Where to meet girls in winter?

In the cold season, meeting girls on the street is not so easy. How can the lonely Moscow Orpheus find his Eurydice in the icy metropolis ?

In winter it gets dark early, there are not many people on the street and everyone is in a hurry to get warm as soon as possible. Nikolskaya with tourists is no longer relevant, no one walks in dresses – sexual legalization for girls is over until next spring and you need to be decent again and think about the future. And in such harsh conditions, you need to contrive and find a girlfriend of life at all costs.

Where is the most efficient way to do this?

Skating rinks , Shopping malls , Clubs , Night & Party , Bars

These are places where there are always a lot of people. But what if you don’t skate, if you don’t have the time and desire to spend time in a noisy cafe where everyone drinks and dances, and you would like to just chat with a girl in peace?

In any city there are a lot of events where many interesting men and girls come.

Cultural Events

All sorts of art spaces are now popular in Moscow , for example, the ARTPLAY Design Center (artplay.ru), where interesting exhibitions are held and there are atmospheric cafes. The design factory FLACON (flacon.ru) is also popular, where festivals, concerts, master classes are held, where people come and have fun. There is also the Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art, where exhibitions are constantly held and where there are always a lot of interesting people.

You can also open any calendar with a poster of public Moscow events and choose how you will spend your time this week. For example, it can be some beautiful and interesting themed fair , which are now very numerous in the city.


Plus, remember that in winter a lot of people spend time in gyms and fitness clubs . There, too, you can and should meet girls.


Move on. Lectures and master classes , where you can meet not only people who have come to study profile , but also people who are simply interested. It can be a conference , and not necessarily from the series of “successful success” such as “Concentrate”, “BM” or “Transformation”. It could be some Startup BootCamp , where people come to talk with their startups, learn how to promote them, how to make money, and not “how to find yourself when I’m almost 30”. And there are many wonderful men and girls who are already busy with something of their own – big and inspiring.

You can find all the information about all these events on the Internet in advance. And build your week in such a way that you definitely have time for them. When you have already planned where and when you will go, you can not only prepare and study the topic, but also dress accordingly.

Another indisputable plus is that in such places it is very easy to start a conversation with someone you like. You are together at this party with one common goal, which means that you already have something to discuss, and you are on the same wavelength.

Also pay attention to any open lessons of training centers or open dance lessons or yoga . Presentations of travel agencies , where people come just to see, to learn something new for their future vacation. These are places where you can meet a person who wants to somehow occupy himself, spend time creatively and unbanally.

And most importantly, even if you practice dating in such places, you should always be ready to meet “the one” at your side. In the business center where you work, at a gas station or in a supermarket – you can meet a beautiful girl anywhere.

Hot dates and good luck!

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