10 rules for friendship sex

How could this happen between you? At some point, you just ended up in bed, it was incredible, but you both don’t feel anything for each other.

Friendship sex can be a very beneficial compromise: you just enjoy intimate relationships, skip planning a joint future, any serious discussions and all those other complications that involve real feelings and relationships. No romantic walks, seductive games, scenes of jealousy: just pleasant and healthy sex.

So you discussed and agreed: why not continue this path? After all, you really get along in bed and don’t feel the need for higher feelings. An ideal situation. But subject to certain rules.
It was the rules, because, like any self-respecting interpersonal relationship, friendly intimate ones also have very specific points and recommendations that should be followed in order to prevent total failure. Indeed, in such situations, which may not be completely clear and stable, it is very easy to confuse bed friendship with love relationships or start bombarding each other with jealousy and accusations.

In this article, you will find 10 rules to follow if you want to keep things going. No confusion, embarrassment or frustration, just consent to sex and fun.

1. Be honest with each other

You need to make sure that you are set up in the same way and if you deviate from the plan, let each other know. For example, if one of you begins to develop feelings for the other, it may be better if you say so immediately. The same applies if the person wants to end the relationship: both of you must agree or solve the problem.

2. Discuss preferences

The main advantage of a friend in bed is fantastic and very pleasant sex, almost without obligation. Feel free to discuss what you like, what you don’t, and what you would like to try. 

3. Remember to take care of yourself

Even if this is not a real relationship, this is not a reason to appear in front of him in old underwear, with unshaven legs or dirty hair. After all, you remain a girl in any case, even if theoretically it is not so ashamed in front of a friend.

4. Make sure both of you are emotionally prepared.

Friendship sex can be emotionally difficult for one / one or two people. Indeed, very often they agree to this type of relationship after painful partings, failures on the love front, or with the hope of leaving the friend zone .

It will only be better if both of you understand what you want and are 100% sure that you will not cross the line of friendship.

5. Always practice safe sex.

Condoms save lives. They not only prevent unwanted pregnancies from someone you don’t have a serious relationship with. In addition, they also insure against sexually transmitted diseases, which a person is more susceptible to in the case of non-monogamy .

6. Keep your eyes and heart open for new relationships.

In other words, do not hide in a corner and do not close yourself, consoled yourself with the thought that you are already communicating with a person – after all, you are just having sex with him. This does not mean that you cannot look at someone else. On the contrary – friendship is friendship, but love has not been canceled.

7. Save chemistry in the bedroom

After a few nights of incredible sex, you don’t have to start doing things together, like going shopping, watching movies, or inviting him to dinner. Just because you feel so good in the bedroom does not mean that there will be such harmony in everything.

In addition, if you want to avoid emotional misunderstandings and allow sex to become even more intimate, spend the night at home – there you can sleep without worries and you will not put your relationship at risk of becoming a household. Hugs can also be attributed to this, because they promote intimacy, which is not very good when it comes to friendship in bed. Keep things simple, don’t complicate things outside the bedroom doorstep, but if both of you feel that this boiling mixture is turning into something more important, let it happen without being forced. 


8. Don’t expect gallant gestures and gifts

Don’t expect anything to happen in a normal relationship: no meals, no flowers, no gifts. Just have sex and (maybe) engage in some kind of conversation, nothing more. There will be no romance!

9. Don’t be clingy

We remind you again: this is friendship, not a relationship. It is strongly discouraged to leave a change of clothes or a toothbrush at his house, impose his presence, be interested in personal affairs and get into the routine of another – no one would like it.

10. Don’t worry if he meets another girl

Your bed friend is not your love partner: he is allowed to date other people, and even more so to try to have relationships with other girls. You can do it too.

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