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Recently I came across an interesting case study. It was held by the Germans in 1990. It is interesting that the Germans studied themselves, the Germans, how they differ from each other. In particular, they were interested in how the inhabitants of the eastern part of Germany differed from the inhabitants of the western one, whether the “Iron Curtain” influenced the eastern part of Germany, and how deplorable the situation was. But! The results astounded the researchers. Yes, East Germans threw themselves greedily for cola, yes, they did not queue up for cheeseburger and fries. But the women of the GDR experienced twice as many orgasms than the Western Frau! Twice as many orgasms, just imagine.

Further, psychologists and sexologists entered this study with their resumes. They broadcast about the incomplete workload, they say, under socialism, a woman was used only as a sow, she did not have the opportunity to develop, she was not put on a par with men. These syllogisms, filled with terms and prickly clever words, convinced me of one thing – no one was ready for such a result, respectively, like a shield put up scientists, so that they fight back to the last. But the fact remains – under socialism, women were more sexually satisfied than under capitalism. At least based on this research.

Damn, I always work! Even when I’m in bed with my beloved.

“I wonder why this is? There must be a reason … ”- I began to reflect. And, as always, as soon as I think about something, the Universe takes me to the right stream, where the answers to my questions appear by themselves.

– Hi dear how are you? – I accidentally met my friend on the street. We have not seen each other in person for a long time, but according to the current tradition, we actively follow each other on social networks.

– I have great. I just signed a deal with another cafe. We will supply them with pasta three times a week. By the way, in the morning. So if you want to have coffee with the freshest pasta in the morning, you are welcome. By the way, this cafe is not far from you, reset their address and the days of our delivery? – the girl shone with happiness and now actually looked like her freshest mango macaroni.

– Of course! I see you are doing great, – I sincerely smiled. The fact is that my friend just recently launched her confectionery business. And since I stood at its origins: at the same time I was the first taster, buyer and consultant, it is not surprising that everything related to its promotion interested me very much.

– Do not say! Excellent is a very short word to describe our accomplishments. Listen, I’m just bragging. I hired two girls and they turned out to be such awesome pastry chefs! Sometimes even I learn something from them on the sly, imagine, – my friend laughed. – We launched several lines: macaroni, cakes, pastries and gingerbread. All of them can work at the same time, because I rented an awesome big studio for my pastry experiments. In short: I have a great place to work, great workers and cool orders. This is short.
– You’re happy, girl. I’m very happy for you, – I hugged my friend, as if I wanted to join her triumph, simultaneously inhale a portion of vanilla and recharge for the day.

– You know … Not in everything. I am happy in realization. Finally, I managed to realize what I dreamed of. But that’s just … It affected my personal life, God forbid … My man recently reproached me that I think only about work. She says that before we spent more time together, we could get out somewhere spontaneously, for example, fly away to Budapest or Ljubljana for the weekend, have picnics with friends, or just hug in the evening and watch some stupid movie. “There used to be more of us, you know?” He told me. “And now there is me, you and your business. Moreover, your business is a full-fledged hero of this family drama. He seemed to stand between us. For example, do you remember the last time we had sex? ”He asked. And then I thought … – Do you remember? – I remembered. And she was horrified. Look, that was a long, long time ago. So long ago that I’m even ashamed to voice you. Anh, we haven’t made love for a very long time … Because I either stay late at work or think about work: mentally I make up the calculations, I remember who should send the cake tomorrow, who should receive the gingerbread … I am constantly working, you know? Even when I’m in bed with my beloved. Damn, I always work! “And here is the answer to my question,” I thought. “Thank you, Universe, you heard me, and I understood you.” 


We just loved people more. And now – work. And your success.

Previously, our mothers and grandmothers had more free time for themselves. They went to work, say, at 8 am. At 17:00 they were already free. And that’s it! No overtime (and if there were, then paid and inconsistent), no “let’s get together and finish this at night, since it’s long.” Our mothers were not afraid that tomorrow they might be fired because they did not have time to make coffee for the chef. In short, they had stability. “But how does this affect orgasm?” – you think. No, it’s just a start.

Most importantly, our mothers’ heads were not preoccupied with thoughts of success. Previously, everyone understood that you couldn’t jump over your head – you have a salary of 120 rubles, be happy about that. Everyone understood that it was only possible to step on the next step in a career in a natural way. There were, of course, isolated cases of a meteoric take-off, but they were not massive. The woman was content with what she had. Today a woman, stepping wide at the same time as a man, is weighed down with typically masculine questions: how to earn more, how to become more successful, how to make sure that the business does not go bankrupt, and so on.
Today we are constantly thinking about success, our thoughts are focused on success. We start our own business to finally realize our dreams. And become successful, yes. Otherwise, would you worry if your business is generating income? I would bake cheesecakes only for myself and my neighbors. Or like this: we want to earn more in order to buy a car that we have long dreamed of. For what? To appear more successful. Or maybe this: we want to send the child to a prestigious school. For what? So that everyone can see that we have achieved something, and our child can get the best.

We are constantly thinking about success. We understand that today it is very easy to jump up and stand out against the background of friends, colleagues, neighbors. Today we want more – it turns us on. And before, people understood that there would be no more, so they were content with what they had. Hence the number of orgasms. It’s just that we used to love people more. And now we love work more. And your success, yes.

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