Why are women cheating?

In women’s magazines, and not only, issues of male adultery are often raised. Psychologists, medical workers and ordinary people are trying to find out if a man is polygamous and what chromosome he needs to remove so that he does not drag behind each skirt and tie it to one that belongs to his official spouse or the one that he in social networks and in real life he calls his girlfriend … 

But for some reason, the issues and causes of female adultery are much less frequently discussed, and if similar topics are addressed, then, as a rule, in the context of universal condemnation and censure.

Like, a woman should be a saint, even after she gives birth to a fifth child. A woman should that, should this. In general, to be a woman is a continuous duty and punishment. No pleasure to you. At the age of 20, get married, please your husband, take his parents, relatives and friends, cook food based on uninterrupted catering, clean your house better than a team of professional cleaners, go to work, making a significant contribution to the family budget, do your marital duty when you need to spouse, each time practicing the mandatory program, give birth to children who, despite their genes and heredity, must be healthy, beautiful, smart and have to be able to walk, hold a spoon, speak, and never, under any circumstances x do not hurt and did not cry.  

In general, if born – endure, repay debts or die. Live without pleasures and desires. Despite the fact that nature is arranged so that women instinctively always strive for strong males, strong and healthy, in order to give birth to good offspring. If, after getting married, a woman understands that her husband is not at all the one she dreamed about, but for a number of different reasons she cannot leave, get divorced, for some time she will struggle with her partner’s internal rejection, delay the process of solving the problem, and as an “balm for the soul” will start an affair on the side.   

A distinctive feature of women from men is that men change, even when they love their girlfriend or wife very much and consider her the best. They do not change for some serious reason, such as a big bright feeling for another woman, but just like that. Because they can afford it, or rather, their conscience can afford it. A woman , when she loves and fully receives care, affection and attention from her partner, is unlikely to go looking for adventures on the side. If it does, then this is more likely an exception to the rule, and this person has some kind of mental or physiological pathology. For women, unlike men, sexual intercourse is a way of expressing their feelings and emotions towards a man with whom they have an intimate relationship, but not sex for the sake of sex, experiment or adventure. Therefore, if a woman changes, then:   

 – she fell in love with another man; – she does not feel loved and desired by her husband or roommate and goes to the one who will give her these feelings; – her spouse or partner does not function well as a man, and she cannot get satisfaction; – wants revenge – suspects his man of treason or knows about it for sure; – wants money or wants to solve some very important issue, a big problem; It is driven by self-interest or hopelessness when it is necessary to achieve the goal at all costs, or the one on whom it depends, for example, the employer, inclines it to intimacy.

The most common situations are a lack of attention or a lack of sex with a regular partner. In principle, these are good reasons, because a woman should feel like a woman, be desirable, loved and satisfy her natural physiological needs.  

Someone may say that a decent woman must first part with someone who is inattentive or powerless in an intimate sense. This is so, but, as a rule, the cooling of feelings and physiological problems arise after years of family life, when the couple got used to it, become one, and not only children, property and memories hold them together, but also a lot of affection and understanding. So why ruin it all? It is better if the “hunt is more than captivity”, just carefully hide the betrayal, so as not to injure and disappoint the loved one. 

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