100 Tips to Improve Sex

Sex is one of the most important components of adult life. Intimacy not only gives us pleasure, but also helps to release happiness hormones, relieves stress and improves shape. But here’s the catch: sex is not always pleasing with its quality. How can you improve it? We studied the recommendations of sexologists, nutritionists and, of course, the personal experience and experience of couples who are actively living full life. Here are 100 tips to improve your sex experience!

1. Follow the rules of safe sex

In my opinion, this is the most important point that many neglect. My dear girls, do you have condoms in your cosmetic bag? Well, do you have any contraceptives? If you answered no, then you are risking your health. There is no need to shift the responsibility for contraception to men. Learn the mistakes of unsafe sex so you don’t have to run to doctors later. Then there will be no time for sex. 

2. Complete your cunnilingus with the pistol technique

This is a special technique that turns ordinary cunnilingus into a delightful sexual experience.

Instruction The
partner folds the fingers of one hand in the form of a “pistol”. Then he inserts 1 or 2 fingers (index and / or middle) into the vagina and makes translational movements, while stimulating the well-moistened clitoris with his thumb. Actions should be alternated with oral sex. This not only helps to simultaneously experience clitoral and vaginal orgasms, but also gives the man a break during prolonged cunnilingus.

3. Complement the blowjob with the butterfly flight technique

To be honest, I have never come across a guy who would not be delighted with this technique. Even men who said they didn’t like blowjobs changed their views on oral sex.

While holding the base of the penis with one hand, wrap your lips around the entire head. Now make light circular movements with your tongue around the head, tickle the bridle with your tongue. Along the way, you can move your hand along the shaft of the penis.

4. Examine your body

I often hear from girls I know complaining that all the men in their life in bed were simply disgusting. Okay, if the girl had two or three partners, but if their number exceeded a dozen or two … Either she is outrageously unlucky (which is unlikely), or she did not reveal her sensuality. It is impossible to explain to a man what you want if you yourself do not know it. You need to study your body, experiment with masturbation, watch porn – there will certainly be scenes from which the heart will beat faster. Apply this knowledge in bed with a partner and sex will improve.

5. Use sex toys

Many women in Slavic countries treat sex toys with prejudice, but in vain. They not only help single girls to relax, but also improve the intimate life of partners. A variety of stimulants for couples will expand the horizons of pleasure. Their movements, features of the impact on the body (for example, with the help of pulsation or vacuum) cannot be repeated by any man. There are many stimulants for orgasm. 

6. Show your feelings in public

No, I do not call for ripping off your partner’s clothes at the cinema or making love in the park in broad daylight surrounded by shocked grandmothers, mothers and children. Sex in public is illegal, can traumatize someone’s psyche, and is simply unaesthetic. Always respect the rights of others and do not overstep the line. But flirting with your loved one, holding his hand or whispering something playful in your ear is more than acceptable and even useful. This is how you prepare each other for the moment you are in the bedroom.

7. Make a list with sex ideas

Do you have fantasies? Great, make a list of everything you would like to try. Now cross out all the unrealistic options like “Have sex in outer space with Elvis Presley.” What? I have my own fantasies. Little by little, complete all the points, make your dreams come true!

8. Go in for sports

Your body cannot fully enjoy sex if it is not prepared for it. Even the simplest posture will cause discomfort and muscle pain. If you don’t have time for frequent workouts, at least do a 10-minute stretch daily.

9. Get enough sleep before sex

If you have an irregular schedule, a lot of stress at work, then night sex can be problematic. Try to get at least a couple of hours of sleep first and then make love. Changing the sex schedule also helps. Just love each other in the morning after sleep and before work.

10. Give up alcohol and other nasty things

Alcohol helps to relax if a girl is nervous during sex. This is so, but the advisers forget to mention the consequences in the form of a damaged reputation, flying under the fly, vomiting and other abominations that drunk sex can turn into. The same goes for all chemical stimulants and marijuana. I highly do not recommend experimenting in this way, because weed does not promote orgasm. 

