Who are sapiosexuals

In modern society, new concepts are appearing, which it will not be superfluous to understand in order to keep up with the times. One of the newer terms is sapiosexuals .
Saрio in Latin means wisdom, reason, and sexus – sex. The term applies to those people who rate the sexual attractiveness of the opposite sex depending on whether the partner has intelligence. The more intelligence, education, culture of behavior a person has, the more attention he will attract from the sapiosexual . But this is only at first glance, everything looks simple. That’s what the story ayut sapioseksualy of themselves.   

1. Sapiosexuality is an individual concept

Each sapiosexual still has his own individual preferences. One of the anonymous sapiosexuals admits that, despite the fact that she has sex with different men, she is only interested in subsequent relationships, including sexual ones, with an intelligent lover. And for some sapiosexuals, even sexual attraction cannot arise for ordinary “stupid” partners. 

2. Sapiosexuals can be both women and men 

Although the sapiosexual approach is more typical for the female sex, it is also popular among men. If a man is aroused not only from the naked body of a woman, but also from the presence of intelligence in his mistress, then he is definitely a sapiosexual . 

3. Sapiosexuality is more than just having “brains” 

Each person is smart in their own way , but in order to attract the attention of a sapiosexual , it is necessary to have a general culture and emotional intelligence, the ability to think outside the box. 

4. Sapiosexuality is a sexual need

We are not at all surprised that some partners cannot achieve orgasm without stimulating the clitoris or other erogenous zones. Likewise, sapiosexuals are aroused by the intelligence of their partner.

5. Sapiosexuals prefer flamboyant sex

A person with increased intellectual abilities approaches many things meaningfully and creatively, including sex. Sex with an intellectual will definitely not be boring and banal, because such a lover is guided not by primitive instincts, but by a deeper understanding of the act of love. Thus, sapiosexuals are distinguished by a non-standard, but very demanding approach to sex and the choice of a sexual partner. And this is not surprising, because today “mind” is a sign of stability and confidence in the future, and not at all strength, beauty or wealth. Therefore, for sex, sapiosexuals choose a reliable person, with whom it will later be possible to even create a family union. 

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