What to look for when choosing a sex toy

In this article we will tell you how to choose not only a pleasant toy in all respects, but also a really high-quality toy that will delight you for many years? What you should pay attention to?


It can be anything: glass, metal, silicone, cyber leather. But it must be of high quality. They say about the high quality of the material:


Although toys that smell sharply of rubber are still found on store shelves, every year they are crowded into more and more distant corners. High-quality material either does not have a smell at all, or is barely pronounced, or smells pleasant (like, for example, toys made of cyber-leather, which are processed with special flavored talcum powder). To sharp smells – no! This often suggests that the material contains a large amount of latex and derivatives, this can provoke allergic reactions, and in general is not very pleasant. The same, by the way, applies to taste.


On a good device, they should not be, or they should be completely invisible and not convex. Why? Any relief on a toy is a great place for bacteria to accumulate and multiply. You will not see this with the naked eye, but take my word for it – it’s not easy to clean a toy with pronounced seams in a high-quality manner. And for especially sensitive persons, such a seam can cause physical discomfort, up to microtraumas. A good toy, as a rule, is one-piece cast, without seams, unnecessary bulges and holes (sometimes, when pouring material into a mold, air bubbles form, which then turn into small holes on the surface of the toy – they are easy to see during a cursory examination, be careful).

The absence of phthalates in the composition.

Phthalates are, roughly speaking, emollients that were once used quite extensively in the manufacture of sex toys in order to make them more flexible and resilient. Now phthalates are no longer used: it is proved that these toxic chemicals cause serious harm to the environment and humans. Once in the body, they gradually accumulate, provoking many diseases, including reproductive dysfunction. Most manufacturers have long abandoned the use of phthalates in their toys and are not shy about indicating this on the packaging. Look for the “phthalate free” badge.

Glass, metal, wood

Do not hesitate to ask about the quality of this material. Glass should be vulcanized: it is several times stronger than usual, and if it suddenly breaks, then not into small crumbs, but into large pieces. The metal must be hypoallergenic. Surgical steel, aluminum, gold and silver will not cause any problems (if there is no individual intolerance), but dubious alloys and nickel are best avoided. Wooden toys are extremely rare, but they are also found – for example, butt plugs. Such devices must be very well varnished so as not to absorb bacteria, secretions and grease.

Secretly, silicone will always be a safe bet – at the moment, medical high grade silicone toys are the easiest to care for, the safest and, most importantly, the most stylish. That is, almost perfect. Literally everything is now made from medical silicone: you will find vibrators, anal toys, cock rings, and whatever your heart desires.


In everyday life, we often overpay, as they say, “for the brand”. Whatever you say, it’s always nice to become the owner of a branded item, even if there are a million cheaper alternatives.

But in the case of sex toys, this practically does not work – here the price, as a rule, is directly proportional to the quality. In other words, a vibrator for the conditional ten thousand will be made exactly for these ten thousand (you can read in more detail about why many toys are not cheap here).

By the way, ordering toys online is always more profitable – sometimes the difference in price tags offline and in online stores can reach up to 50%!


A sex toy is the thing we buy to use. She is unlikely to decorate the interior or collect dust in the far corner of the cabinet. Therefore, the set of functions in the device is one of the most important things to pay attention to.

Study the description and, if possible, the instructions. Read test drives, watch video reviews, which tell and show about all the “chips” of the toy. Some of them have a decent set of functions and a clever system for enabling them – you won’t immediately figure out how to enable this or that mode.

Various reviews will be good helpers.  

Decide on your needs. Do you definitely need electrical stimulation, or ten vibro modes are enough? Do you want a high-tech vibrator with rotation, rotating beads and anal-clitoral stimulators, or will there be enough “rabbit”? Extra “bells and whistles” can increase the price by an order of magnitude and increase the risk that the toy will be put in a distant box for many years.
Pay attention to the quality of workmanship. It is unlikely that any of us is able to fully understand how this or that mechanism works, but you can clearly see how well the control buttons are made, whether they are conveniently located, and whether they will interfere with direct use.

If the manufacturer promises water resistance, make sure the water really has nowhere to seep out. Many brands, by the way, give a guarantee on their products – the return and exchange of sex products is not possible by law, but you can always contact the manufacturer directly and he will solve your problem.
Look at the package bundle. Toys with a battery must have a proprietary charging cord (and sometimes a set of plugs for different sockets – if we talk about the premium segment, for example). Many add a storage bag, a small tube of suitable grease, and cleanser to the kit. The instruction must be required!

Always choose trusted brands! Even if they are budgetary – in any case, it will be a quality, certified product. And don’t let the manufacturing country bother you: even iPhones are assembled in China, and many domestic brands are no worse than foreign ones (but don’t overpay for transportation, certification, import, and other bureaucratic troubles).

Brands that deserve your attention.

Surely after reading you will have a logical question: but what, in fact, to look at? Here are some brands that will definitely please you – not only in price and quality, but also in design and functionality.

Hot Planet.

The same domestic brand that will allow you to save a little – because it is produced in Russia. But in it you can find many different toys: butt plugs, dildos, prostate stimulants made of medical silicone, without seams, odors, phthalates. In a word, really high-quality things at a very tasty price. You can also use a cleaning spray or lubricant.


Which needs no introduction – everyone has heard of a unique vibrator for couples. Developed in Canada, these toys often become truly innovative – the notorious U-shaped sex vibrator is the first of its kind. They also have incredibly nice materials, intense vibration and convenient remote control applications. What to look for? Of course, the pair We-Vibe vibrators, as well as the mega-powerful Tango vibro bullet and anal plugs with the function of remote control from a smartphone.


Gorgeous realistic masturbators for men! Very delicate, elastic cyber-skin, maximally repeating a living body, interesting design options (a beer can, for example), unusual gadgets such as phone mounts on the leg. What to look for at Fleshlight? Of course, masturbators are copies of the vaginas of porn stars! There are a lot of them – you will surely find your favorite.


Premium sex toys straight from Sweden, which are beautiful in everything: high-quality mechanisms, and pleasant materials, and elegant design, and luxurious packaging. You will not find something cosmic, but you will get a truly luxurious thing that will delight you for many years. What to look for from Lelo? Gifts for the most beloved. The Lelo vibrator is the very thing that really isn’t ashamed to present. Even without a wrapper.


Are you a fan of gadgets? Don’t miss the opportunity to try a new smart kettle or fitness bracelet? Then you will definitely like Lovense. Their main feature is “smart” toys that always go hand in hand with a smartphone. What to look for? Butt plugs and vibro bullets that vibrate in time with the surrounding sounds and masturbator and vibrator sets that transmit every touch.

Tom of Finland.

Fetish and homoerotic lovers will love it! Inspired by the artist of the same name, Tom of Finland makes really tough and harsh sex toys that are great for men without prejudice. What to look for? Huge butt plugs, tunnels and sperm-scented lubricant (where else can you find that?).

Doc Johnson.

The largest American brand that does not pursue modern technologies, but produces very high quality and diverse devices. A lot of collections – he is gentle girl Crystal Jellies to realistic The Naturals – allow you to find exactly what you want. Besides, almost half a century on the market is a very solid period, which says a lot. What to look for? Mega-realistic phalluses. The touch, the look, and even the smell is fantastic.

Fun Factory.

Real Germans who combine playful design, quality filling and a rich history. They fully justify their name – their toys not only look funny, but also allow you to have fun. What to look for at Fun Factory? Cute compact vibrators, beltless straps and, of course, Stronic pulsators are the only sex toys that mimic frictions.

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