What to do if a sex toy breaks down?

Sex toys can last for years, but there are times when they break. What to do if your favorite device is out of order? Is it possible to repair such an intimate item? But what if the warranty is still valid on the device?

Most people will not go fix a sex toy under any circumstances. Showing the device to the master, admitting to experiments, is a complex process. Therefore, the broken things are simply sent to the landfill. But repair is possible, and if the warranty is valid, then you can get a replacement.

Breakage when warranty is in effect

If the device has a manufacturer’s warranty , then in the event of a breakdown, a replacement can be made. The warranty period is always indicated in the instructions, it is from 30 days to 2 years. The more famous a brand is, the more likely it is to give a guarantee on its products. The replacement is made if the user did not violate the rules of application. For example, I did not immerse a device that is afraid of moisture under water. Or did not open the sex toy, trying to see what was inside it. To make a replacement, you need to have a complete set that came with the purchase. Usually this is a box, instructions inside, a charger and the toy itself. That is why they do not need to be thrown away before the expiration of the warranty period. 


How to repair a sex toy?

If you overcome the constraint, you can find craftsmen who are able to restore your favorite sex toy. Every city has workshops where broken things are fixed. You can turn to them, there is a chance that they will take up the restoration. You can search the net for repair suggestions. They are still rare, but they exist. Some workshops specialize in similar products.

What can be repaired? It makes sense to send sex machines, massagers, expensive vibrators for repair. You shouldn’t carry something that costs less than 2 thousand rubles. A cheap toy is easier to replace, as restoration will cost a significant amount.

What can break a sex toy?

To make sex toys last longer, avoid the following steps. They can damage the device, and it will not fit under the warranty.

  • Improper washing. If a sex toy is not allowed to be submerged in water, and this has been done, it will stop working. 
  • An attempt was made to open the device. After a breakdown, you cannot try to fix everything yourself. Violation of the integrity of the device immediately voids the warranty. Yes, and restore, for example, the silicone coating will not work, it is made cast. 
  • Falling from height. Complicated mechanisms cannot stand falls. If devices without vibration do not break when flying from a height of a bed, then high-tech models may suffer. 
  • Incorrect charging. Using someone else’s charger or adapter of the wrong power can lead to burnout of internal elements. It is necessary to pay attention to the power supply, do not overload the battery. 

Improper lubrication can ruin the surface of a sex toy. For example, oil changes the texture of the silicone. And the wrong cleaners can change the surface too.

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