11. Come up with a sex code

Talk to your partner about phrases that have sexual connotations. It is important to create a “beacon” in the mind, a conditioned reflex, reinforcing phrases with action. These can be the most harmless words that do not sound in everyday life. It’s important not to get aroused when other people say these phrases. It is also necessary to work out the stop words. They should be short and pronounced as you exhale. If sex suddenly becomes painful, you can stop your partner with one stop word.

12. Praise your man

Do you like to be praised? Men like it too, especially when it comes to the skill of a lover. If you like his movements, say so! It will not be superfluous to admire his muscles, if there is one, of course. 🙂

13. Plan sex in advance.

Yes, many people say that sex should be extremely spontaneous, that the schedule kills pleasure. But I disagree. We – women – cannot fully enjoy sex if we have not put ourselves in order. You will not agree to sex if there is a corn on the heel , or the bikini line has grown, or the hair roots are not dyed ? Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for sex in advance, so as not to be distracted by thoughts in the spirit: “Lord, if only he did not notice that the varnish on the little toe of my right foot has peeled off!”

14. Prepare for spontaneous sex

Can’t plan or do you just love spontaneity? Well, here, too, you can be fully armed. Always wear a razor in your makeup bag to quickly tidy yourself up in case of unplanned love. It is a myth that women get together for a long time: when necessary, we direct a marafet with lightning speed!

15. Don’t neglect kissing.

At the beginning of a relationship, couples kiss a lot and passionately. Remember what a sweet tremor ran through your body from the touch of your beloved’s lips. And what in a year or two? There were fewer and fewer kisses. We must not forget about kissing techniques, they are extremely important for foreplay and during sex itself. 

16. Pause, eat Twix

You had sex half the night, the man ran out of steam, and you still feel like it? There is no need to jerk him, demand the continuation of the banquet or hysteria, hinting at weakness. Allow the man to rest, and in the meantime, gain strength. It will not be superfluous to have a little snack, so to speak, refuel. And feed the guy.

17. Add edible aphrodisiacs to your diet

While we’re on the subject of snacks, let’s continue the topic of food and sex. Aphrodisiacs do affect the quality of intimate life. However, it is important to keep in mind that all people are unique and the same dish can cause dramatically different reactions. For example, I don’t react at all to the vaunted dark chocolate. And I don’t really like him. But as soon as I eat mussels, an unbearable desire arises in an hour to indulge in stormy love pleasures. Find your aphrodisiac and find out which foods have a positive effect on your partner.

18. Don’t overeat

A romantic dinner should not turn into a feast for the stomach. If you want to have fun in bed, do not eat too much heavy and fatty foods before intercourse. This will negatively affect the quality of sex.

19. Stock up on water

Are you ready for a stormy night of love? Is there a jug of clean drinking water on the bedside table? No? So you are not ready! Sex can be compared to strength training in the gym, but in the gym we always have a bottle of water with us. It is also important to stay hydrated during sex. And in principle, a jug of water will allow you not to be distracted by running to the kitchen in search of a drink.

20. Wear sexy clothes.

When a couple withers away under the heel of the daily chores, we forget how to flirt and seduce each other. Conduct an experiment: once have sex in a washed bathrobe, and another time in an erotic outfit. The difference is phenomenal for both men and women. The partner receives aesthetic pleasure from the sight of a lady in stockings or a corset, and the woman feels confident and desirable. Each of us should have clothes for seduction, which should be worn before intimacy. 

21. Complete the prelude with pair dances

Couple dance is sex in the vertical plane, figuratively speaking. You’ve probably noticed that dance and figure skating partners often fall in love and even get married. The dance stimulates the blood and helps to build trust, which is reflected in the quality of sex.

22. Dance striptease

Another great option to improve the quality of sex is striptease. You will feel more courageous, and a man will certainly like an erotic dance. Belly dancing or even twerking is a good option! You can bring your loved one to orgasm by dancing on his lap. It all depends on your skills and partner preferences.

