What should a woman do if her husband does not satisfy her?

The reasons why a woman does not enjoy sex are a great many. And in each case – its own methods of exposure. Consider the option when, from a physiological point of view, everything is fine with her. In her relationship there is love, and full sexual compatibility. But there is one thing but: intimacy happens much less often than she would like.     

I have little interest in the causes of the male side of behavior. I believe that in any person there is always a reflection of his problem. And this means that the problem can always be solved by your own, personal work on yourself. And therefore, in this study, we will only talk about the causes, effects and effects of the weak half of humanity on ourselves.

Sometimes the awareness of one’s responsibility in each problem in the case of very strong emotions may not stop. A woman breaks down and makes a scandal to her husband. An ordinary prayer with an inner request to God to help, give wisdom, patience and strength to overcome all this helps to calm down in a hysteria. Learn to pray with your soul.

Meanwhile, our heroine is constantly experiencing bitterness, pain, longing, anger, aggression. It seems that a man does not need her, they do not like her. Self-confidence has been lost, irritability has appeared, in some cases, jealousy and other harmful experiences. It seems to her that sex is already happening not according to her general free desire, but she is waiting for him and begging him all the time.  

Useful advice here will be a trip to a well-known store and buying a device, which in some cases can be more enjoyable than a husband. Knowing your body and its capabilities will never hurt. Knowing yourself can even improve relations with the opposite sex, especially if you don’t lock yourself in yourself, don’t be shy of your sexual desires, but be free from prejudice and stereotypes. The ideal option when I took it, used it, enjoyed it – and on this the problem completely exhausted itself. A woman does not become angry and aggressive. She is perhaps sad. However, sadness is not destructive. This case is an example of an adequate attitude, the absence of a problem of perception.    

Consider the option when the entire spectrum of feelings described earlier remained with the person described. And moreover, at the moment of receiving the highest pleasure, she wanted to sob emotionally!

To understand what is happening, ask yourself questions, watch yourself. “What do I want?”, “What feelings do I have?”, “What do I need to achieve harmony?” Expand your pain into its components. The definition of “pain” is not suitable for work – it is too general. 

At this stage of the work, you may need the help of a psychologist. Because to independently determine the whole range of disturbing feelings is a skill that has been developed over the years. You may not have one. But if you feel a similar problem in yourself and want to deal with it – run to a specialist!  

Consider some aspects and effects on the emotional loss in which our heroine resides due to a lack of intimate communication:

1. Jealousy, suspicion, anger at other women that a man can look at is born out of a feeling of inferiority. 

Options for “cure”. In a calm state it is necessary to “probe” your “I”. Listen to yourself, touch yourself, look inside. Trust yourself and feel a sense of self-worth. You can say: “ If he does not come to me, this is his problem, not mine. He does not receive my precious warmth, love, passion . ” 

Some phrases do not fit – look for others. The ideal option if a woman learns to enjoy communicating with herself. 

Even in acquiring a sense of their attractiveness, such an exercise helps a lot : it is necessary to imagine the look of a man. Everything is in this look ! Passion, desire, admiration. He doesn’t look up, and I am saturated with his gaze, enjoy, just bathe in it! It is very important to “catch” your feelings. Are there any changes in them? It becomes if I feel better?   

2. Lost, useless, thoughts, words and experiences on the topic “why do you need me”, “why am I here”, “why do I need such a relationship” and so on are born from an emotional void that has its roots in childhood. You lacked natural male attention in childhood. 

In this case, the relationship with the first man (father), I would decompose, in turn, into several components: 

  • lack of male attention;
  • lack of male warmth;
  • lack of a sense of joy.

The need for male attention is successfully filled by presenting the male look from the exercise above.  

You can be filled with warmth from a man by imagining a male torso (for some reason, a naked body is drawn in the imagination), hands, and a body to which I can always cuddle. I feel a stream of heat – male, patronizing, it envelops me from the inside and outside, all, completely. Male nature is the shell around me. I fill up and stay in it as much as I want. At the same time, I feel security, kindness, complicity, love, patronage of sincerity … It is necessary to invest in your sensations the whole range of feelings so necessary from a man.   

A sense of joy can easily be obtained by presenting the gaze of the father. His eyes shine because he is glad to see me. His eyes are smiling at me! 

Well, that’s all. I examined the main, leading components of a well-known psychological problem. In overcoming it, as in everything, patience, desire, and awareness are necessary. A good supporting role is observed in psychological sessions in which, under the supervision of a specialist, a woman can speak all the feelings to her imaginary father, throw out emotions, and overcome the barriers of remoteness. 

And of course, time is needed. Time for a full study of the existing problem. For example, it took me five years from the moment I first realized my sad feelings to complete deliverance.

I wish you success!

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