Why does it hurt during sex?

It happens that women experience pain during sex. Gradually, they begin to avoid sex, as they are afraid of pain. This is often called the general term dyspareunia (dyspareunia). Dyspareunia has functional, medical, and physiological causes.

Medical reasons. Pain during intercourse can be caused by some hidden genital infection, such as chlamydia or genital herpes (lichen), or cause hidden internal damage to tissues, cysts, and so on.

If your sexual health is normal, then you should ask your doctor if you have any visible hymen. Since, although it breaks during the first sexual intercourse or, even more often, during excessive physical exertion or the use of tampons, parts of the hymen can still remain and cause irritation and pain.  

Physiological causes are the result of emotional or physical trauma, relationship problems or depression. 

Functional causes relate to cases where your body is physiologically normal and you have no genital infections. Pain can be caused by the fact that you are not sufficiently excited before sexual intercourse. As a result , your body does not produce enough lubrication, so contact is more painful. Your body may also release less lubrication right after your menstrual cycle.  

In any case, you can use different types of lubricants or make the foreplay longer. If , even during a period of sufficient excitement, your body does not produce enough lubricant, then you may have some hormonal imbalance and you need to consult a doctor, pass an appropriate analysis and, if you wish, undergo a course of treatment. 

Another functional cause is vaginismus (vaginismus). Vaginismus is the tension of the vaginal muscles, which makes it difficult to penetrate the vagina and leads to pain during penetration. Pain can occur both during penetration during sex, and with the introduction of a tampon, or even when examining the pelvic organs. But the main reason for vaginismus is the psychological fear of pain due to any psychological trauma, violence or upbringing, forming the opinion that sex is something dirty. Vaginismus can be treated with a series of special relaxing exercises.     

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