10 best books about sexuality. The path to harmony in bed

A lot of new books have appeared about sex. These are unique publications that talk about anatomy, sensuality and practice. Books open a scientific and practical approach to making love. On these pages you can find answers to questions about hundreds of experiences, and all this for maximum enjoyment during intimacy.

The 10 best books on sexuality are the minimum set of knowledge that will help any person learn to be more relaxed in bed, better know their body and find a source of endless pleasure.

1. The point of enjoyment. The key to female orgasm

Author: Lori Mintz Orgasm can be obtained by anyone, it does not depend on gender. But only in our culture, the issue of female pleasure has always been given little attention. And right now everyone can study their body and find the path to the highest pleasure. This is a story about what prevents you from relaxing, how to cope with restrictions in the head and body that do not allow you to feel pleasure to the fullest. 

2. How does a woman want

Author: Emily Nagoski Women have thousands of questions for themselves, their body and sex. And it is precisely to them that the author answers, using scientific research in recent years. This is a detailed instruction for those who want to learn more about their body, excitement and the mechanism of orgasm. The book is very informative, every lady will be useful. And it is especially important to read it to parents so that in the future they can properly communicate with children about sexuality. 

3. What they are silent about in bed. Psychology of intimate relationships

Author: Natalia Tolstaya A book by a Russian author, in which you can find answers to many questions related to relationships. This book is not only about sex, most of it is about the relations of men and women, about their doubts, fears that they carry with them. The book was written in easy language, read “in the same breath.” Designed for women and men to begin to better understand each other. A great way to deal with fears that prevent you from having fun. 

4. WOW Woman. Book Coach for Women’s Health and Sexuality

Author: Ekaterina Smirnova Sexuality begins with nutrition, behavior. And this book is about how to awaken sensuality in different ways. The author gives advice on harmonizing life. Inside there are a lot of recommendations that will teach you to enjoy sex, and also help to make it more fun. Most of the material is dedicated to strengthening vaginal muscles. Special techniques, if properly performed, will help change the world and self-awareness in just 1-2 months. 

5. Intimacy. Feminine look. How to enjoy …

Author: Ekaterina Mirimanova A Practical Guide to Sexual Life. These are not just answers to frequently asked questions, but real recommendations that will help change sex. With the help of simple actions, it will be possible to increase interest in intimacy, start experimenting and communicate openly with a partner about desires. This is the shortest way to realize fantasies, to improve intimate life. All the tips are easy to put into practice, it’s not just a theory, all this can be realized in ordinary life. 

6. Mars and Venus in the bedroom

Author: John Gray Once, the author tried to explain the difference between men and women, comparing them with the inhabitants of different planets. This has helped to improve the interaction of many partners. The book has become legendary. But there is a continuation regarding sex. This is a story about how men and women look at intimate life. This is an attempt to explain what the difference in perception is and what each gender wants. This book is not about experiments, it is about getting both physical and emotional satisfaction in the conjugal bedroom. 

7. The science of sex. Universal rules. Part 1

Author: Andrei Kurpatov Russian psychologist claims that the cause of many psychological problems is related to sexuality. But most people do not realize this, because talking about sex in our country is not accepted. But sex does exist, and it is an important part of relationships. The book forms the basic sexual concepts, helps to look at intimacy from a different angle. This is an opportunity in an adult way to analyze your behavior, to understand what is good and what is bad in the intimate sphere. The book is about psychology, harmony by oneself, and not about experiments, but it is useful to read it to everyone. 

8. WE. The deepest aspects of romantic love

Author: Robert Johnson What is love? How is she different from falling in love? How did you feel about such feelings in the past, what has changed today? The book talks about the relationship of the sexes: from the generation of feelings to building serious relationships. Paying attention to it and sex. It’s especially interesting to know how they relate to proximity in different cultures. Cognitive literature for everyone. 

9. The vagina. A new history of female sexuality

Author: Naomi Wulf In different cultures, the female body was treated differently. Somewhere, the vagina was considered the “gates of hell”, in other traditions – the female bosom helped to achieve enlightenment. Opinion about the body changed, and too few scientific papers were devoted to the genitals of a woman. But today, scientists have proven that this is one of the most important female organs, which is closely connected with the brain. Creativity, mood, and self-realization depend on the state of the reproductive system. 

10. Code of the Woman. How hormones affect your life

Author: Alice Vitti Book for Women. It is written in order to understand how the mood changes from the day of the cycle, from the time of day and time of year. A woman is subject to various influences, but it is hormones that prevail among them. And it is normalization of the hormonal background that can improve sex life. The right actions at the right time enhance desire, help conceive a child, and help calm down. The author figured out her body, and now helps others with this. 

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