Where is it better to buy intimate lubricant?

Grease is sold today even in supermarkets. You can find her at the pharmacy. But where to buy it profitably? Where are the most pleasant prices and assortment? Let’s compare!

The most common places to buy lubricant are:

  • Pharmacy.
  • Offline sex shop.
  • Supermarket.
  • Online sex shop.

You can also order on Chinese sites. But we will not consider such an option, since the use of dubious formulations can be hazardous to health.

Let’s compare 4 options. To evaluate, we use several criteria: assortment, price, availability of leading brands.

Pharmaceutical lubricants

The amount of lubricant in a pharmacy is always limited . The showcase presents up to 10 types of products. Most often there are Durex, Contex, sometimes Russian-made lubricants. But it is unlikely that there will be several warming or arousing species. There will be one silicone, another water-based, and with the effects – not at all necessary.

The price in a pharmacy can be different, it all depends on the place. But to find it will turn out something both expensive and cheap. Prices, most often, will be average. And the seller will not tell you which is better, the recommendations will be general.

Evaluation of the purchase at the pharmacy: you can go in and buy. It is safe. But there will not be many options, you will have to choose on your own, not relying on recommendations. 

Lubricants in the supermarket

The choice in large stores is very limited. Rarely can be found in the regions of more than 5 species on the shelves. In the largest stores there may be a whole booth of such products, but always only 2-4 manufacturers.

The price is always overpriced , the lubricant will cost at least 30% more than when ordering online. The price is especially high if lubricants are presented at the box office.

Consultation is not possible. Sellers do not know the goods, they can only indicate the location. You’ll have to navigate without someone’s help.

Evaluation of the purchase of a lubricant in a supermarket: the prices are the highest, but the assortment is very narrow. The presence of lubricants with effects is always in question. 

Lubricants in an offline sex shop

Any adult store offers a large selection of lubricants. But it is limited, since it will not be possible to place many options. The choice is greater than in a pharmacy or supermarket, but does not exceed 50 pieces. You can find different things, but the main thing. That you can get specialist advice, and a hint will be useful.

Prices are average or high, exactly higher than in the online store. But then you can immediately take the grease home without waiting for delivery. .. Evaluation of the purchase of a lubricant in an offline sex shop: a good choice, but high prices. If you need it urgently, then you can overpay. And there is someone to consult with. 


Online sex shop and lubricants

The best place to buy lubricant is an online sex shop . On a water and silicone basis, in different effects , aromas and tastes. This is a huge assortment for every taste. Prices are different, from low for Russian products to very significant for well-known American brands. But at the same time, everything is cheaper than in other places . Any lubricant can be purchased with delivery. Delivery is carried out in 1-4 days to anywhere in Russia. You can write to a consultant and ask questions. This is an opportunity to get a hint without communicating in person. During the dialogue, no one will see you, which is important for many users. Evaluation of the purchase of lubricant in an online store for adults: this is the largest selection at the best prices. At the same time, you don’t have to go anywhere for the order, you can make a purchase from a smartphone or computer. Delivery is fast throughout the country. And the consultation exists, which is very convenient.  

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