23. Practice Tantric Sex

Do not start sex right away if you have problems with orgasm. For the evening, forget about physical foreplay. Try to just lie down next to each other, looking into each other’s eyes. Get a feel for your partner. You will feel either overwhelming passion and tenderness, or discomfort to the point of irritation. In the second case, there is simply the wrong person next to you . Look for someone with whom it is pleasant even to be silent – here with him you will have bright orgasms.

24. Massage with oils

Learn massage techniques, both relaxing and erotic. Practice on each other is the best foreplay possible. It is not necessary to massage the body of a loved one with your hands, it is enough to rub your chest or stomach against him – he will be pleased.

25. Avoid traumatic postures

Experiments are good, but everything is good in moderation. If a man suddenly offers to have sex on a bridge, on a cornice or on a chandelier – firmly refuse. Some sex positions are dangerous, especially when combined with sweeping movements. Take care of your health, because sickly bright orgasms do not happen. 

26. Maintain Spiritual Closeness

To be honest: many of us have had sex out of need with a person for whom there are no particularly warm feelings. Simply because the body demanded it, and without warm feelings, sex loses its zest, turning into mechanical movements. It is not easy to find love, but because of this, it is not easy to take a vow of celibacy. It is enough to feel sympathy for your partner: listen to him, empathize, share your thoughts.

27. Use lubricants

Many girls ignore the importance of lubricants , relying only on natural lubricants. Do not deny yourself the use of additional moisturizers. This is especially important for women during menopause and for petite girls, whose partners have impressive dignity.

28. Have a sex diet

One of the most common advice from sexologists is to deny yourself sex from time to time. It really helps to build up a strong desire, thanks to which the first act after such a “hunger strike” becomes simply awful. Do not forget that masturbation is also excluded for a while. However, it is important to take into account the nuance that many people forget about. If the couple is accustomed to frequent and daily sex, it is enough to skip one or two days. You don’t need these agonizing six-month celibates.

29. Rest during sex

Often, lovers try too hard for each other and endure uncomfortable positions (and even painful movements), wanting to please their partner. It’s useless. Sex should be enjoyable for both. If you’re tired, take a break. If your partner is tired, give him a break or change his position.

30. Love role-playing games

Role-playing games are fun, and they also help you make your fantasies come true and diversify your sex. You can come up with your own script or find inspiration in popular ideas for role-playing sex. Don’t be shy, let the transformation game take over! 

31. Watch a porno or erotic movie together

You can find a lot of interesting ideas in porn plots and bring them to life with your partner. Also, joint viewing allows you to understand what you like and helps to get aroused.

32. Make a “home video”

A fun idea for sex is to make your own porn. However, please note that such surveys can only be carried out with a reliable partner. If you have only recently started dating, you should not tempt fate. You never know what he will get into his head if he takes offense at you for something.

33. Arrange an erotic photo shoot

Another good arousal option. Ask a guy to pretend to be a photographer and you will become his model. Take pictures in the spirit of Playboy magazine . And do not forget the advice from the previous point. Such photos can only be given to a reliable partner.

34. Practice a sexy voice

Ears are loved not only by women, but also by men. Learn to speak in a low, flowing tone from the inside of your diaphragm.

35. Examine your partner’s erogenous zones

You cannot lie on a log, waiting for the man to try in every possible way, pleasing you. In order for him to really want to please you, you need to give him sweet moments of pleasure too. And for this it is important to know the erogenous zones of a man and understand how best to influence them.  

36. Create a buffer zone

Is your partner too big for you? Then it is imperative to create a buffer zone or find positions that do not allow him to penetrate “to the very tomatoes.” During the blowjob, grab his penis at the base with one hand so that he cannot insert it deeper. During vaginal sex, bring your hips together or place a pillow between your bodies to act as a buffer.

