When is it time to contact a venereologist?

Sex is not only a source of pleasure, it can be the cause of many diseases. You can get infected if the protection is not observed in the process of making love. And sometimes the cause of the disease is betrayal of a regular partner. How to understand that it’s time to take tests? What symptoms should alert?  

Who is a venereologist?

Venereologist – a doctor who treats sexually transmitted diseases. They turn to him when problems in the sexual sphere begin. He prescribes a series of tests, and then a treatment that helps to cope with many diseases.

A venereologist is not in every clinic, therefore, a gynecologist for women and a urologist for men replace it. Any of these specialists will be able to make a diagnosis. Therefore, it is important to find someone who is nearby, and to whom you can get in the near future.

Each city has a sexually transmitted dispensary . This is a place where you can take all tests for STDs for free, you only need a passport and a policy. Anonymous to do all the tests will work in private clinics, but with some costs. 

What symptoms should be checked for?

If there was unprotected sex and there are the following symptoms, it is worth taking tests:

  • Itching in the genital area.
  • Rashes of various shapes on the genitals.
  • Unusual discharge from the penis and vagina, which was not previously.
  • Bad smell from intimate parts of the body.
  • Pain during urination, blood in the urine (it turns brown).
  • Severe pain during intercourse, weak erection in men.
  • Cracks in the mucosa of intimate places.
  • Drawing pain in lower abdomen.

Symptoms may occur together, or there may be only one of them. And there are diseases that do not give visible signs.

When to go to the doctor after unprotected sex

If there was sex without a condom, and there are doubts about the health of the partner, you can consult a doctor without waiting for symptoms. You do not need to run immediately to the reception, it is better to postpone the treatment for 7-10 days after contact. It is then that identifying the infection will be the easiest.
HIV can sometimes be diagnosed only 6 months after sex. Therefore, it is recommended to be examined after sex, and also after six months, to exclude such an infection. The doctor should honestly tell about the reasons for the fears so that he appoints the correct examination. 

What tests need to be passed?

Most often, the doctor prescribes scrapings from the genitals . For women, this is a painless procedure, the material is taken from the cervix. Men have to feel penetration into the urethra, after taking the analysis, the discomfort persists from 4 to 24 hours. Sometimes an additional blood test from a vein is prescribed. It will reveal the presence of syphilis, HIV, hepatitis and other infections. Analysis results are prepared from 1 to 14 days. And they already need to contact the doctor again so that he prescribes treatment, if necessary. 


How often is it recommended to take tests

Infection with some infections goes away without symptoms. They may not appear immediately, but after a long time, when the immune system is weakened. At the same time, a person is still a carrier of the disease, it can infect others.

Therefore, it is necessary to take tests for the presence of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) regularly. People who frequently change partners should do this every six months . Living with one partner, it is recommended to check once every 1-2 years. It is important to understand that some diseases can be infected not only through sex. For example, syphilis is dangerous even with bodily contact. And it can happen even in public transport. Therefore, passing tests is a great way to detect infections at the initial stage, when treatment is quick. Going to a venereologist is not a shame . This is a way to protect yourself and your loved ones from a lot of trouble. And if every person had a responsible attitude to this, the number of diseases in the country would be reduced by several times. 

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