Yoni massage – the tantric path to multiple orgasm

Many women love to visit spas to unwind in the skilled hands of an experienced massage therapist. Swedish, Shiatsu, Balinese, anti-cellulite, Thai, lymphatic drainage – these are just some of the types of massage that elite salons are vying with each other. But there is one ancient relaxing practice that you can master without leaving your home. This is a sexy yoni massage.

What is Yoni?

Yoni massage

Sanskrit interprets “yoni” as “sacred temple”, “place of birth”. In the Kamasutra, the vagina and vulva were often called so. The word itself has many meanings and emphasizes the feminine principle, the opposite of the masculine one. Yoni massage is a tantric intimate practice that involves massaging the vagina, as well as allowing you to slowly explore the erogenous zones of your body and experience an unforgettable orgasm.

Many women can benefit from this experience:

those who strive for new sensations;

those who want to experience a hitherto unknown multiple orgasm;

those who have never experienced a single orgasm;

those who have experienced sad sexual experiences or violence and are afraid to start all over again.

Yoni is not just masturbation to bring a partner to a sexual climax. This is an erotic journey in which exquisite caresses and skillful movements will allow you to enjoy waves of delightful sensations throughout the massage. Yoni can be done independently or with the help of a partner, used as a prelude to sex or as an independent act.

Obviously, this practice of focusing on vaginal manipulation is completely unlike any other you can imagine.


In truth, orgasm in the case of tantric massage is just an additional (very pleasant) bonus. In fact, the spectrum of the yoni’s effect on the female body is multifaceted, including both the release of nervous tension and the stabilization of emotional reactions, as well as a deep study of one’s sexual capabilities and reserves. So, what is yoni useful for women:

Will help you relax

Of course, almost any kind of manipulation that is offered to you at the spa will easily relieve stress, fatigue and tension. But tantric massage is aimed at opening the lower chakra, liberating the feminine. It will calm the body and mind, help the girl feel pleasure and know her feminine essence.

Balances the emotional background

You will be surprised, but thanks to vaginal massage, you will be able to gradually cope with nervous shocks and excessive emotionality. The deep relaxation technique will help to calm down, release some thoughts and feelings that were held back by complexes or inner tightness, for example, anger or guilt. And this is great, since scientists have long proved that negative emotions “eat up” not only our minds, but also our body.

Strengthens the spiritual closeness of partners

Since yoni massage is most often performed in the bedroom, rather than in the day spa, it allows lovers to expand the boundaries of intimacy. Especially for those couples who lead a busy and active life outside the home. Yoni will give an additional chance to make up for missed opportunities to get to know each other better and truly get closer.

Provides an unforgettable orgasm

It’s clear that a sensual ancient technique works great as a foreplay. Often women need an additional emotional and physical attitude on the way to unforgettable sensations, so tantra-yoni massage is a preparation that a partner will undoubtedly appreciate, because she most likely has not experienced this before.

Oil selection

Before moving on to a step-by-step guide on how to bring yourself to orgasm using the ancient tantric practice, let’s dwell on a very important part of it, namely, the choice of massage oil. The main reason oils are essential in this procedure is to avoid friction and harm the skin. Some of the most popular massage oils are aromatherapy oils: lavender, rose, jasmine, chamomile, lemon or cedar.

However, you won’t be able to use any of them for the yoni. Since you will be working with a very delicate area that can react unpredictably to any external stimuli (for example, a rash, itching, or burning), approach this issue with special care. Some of the best oils to massage the vaginal area are coconut, almond, and walnut oil. If in stores you find a problem with the availability of any of them, just buy a quality lubricant.

How to do yoni massage

Instructions for you

How to do an intimate massage

Lie on your back and find a comfortable position. Place a pillow under your hips, lift your knees up, and rest your feet on the floor. Take your favorite massage oil. Relax, get ready for an exciting spiritual journey that can turn the whole world around for you (at least for a few amazing minutes).

Breathing is a key element of any tantric sexual practice. In the yoni massage, the “breath of bliss” is practiced. Its essence is to draw in air as much as possible, and while exhaling, slightly strain the back wall of the throat. The air should slowly leave your lungs, clearing your mind and body. As you inhale, slowly fill with sexual energy again. This type of deep breathing helps move this energy from the yoni to all parts of your body.