37. Keep Your Feet Warm

When the bedroom is cold, it can be difficult to enjoy sex. It is especially important to keep your feet warm. Of course, socks in bed look creepy, but an embarrassing situation can be avoided. You can wear sexy knee-highs (they turn men on) or take a hot bath beforehand.

38. Do not neglect hygiene

By the way, about the bath. Shower and bath should be taken just before sex. It doesn’t matter that you bathed in the morning. Dirt, sweat and odors accumulate throughout the day. You also need to accustom your partner to cleanliness.

39. Build Your Pleasure

No need to rush madly to the finish line. Increase your pleasure and your partner’s. Take smooth breaks, changing from a fast pace to a slow, intense caress – for a superficial and almost imperceptible.

40. Fight the factors that prevent orgasm

There are a number of reasons for the lack of orgasm in women. If you suddenly notice a decline in desire, immediately change your lifestyle. Maybe it’s the constant sitting at the table, or you wear high-heeled shoes too often. 

41. Create an atmosphere for sex

Fireplace fire or candle flame, erotic music, aromas of essential oils – all this will help you two relax and tune in the right mood. Just do not place too many candles to avoid fire.

42. Put him a condom yourself

Many guys get turned on when their partner puts on a condom herself. However, I advise against using the popular mouth-on technique. A condom is a protective measure, and your teeth can imperceptibly transform it from a reliable contraceptive into a useless rubber band with holes. Don’t show off. Just put the condom on with your hand.

43. Play strip cards

An ordinary teenage game will not only help to cheer up, but also excite each other. Choose simpler games such as Black Jack . However, poker is fine too.

44. Buy Sex Cubes 

There is a special fun dice game that depicts various poses from the Kama Sutra. Roll the dice alternately before and during sex. Let randomness choose the pose for you.

45. Talk about sex

No need for this feigned shame, no need to pose as Miss Chastity. Talk about sex and more often with your friends, and most importantly – with your beloved man. No need for details with names, just discuss your experience (without specifying who it was with). Share your experience, ask questions.  

46. ​​Don’t be silent: whisper, shout and moan

Don’t be silent during sex: Moaning and whispering can help increase arousal. And your partner will be pleased to hear how good you are. If there is someone else in the house (and the sound insulation is poor), then you can moan into the pillow.

47. Ask what HE wants

Personal story time from my experience. I started dating the nicest guy and it came to the first sex. Noticing that he did not react violently enough to my caresses, I began to ask what he wants. Not in the forehead, as during interrogation, but whispering in your ear: “So? Do you like this? ” Of course, the sex turned out to be stormy, because he himself began to treat my wishes with great attention. And after a mutual orgasm, the guy shocked me. Believe it or not, but … he SLIPPED! Yes, yes, he hugged me, hugged me and said with a trembling voice: “Thank you, sun. You were the first to ask me what I want! ” Do you know how nice it was? Here’s a story. Or maybe he lied. 🙂 In any case, it is extremely important to take into account the wishes of not only your own, but also your partner’s.

48. Use dirty words

Even intelligent couples sometimes give out such during sex that a dockman will envy their vocabulary. It is important to choose the right moment. If a man looks at you tenderly and confesses his love, do not grab him by the collar and yell ” Move me away to the very least smile !” Harsh words are turned on during rough sex, when animal passion overwhelms both partners.

49. Put that damn phone aside

Want quality sex? Then stop checking your mail and like pictures of your acquaintances while lying in bed with your loved one. His desire will disappear instantly. A friend won’t die of boredom if you like her selfie later.

50. Learn Poses for Sensuality

There are many sensual sex positions. Be sure to try them out if hugging, kissing, or looking each other in the eye is important to you. Your intimate life will sparkle with new colors! 

51. Play Lilliputian in Gulliver’s Country

I have no idea what this game is called, so I came up with a name for it myself. She helps partners get aroused and explore each other’s bodies. Try it, it’s fun!

