness that is necessary to achieve orgasm. More experienced women, in contrast to young “girls”, pay no less attention to him.

Speaking from the point of view of non-one-time sexual intercourse, the favorite form for many is a kind of “sausage”, that is, normal length and impressive volume. It is this combination that brings maximum sexual satisfaction.

Perfect penis size for women

Every man wants to satisfy his other half and is worried about the size of his phallus. According to statistics, almost everyone believes that they lack a couple of centimeters in length and volume. Lust for a large penis is akin to admiration for outstanding breasts, but they are not chosen as partners in life for these parameters. Sexual fantasy and real intimacy are different.

To find out exactly what size girls prefer, various polls are conducted. The results are almost all the same and look like this:

  • 90% of the respondents say that the length of more than 19 cm causes pain and discomfort;
  • Almost 92% shared the absence of any sensations from the 9-10 cm phallus.
  • The optimal size, 25% of respondents called 16-18 cm.

Loving a big dick and really having fun are two completely different things. From this we can conclude that women who complained of pain during sexual intercourse also prefer this length. Regarding the diameter, many consider 6-9 cm to be the ideal parameter.

Disadvantages of large size

Great manhood is not always a reason for pride. If a petite girl meets a partner with a large and thick phallus, this is fraught with damage to the female genitals:

  • cracks;
  • breaks;
  • swelling;
  • bleeding;
  • pain.

The first sexual contact, even with abundant natural lubrication, makes the girl feel uncomfortable for at least another week. The vagina can stretch, but it takes time. Thus, sex becomes a kind of training.

The huge phallus is inconvenient during oral sex, because it is difficult to wrap your lips around it. Both partners do not get pleasure. There can be no question of anal sex. Only the most daring will go for such an experiment.

The virtues of a small penis

Many men are completely in vain to complex a relatively small size. This phallus has many advantages:

  • does not cause discomfort during intercourse;
  • ideal for oral and anal sex;
  • allows the head to stimulate all erogenous zones of the vagina.

A correctly chosen posture allows you to give pleasure to your partner no less than a large one, and in some cases, much more.

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