Types of Female Abuse

Abusers are not always only men: women also resort to such tactics in relationships in order to control a partner. Moreover, there are those methods of abusive behavior that are often inherent in women.

Let’s look at the typical strategies of female abusers to be able to recognize them.

Denial of intimacy

The most common type of manipulation. As soon as a man does something that does not suit a woman, she refuses him intimacy. I didn’t wash the dishes, went to a bar with friends – that’s all, the woman rejects her partner until he apologizes or does it in a way that suits her. But s * ks should not become a subject for market relations in a pair.

Jealousy in an empty place

A man has never given even a reason for jealousy, but an abusive woman does not need this to accuse a partner of infidelity. It is enough to have female colleagues at work, for example. Thus, the topics of any other girlfriends or women, visiting companies where there is the opposite sex, all this is prohibited for a man.

Resentment Manipulation

A woman is offended by any petty offense. Thus, she forces a man to act in a way that is convenient for her. If a woman manipulates insults, there are too many such reactions, daily conflicts occur due to the fact that the man did not do what she needed, and he is forced to constantly make excuses.


A woman believes that she has the right to slap a man, push him, maybe even beat him. But if he responds with aggression to these actions, then she will expose only him as a tyrant. A partner can repeatedly use physical violence against a man unilaterally, believing that she is allowed in their family, but he is not. Only in a healthy relationship, violence should be unacceptable on both sides.

“A Man Must”

With this form of abuse in a couple, a woman comes up with an image of an ideal man and greatly inflates expectations that her partner is not able to meet in real life. If a man does not meet high expectations, then he is to blame. Imposed guilt pervades relationships within the family in the form of passive aggression and criticism.

Attempts to Turn the Children Against the Father

cruel kind of abuse , in which the mother broadcasts her negative attitude to the children, emphasizes all the father’s mistakes and shortcomings, losing sight of the good. This toxic behavior affects the whole family and hurts both the children and the partner.

Female abuse is violence in which a man is daily subjected to harsh criticism, baseless jealousy, compared to the ideal picture. This behavior will not allow you to build deep intimacy. Where there is violence, there can be no family.

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