10 sex positions to help you burn the most calories

Do you have periods in your life when you don’t feel like going to the gym and nothing helps you overcome your own laziness? Even if your new, comfortable and beautiful hairstyle for sports makes you despondent, and the mere thought that you can do sports right in the office makes you go to the nearest store and forget about proper and healthy eating, all is not lost. We suggest you do fat burning sex positions with your favorite exercises for a magnificent figure.      

According to several studies by sexologists, a person is able to burn about 100 calories in a 22-minute sex session, which includes at least 10 minutes of foreplay with caresses and kisses and another 12 minutes of direct intercourse. It is also a proven fact that the position in which the couple copulates affects the number of calories burned.

  1. Backward rider

Number of calories burned: 75

A woman receives the key to the various transformations that will occur in the intimate and sporting life of a couple. You can play with your own weight, intensity, and other hot things. Get creative and do your best to not only get yourself to orgasm , but also burn more calories. The man lies on his back, and the woman sits on him with her back turned. Then she puts her knees on the floor and makes a rocking motion, holding onto her partner. A woman can caress not only her man, but also her own clitoris . This position is so versatile that it is suitable for anal sex , pregnant women, and also helps to awaken the sensuality of the G-spot . 


2. Snail

Calories Burned: 40

Yes, you are not mistaken, missionary position also helps burn additional calories. In one of its varieties called “snail”, the woman lies on her back, crossing her legs at his chest, placing her feet on the shoulders of her partner. In this position, a man, towering over a woman on his knees, can penetrate into her especially deeply, therefore it is very important to properly warm up the partner so that there are no painful sensations. And you, in turn, try to make efforts and spend energy, so do not give all your activity into the hands of your partner. A woman may well push herself with her legs and raise her hips as high as possible. The main thing to remember is that every minimal effort will have a positive effect on your weight.  


3. Supernova face 

The number of calories burned: 50

Begin sexual intercourse by placing your partner in a comfortable position while sitting on the bed and safely climb on it, it is even allowed to reach orgasm in the first position. Then help him gently lower his torso, and let his shoulders, arms and head hang from one side of the bed, and then ask him to enter you again.

And most importantly, remember: the more you move and the more you use your stomach, the more calories burned will result.

4. Flying mermaid

Calories burned: 70

Now it’s your turn to look at sex from a different angle. Lie on your back and raise your legs so that it is easy for your partner to penetrate you. You must support your own weight in your hands, thereby training your back. And also the blood flow to the head will make you experience a more intense orgasm.

For convenience, a man can be accommodated in a chair. And you – lean back, resting your head on the pillow. Let your partner penetrate you, making forward and backward movements and stroking your breasts.

This flying mermaid pose is quite acrobatic and requires a certain amount of dexterity, but I’m sure you will succeed in this task. 

5. Spider

Calories Burned: 100

If you are looking for a versatile position that will put your whole body to work and also help you burn as many calories as possible, this is what you need! Lay your partner down on their back and saddle them slowly. Once he is inside you, ask him to lift his torso so that you both sit facing each other.

Surround your partner with your legs at the height of his buttocks and tell him to do the same. Then both of you should place your elbows under each other’s knees and bring them up to chest level. Now, just move back and forth together.
You should both be positioned facing each other in such a way as to distribute the load on your arms and legs. In this position, you will work out your arms, stomach and buttocks perfectly.

6. Rope walkers

Calories burned: 75

If you can position yourself correctly, you can train your legs, buttocks and stomach well. Ask your partner to lie on their back with one leg bent, while you, at this time, grab his knee and use this part of the body as a support as you go up and down. Have your man lie on his back with bent knees, hold your waist and penetrate from behind. In the position of tightrope walkers, it is he who sets the rhythm of movements.

The more effort each of you puts in, the more mutual benefit you will get.

7. Big car

Number of calories burned: 110

One of the positions, for the implementation of which you will need good physical preparation, since it implies the presence of strong pumped up arms and legs. But if the laziness associated with the gym does not attack you so often, then it is quite possible that your level of physical fitness is just right for this pose. The partner is holding on to her arms while the partner raises her legs and sets them at the level of his waist. More precisely, you surround him with your hips, and he provides your balance and supports you. And then it penetrates you, gently holding your thighs. For convenience, we advise you to change your outstretched arms to elbows and lean on the bed. If the man is very tall, a pillow can be used to position the hips slightly higher. 



8. Air Force

Number of calories burned: 60 The

man is in a standing position, and the partner firmly embraces him with his legs. He holds her buttocks and back tightly.

The woman can also lean against the wall to support herself and facilitate entry. The BBC pose has one major advantage: it can be practiced anywhere in the home. Problem point: the man must have enough strength to keep his partner, so intercourse will not last long enough.

Keeping balance and strength in this position is sure to make your heart beat faster. Also, both of you will need to work your leg muscles carefully while you remain upright. 

9. Prima ballerina

Calories burned: 40

If the previous position did not inspire you, but seemed rather difficult, you can try this option. Although you burn fewer calories in it, you can train your legs and coordination well. Stand facing your partner, ask the man to slightly open and slightly bend his legs. Hug him by the neck, and let him hold you by the waist. Now complete the most difficult task: lift your right leg and place your foot on his left shoulder, keeping your right knee bent. As he slowly penetrates you, extend your right leg as high as possible, throwing part of your limb over his shoulder.


10. Goddess of sex

Calories Burned: 80

If you’re tired of her typical woman-on-top position, this position is a fun and playful way to make a difference and add variety to your sex life. And given the fact that the topic of our today’s lecture is “how to get rid of unnecessary calories by having sex”, it will not be superfluous to note the fact that if you do everything correctly, you can use up a lot of energy, as well as pump up your legs, stomach and back.

So, ask the guy to lie on his back with his knees bent. Saddle him without meeting his eyes. In this position, your chest will touch his bent knees; use your partner as a support as you move up and down and back and forth.

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