Why PICKUP is Bad?

I myself gave Pickup 7 years of my life, and I can say that if you are between 16 and 20 years old, then Pickup can open up new opportunities for you. But if you are older, then there can be no talk of any pickup truck. Because if a grown man is driving a pickup truck, it’s incredibly toxic. I’ll explain why.

The main principle of a pickup truck is: to be happy, you must have a lot of women. And this goal justifies any means. You can cheat, seduce several girls in one evening, promise mountains of gold, and then disappear. Thus, you devalue each of them and leave behind a bloody trail of broken women’s hearts. If a girl has ever been

How To Be Successful With Girls Without Resorting To A Pickup Truck?

In the Men’s School Pickup is not welcome. We believe that in order to be happy, you need one girl – the one who will be perfect for you.

And in order for you to have her and build a harmonious relationship with her, you must choose her from the many women around you. And in order to have a lot of them around you, you need to be confident, be able to communicate with them with high quality, be able to present yourself and, of course, get close to girls so as not to get stuck in the friend zone .

Why the Pickup Artist Won’t Be Happy?

Pikapers do not know how to build harmonious relationships, because they treat girls as prey, and not as a person. Therefore, even if the pick -up artist himself wants to stop at one girl and start a serious relationship, he will not be able to do this, because his behavior patterns will remain the same – aimed at quick seduction. And this is not conducive to building healthy relationships.

Why Pickup is Bad? Conclusions.

Any skill must be used wisely. If you are young, then Pickup will be able to give you self-confidence and teach you how to seduce. But over time, it will spoil your life. Therefore, I would not recommend that you spend time studying a pickup truck, but immediately learn how to communicate correctly and get close to girls, get to know each other well, have interesting dates and make the girls you need fall in love with you in order to choose the one with whom you will feel good all the time. life. We teach all this in the Men’s School.

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