While clitoral stimulation is a great foreplay before intercourse, breastfeeding is a good way to prepare for a yoni massage. The goal is to relax and gradually build up arousal. Take coconut oil and gently massage your belly, this is an often overlooked part of the body, but it has many nerve endings. Then massage your ribcage between your breasts and your lower abdomen. As soon as the body begins to respond, move to the nipples, alternating circular motions and light pinching, as well as light, medium and strong touches.

After you’ve warmed your body with breast massage and nipple stimulation, it’s time to move on to basic intimate massage techniques.

Partner instruction

Massage with a partner

Ask the girl to lie on her stomach. Place one pillow under her head and the other under her buttocks. With your hips up, you have easy access to her yoni (clitoris) and the rest of the yoni (vagina).

Spread your partner’s legs apart and bend them at the knees. Sit near her hips, this is the best position for the couple, in which it is most comfortable to carry out a tantric massage.

Apply massage oil liberally to your palms. Rub them and start massaging her breasts, arms, stomach and thighs. Do this for a few minutes to allow her to completely relax.

Then, pour a little massage oil on her pubis, slide your thumb and forefinger up and down on each of the outer lips of the vagina with your thumb and forefinger. Then do the same for the inner lips.

Use the tip of your index finger to stroke her clitoris, alternately clockwise and counterclockwise. Squeeze it gently with your thumb and forefinger from time to time.

Then slowly insert your middle and index fingers into your vagina. Move them in, out, up, down and in a circle. Try to feel for the G-spot and massage it well.

If your partner is already at the peak of pleasure, you can end the yoni and go directly to intercourse. Or continue with the massage to allow her to finally reach orgasm.

5 Yoni massage techniques

Remember that in tantric yoni massage, it is not the penetration itself that is important. The focus here is on other areas of the vagina that will help increase blood flow to the nerve endings, so try to pay attention to this, take your time and breathe deeply, plunging your body into an avalanche of ecstasy. A few basic exercises will help you get through this task.

1. Whirlwind of pleasure

Start by gently massaging around the clitoris, avoiding direct contact with it. It is here that most of the nerve endings are concentrated, so be careful, all women have a different threshold of sensitivity. Use small circular motions with two or three fingers to move around the clitoral hood. Be sure to touch slowly and deliberately. Gently circle your clitoris with your fingertip to stimulate arousal, gradually moving from larger circles to smaller ones. Alternate the pressure mode, gradually changing from light to more intense.

2. Push-push

Place one finger to the left and one to the right of the clitoral hood. Pull and expose the clitoris, then hide it again under the hood. These movements should resemble masturbation of the penis, where the head of the clitoris is the equivalent of the head of the penis. Your speed should be very slow at first, but as you move forward, build it up to activate blood flow and stimulate pleasant sensations.

3. Ode to the labia

One of the most overlooked areas of the yoni is the labia. They frame the opening of the vagina and also have many nerve endings, so they are an ideal area for increasing arousal. Massage each lip with your fingers, smoothly move from the labia majora to the small ones. Then move from the lips to the top of the clitoris and back, but do not let your fingers go inside the yoni at this stage. Imagine playing the violin: bring your partner to peak pleasure simply by massaging the vulva.

4. Tapping and pressing

Use one or more fingers to tap your clitoris in a variety of rhythms, from fast to slow, to see how your body responds to such movements. Then massage your vulva a little. Then lightly pat it again with your palm. And rub it lightly again. Concentrate on the clitoris: press lightly on it in a circular motion, then switch to another area of ​​the yoni. Such an alternating change of activity will help build up arousal and will definitely end with an enchanting orgasm.

5. G-spot massage

To find the G-spot, bend your index and middle fingers and insert them into your vagina. Feel for the protruding area at the top of the vagina, located on the front of the vagina. Make circular motions with bent fingers. Alternate between fast and slow movements, massaging the G-spot. To increase pleasure, use your other hand to lightly press on the abdomen over the pubic bone.

After such a massage, any woman will be satisfied. Moreover, this tantric practice will allow you to reveal the sexual principle, harmonize the soul and body, and experience new sensations for yourself. For couples, yoni massage will help diversify a boring sex life, add romance and passion to relationships, enhance love energy, filling intimate relationships with bright and unforgettable colors!

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