10 interesting facts about the male body

Many publications write about the female body, paying increased attention to this topic, and for some reason men are left out of business, although there are many interesting details that will help any woman become the best lover. Knowing some of the nuances, you can improve your sex skills and give your partner special pleasure.

1. Male G-spot

A man can get an incredible orgasm from the stimulation of a particularly sensitive area of ​​the body, which is in close proximity to the anus. By caressing and massaging the prostate, you will bring any partner to ecstasy.

2. Nipples

This is also a very sensitive part of the male body. There are a lot of nerve endings, so any touching with your tongue, lips or fingers can give your loved one an unforgettable pleasure.

3. Foreskin

One of the most erogenous zones for a man is the foreskin of the penis. Caressing the delicate skin will give a man incomparable sensations.

4. Cowgirl pose

Men love it when the woman is on top. In this position, they can easily admire the female body and stretch the pleasure. In addition, in this position, men are the most relaxed and are not distracted by physical efforts.

5. Men’s skin is thicker

This suggests that you need to touch the male body with effort so that it is felt. Only in this way will you achieve the desired result and the effect of arousal.

6. From blowjob the penis is bigger

One amusing study found that men who receive oral sex have a larger penis than those who get by with masturbation.

7. Average penis length – 14 cm

According to the results of a study in which more than 2,000 men participated , the length of the shortest member is four centimeters, and the largest is 26 cm. The average length of a male organ is 14 cm. 

8. Dog- style is the most effective pose

In the position, when the man is behind, he reaches orgasm much faster. In addition, he has a good opportunity to contemplate a woman’s ass, and no man will refuse such a sight .

9. Exposure to the scrotum delays orgasm

Pressing your fingers on the scrotum will help prolong the pleasure. Do it as if you are trying to split it in two. Such manipulations are beneficial to both partners.

10 condoms don’t desensitize

Many men like to make this argument for sex without contraception. In fact, condoms have no effect on the feel or quality of sex itself. Do not believe excuses and protect yourself.
Applying these subtleties in practice, you will become for your man the best lover of his whole life. Do not miss the chance to practice on your loved one and check the secret facts about the male body. 

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