Why I don’t have an orgasm: 15 reasons women are dissatisfied

If you are reading these lines, then you are interested in the question: “Why can’t I get an orgasm.” Don’t worry, you are not alone. Disappointment in intimate life is a pain for many women. Under endless moral pressure, they begin to cultivate complexes in themselves and sincerely believe that not everything is in order with them.

Instead of uselessly dusting your head with ashes, I suggest focusing on the root cause of the problem. Despite the fact that 28% of sexually mature women never reach their peak, only 4% of them are frigid. What is wrong with the others, including you?

1. You don’t know your body

On the territory of the post-Soviet states, masturbation is condemned almost at the state level. Remember at least the statements on the topic of Mizulina and Milonov . It is no wonder that such a conservative approach to sex negatively affects the intimate life of the population.

People who neglected to masturbate in adolescence do not understand the needs of their own bodies. Their desires remain hidden under a veil of taboo.

Coping with the lack of orgasm in this case is incredibly easy. Masturbate and you will restart your sensuality. Review the school course on the anatomy of the female reproductive system, calculate the coordinates of the clitoris, lock yourself in the bedroom and begin to open Terra Incognita . A master class from our sex experts will help in this difficult matter . 

2. You are uncomfortable with your partner

To reach orgasm, you need to feel relaxed in bed with a man. Having sex with a new partner, unloved person, or boyfriend you can’t trust can trigger panic attacks. The good news is that this kind of reaction is completely natural. Bad – you have to talk about phobias with your man. Not able to do this in a personal conversation? Then write him a letter. 

3. You get hung up on orgasm.

The peak can be approached asymptotically (going incredibly close, but never crossing the line). Porn has imposed a stereotype on us that a woman is obliged to gush during every intercourse. And here we are riding on a lover, and the thought is spinning in my head: “Well, when will I finish.” Focus on the sensations, not the perceived need to reach orgasm.  

4. You are depressed

A sluggish depression to one degree or another is present in all residents of large cities. One of the symptoms of this disease is a decrease in sex drive. Women and men alike suffer from stress and dissatisfaction with life.

A qualified specialist will help you get out of the black melancholy. Turning to a psychologist (I ask you not to confuse with a psychiatrist) will not put on you the stigma of being mentally ill. Do not delay, the longer you carry the problems in yourself, the more difficult it is to solve them.

5. You are taking medication

You probably know that pharmaceutical drugs have a number of side effects. More than all others, hormonal contraceptives and antidepressants hit the reproductive system. If the reception of such funds is vitally necessary for you, then there is no alternative – it remains to come to terms with fate. If you have a chance to give up sensitivity suppressors, then by all means take it.

6. You have a latent disease

Nerve damage, scar tissue around the vagina, and other consequences of childbirth reduce the response to stimulation. Vitamin D deficiency, diabetes mellitus, and endocrine disorders also pose a barrier to satisfaction. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you undergo a complete medical examination.

7. You miss foreplay

Sometimes haste sex is more enjoyable than hours of coitus. However, more often girls need long-term foreplay. Imagine that your body is a car parked on the street during the January frosts. You’re not going to start the engine without warming up, are you? You will be surprised how much the impact of frictions improves if the aperitif is a 30-minute stimulation of the erogenous zones.

8. You are fed up with everything

Work, children, pets, household chores, utility bills … All this will bring a complete phlegmatic person to white heat. Chronic fatigue is one of the most common causes of lack of orgasm. It is especially frustrating if you are trying to use sex as a way to relax. Shift some of the responsibilities onto the shoulders of your significant other. Trust me, he can handle them just as well as you.

9. Your partner ignores the clitoris.

There are 10 types of female orgasm! Why do you focus on the vaginal (not the best) type. By properly stimulating the clitoris, you can finish much faster. If your partner first hears about the existence of a magic pea and does not know what to do with it, then slip this article on him . Let him read it from cover to cover, memorize individual theses, and then consolidate the knowledge in practice.  

10. You need something special

In a long-term relationship, the trajectory of sex drive is like an exponential graph in a negative way. In the first days of acquaintance, emotions go off scale, we want to copulate 24/7, and then the desire steadily tends to zero. To keep the hot dish warm, it must be heated continuously. Master new techniques, try interesting poses from the Kamasutra, make periodic forays into sex shops. 

11. You drink before sex

Alcohol helps to punch a hole in the dam that separates the base instincts from the appearance of a true lady. However, excessive breastfeeding reduces receptivity and prevents orgasm from reaching. Less booze , ladies and gentlemen!

12. You need consistent stimulation

In contrast to the call for experimentation in bed, one should put the fact that diversity does not always improve intimate life. Some men definitely overdo it. They juggle poses and techniques like clowns in a circus. The correct sequence of optimal actions is the guarantor of getting an orgasm. A stable pace and depth of penetration are the key to open the door to the land of pleasure.

13. You think too much

There is such a thing as “sexual distraction.” It manifests itself in thinking about pressing problems during intercourse. Surely, you noticed that it is worth undressing and trying to have sex, as myriad thoughts fill your head. You start thinking about conflicts at work, a menu for the week, in your imagination wandering around the shops and picking up new wallpapers for the ceiling. Avoid unnecessary things.

Popularizers BDSM culture claim that sado mazo forms at the steel adherents concentration, teaches to focus on the essentials. Interested in how you can dilute boring sex with dominant- submissive games, then click here. 

14. There are problems in your relationship.

Spouses who avoid communication sooner or later face problems. The standard picture is that you work in different companies, spend the whole day apart, and in the evenings each stare at his device. While in public you portray a happy family, the wedding bed is covered with a thick layer of frost.

15. You are ashamed

Certain rules of conduct are imposed on women. In patriarchal cultures, to which the CIS belongs, the initiative traditionally comes from a man. Poor girls hide their desires for years, they are even ashamed of them. Quite harmless sexual preferences seem deviant. As a result, the ladies blame themselves for all mortal sins.

Accept your essence. It’s damn hard, but the game is worth the candle. As long as your fantasies do not harm others, they can and should be realized. Believe me, hundreds of goose bumps run through the skin when a beloved man whispers with a breath: “Baby, you are so dirty …”.

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