Why do marriages break up?

According to the Family Code, there can be only two reasons for ending a marriage:
1) the death of one of the spouses or the declaration by the court of one of the spouses as dead;
2) application of one or both spouses.

The circumstances referred to in paragraph one are understandable, and there is no point in considering them.
At first glance, it seems that the reasons for divorce are endless. However, this set boils down to several main reasons for the breakdown of marriages. 

In Soviet times, a divorce application was required to indicate the reason for the termination of marriage. Most often they wrote like this: “They did not agree on the characters.” Now the reason is not necessary to indicate, but if you ask a question, the absolute majority will again speak about the dissimilarity of the characters (I confess that when I got divorced, I indicated this reason in the court session so that the judge would make a decision as soon as possible).  

What is this “dissimilarity of characters”? This is a mistake in choosing a spouse, which is usually made by young people who are blinded by a sudden outbreak of passion. Love over time passes, but does not become love. And after a few months it suddenly turns out that the spouse is not at all the ideal that you aspired to. Moreover, the spouse suddenly reveals traits about which you did not even suspect, and you really do not like these character traits. Then they say: “they did not agree on the characters.” In fact, everything is simpler – there was no love, and there was no desire to build love. And it’s good when the couple understand in time that they will not have happiness together, diverge, and each go their own way.    

Modern psychologists say nothing about love. Probably, this area of ​​human relations has not been studied by them. Modern psychologists believe that there are only three main reasons for the breakdown of marriage: sex, money, and career.

Psychologists say that the main role in human life is played by the instincts that we inherited from animals. A man is designed to have a desire for sex with many women. A woman, on the contrary, is stable in this matter. And so a man, after several years of a happy family life, suddenly loses “a pronounced sexual interest in his wife,” and this interest is only developing in her. Therefore, if the basis of marriage is only the sexual interest of partners to each other, such a marriage breaks up. Or it doesn’t break up if a man walks left and right, and his wife is satisfied with this state of affairs. By the way, statistics say that 75% of all divorces are based on sexual dissatisfaction with one or both spouses. And most of the divorces for this reason are initiated by unsatisfied women.

Divorce over money, let’s not be hypocritical, has also become commonplace. Fortunately or unfortunately, but the saying “with a sweet paradise and in a hut” in modern society is no longer relevant. Marriage is not only a union of two loving people, it is also a joint venture to raise money and material resources to ensure the quality of life. Often one of the spouses (usually a woman) is financially dependent on the other, and this is considered normal. But it often happens that with financial independence, a spouse who previously received security from a partner suddenly slams the door and says, “Why do I need him now?” leaves. It happens that another spouse also leaves, for whom the thought that now very little depends on him becomes unbearable, and now he is not the only earner. 

Passion for a career and striving for success in the professional field quite often are also causes of divorce. The husband constantly disappears at work, there is no time left for family life, and the union, which until recently seemed happy, is breaking up. It also happens that a family is destroyed because one of the spouses (usually a man) for some reason does not allow a woman to grow professionally, is jealous of a partner for his work and career. And the modern emancipated woman increasingly does not want to be just a housewife, she is interested and important in work and career. And the family is crumbling.

Of course, divorces also occur for other reasons: betrayal, jealousy, drunkenness, and even political disagreements between family members – this small unit of society and the state. Well, I admit that I consider the lack of love to be the main reason for the divorces. Therefore love each other! 

Love each other! Live together and enjoy every minute of family life!

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