Who was the creator of the sex industry? Beate Uze

Beate Uze managed to create a large sex industry. Moreover, the goals were pursued by the most prosaic – to earn money. In post-war Germany, as well as in military, Puritan customs reigned, so creating and promoting such products was not easy. 

Beate was born in 1919 in Germany and since childhood dreamed of becoming a pilot. The girl realized her dream with difficulty, because this is a male profession. And even managed to work – she ran in sports planes before selling them. This extraordinary woman managed to work as a stuntman. 

Thanks to her pilot skills, Beate managed to get out of Berlin before the Russians arrived there. Having reached Flensburg, a woman with a child (her husband died in the war) remained face to face with dire need. Beate began to think about how to make money. And came up with.

It was difficult to live in post-war Germany, and many women could not afford to have children, there was simply nothing to feed them, the future of people was foggy. Criminal abortion, lack of sexual literacy and a natural attraction to sex, despite any war and hunger, soon prompted Beate to address this issue.

With great difficulty, the woman raised money for publishing a small book of a sanitary-educational character. In it, women could learn how to correctly calculate safe days in their cycle. And also several chapters were devoted to contraception.

The brochure was mailed. Over the year it sold more than 30 thousand copies. Beate began to be asked with questions on sexual topics, considering her a kind of expert. Beate published the next book, which was equally successful. Further, the entrepreneur was already selling condoms, which were almost never on sale. Beate entered into an agreement with manufacturers. 

But Germany’s puritanical customs impeded Beate Ouz’s business, many lawsuits were filed against it. Over her entire career there have been more than 3 thousand. The woman was perplexed: everyone needed sex, she was sure of it, why was it a hypocrite? That is human nature. However, demand creates supply. Some court cases even went to the benefit of the company, which by then Beate had acquired. 

Once a case was heard on condoms with a mustache sold by Beate, accused of perversion. The invited expert unexpectedly sided with Beate, saying that it contributes to a more literate attitude to sex.

High society did not accept Beate, despite the already strong financial situation. Donations to various charitable organizations helped to become a member of the local tennis club for business women.

Beate managed to get married and give birth to another son and daughter. With her husband, Beate tested various sex toys in practice, which the company already traded with might and main. The building on Gutenbergstrasse 12 is known now, there is the head office of the concern. Yes, concern. Already in the 90s, the company’s turnover exceeded 300 million marks, the number of employees was already more than 5 thousand people.

The range of products is wide, from cosmetics and underwear to sex stimulants. Goods can also be bought on the Internet. Beate made the right bet. As she herself says:

 “It’s hard to sell buttons, cars, or Coke, because not everyone drinks it.” It’s not easy to sell pants or shirts, because not everyone wears them or they don’t wear them like that … And everyone needs sex. This is the best seller. 

Beate Uze died in 2001 from pneumonia. Previously, she even managed to survive stomach cancer. Until the last days of her life, she was full of strength and hope. She piloted her own airplane in her advanced years, diving with scuba gear. Beate was calm for the future of the enterprise, as a worthy replacement has grown up, her sons in strong hands are holding a family business, without whose products it is difficult to imagine the world today.

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