Why do not you have a girlfriend

There are different periods in life. Sometimes it’s okay to be alone. But there are signs that ringing bells hint that it’s time to change something. And if you ignore this ringing, you will cross out all chances for your own reproduction from the book of fate.

So, during certain periods, the absence of a girl next to you can be both normal and completely abnormal.

How to understand that your loneliness is normal?

Let’s say you recently broke up with a girl. Whether it was a painful experience or a conscious decision is completely irrelevant. In this situation, it is absolutely normal that for some time you are left alone. It is clear that you want to finish all the internal processes of past relationships and so far there is no desire to get close to someone. But, if in general you are a mature man and aimed at building relationships, then, sooner or later, this desire will appear. And if the period of loneliness dragged on for more than 3-4 months, then you are probably doing something wrong. This needs to be corrected as quickly as possible. How?

Now let’s see in which cases the fact that you do not have a girlfriend becomes alarming.

First Reason

Are you a sissy or a family sweetheart. You have an excellent relationship with your parents, and in this ecosystem you appear as a good son, that is, as an obedient boy, and not as an independent man. You live in your parents’ apartment, look after and take care of them. You have dacha obligations, and on Saturday morning you go to the grocery store. If so, then you are clearly stuck in this unhealthy relationship with your older family. To grow up, it’s time for you to separate.

The second reason

your strategies. You think that love itself should find you. Usually, this belief also comes from the family and, most likely, from the mother. Just from mom, if you seriously think that you are gold of the highest standard, and stupid girls just failed to see it. In anticipation of your true destiny, you do nothing. But, in order to meet your happiness on the threshold of your own home, you need to at least approach this threshold, and not hide in the farthest room.

Third Reason

Your environment. You have close friends or relatives who, like you, are lonely, and you have found some kind of harmony in this loneliness. You set up your life, everything is stable and familiar to you, and so are your friends. It doesn’t suit you, but it doesn’t really bother you either. Or the second option – when all your friends have already found a mate or created families, and you are the only one so sad and lonely, and that is why the company loves and cherishes you, and you have no reason to bring girls there, because everything is fine anyway.

Fourth Reason

Your employment. You are very busy at work, which eats up 100% of the time. It can be a business, or you work for hire in some terrible shifts and get very tired. You no longer need anything, in your free time you recover and take care of everyday life. In this case, it is obvious that the space for a girl in your reality simply does not arise.

Any of these reasons is not a healthy factor for a mature man. Everything must be in balance. The art of living lies in finding time for family, for yourself, for work, for development and for friends even in difficult periods.

Try to rethink your priorities. If you have found any of these signs in yourself, but do not know what to do with it, come to our master class. You will see guys who were in almost the same situation a few months ago, and now they have achieved results and found themselves a girl for a relationship. And of course, you will find out how they did it.

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