Fold your hand, sticking out the index and middle fingers – these are the legs of your character. Now walk around the man’s body, commenting on your actions in an unusual way. For example, like this: “A little girl went for a walk in the forest. Found high hills. I walked along them and found a strange tree. She began to climb it and reached the very top, ”- while you will caress his intimate places with your hand. The same principle can be used by a guy, “walking” on your body and looking into the “cave”.

52. Play Freeze!

During foreplay, time the time and caress your partner, forbidding him to move for about 15 minutes. Then switch places.

53. Have sex in bright light

I interviewed girls and guys I knew and it turned out that most women have sex in the dark. The guys are extremely unhappy with this. Stop being ashamed of your body. Men have x-ray vision, they are aware of our cellulite. Let each other see the bodies during sex.

54. Arrange the deprivation of feelings

But at times this method should be applied not only to shy people , but also to voyeurs. Deprive yourself (or your partner) of the ability to perceive third-party information. Plug your ears with earplugs, blindfold, and focus completely on petting. However, the wishes of the couple must be taken into account. If both partners love with their eyes, turn on the light.

55. Forget body flaws

You don’t have to constantly think about “ears” on your hips or an imperfect tummy. 99% of men are also far from the handsome men from the covers of glossy magazines. And nothing, it does not prevent them from enjoying sex. If you cannot overcome complexes in any way, choose visually slimming poses. 

56. Send the Children Home

Many of us already have children. Tell me, you hate it when they sleep with friends, do you? But in vain. Rafting your child to visit a friend (if only his parents were at home). Give yourself a well-deserved rest and have some real sex!

57. Make a love nest

If you have more than one room in your home, make the bedroom only a place for sleeping and sex. You don’t have to work there. The bedside table should contain everything you need for sex: contraceptives, lubricants , toys. So that you are not distracted by running around to the first aid kit in the bathroom.

58. Supplement cunnilingus with the “Alphabet” technique

This is a very simple technique and is very arousing. By the way, you can use it during a blowjob.

Ask your partner to move the tip of the tongue over the body in intimate places, writing letters or words. Can you guess what he wrote?

59. Supplement the blowjob with the “Corkscrew” technique

This option resembles the butterfly technique, but you don’t need to close your mouth.

Moving your hand up and down your partner’s penis, stick out your tongue and make circular movements along the head and bridle, imitating a corkscrew opening the bottle.

60. Down with platitudes, give impudent sex!

Spicy sex

Talk to your partner about how you can diversify your intimate life to make sex spicy. Elements of bondage or playful (and delicate) corporal punishment can be used. 


61. Do not take off your underwear immediately during foreplay

Caress each other through the thin fabric of your underwear until the desire becomes simply unbearable. When you finally take off your panties, the sensation of touching will come out unusually bright and simply explosive.

62. Feed each other goodies

Strawberries with cream, grapes (seedless variety for me, please) – these and other products help to diversify the foreplay. Just be careful with your food choices. Avoid too juicy fruits, you should not pour hot chocolate on your skin and never put ice cream on a man’s penis. Oh yeah, feed each other ma -a-scarlet pieces.

63. Exercise for … language!

Yes, you heard right. If you enjoy oral sex, it is imperative to train your tongue. The same goes for men. There are plenty of exercises online to develop flexibility, strength and endurance with tongue movements. The quality of oral sex will depend on this.

64. Freshen your breath

If you have a strong sense of smell, then you have noticed that most people smell from the mouth. I’m not just talking about smokers. This could be a coffee smell or a residual smell after dinner. Before sex, be sure to brush and rinse your teeth with oral hygiene products. And teach the man to do the same. Inappropriate smells are terribly distracting during sex. And to make the kiss delicious, you can eat a spoonful of honey.

65. Have sex in the bathroom

Sometimes desire can disappear simply because we are fed up with sex in the same bed. Try making love in the bathroom, shower, or jacuzzi.  

66. Have sex in the car

For many people, the car is a real fetish. This is especially true for men. Make him happy by offering sex in the car. Just practice good hygiene and don’t have sex while driving. 

67. Don’t Break When It Comes to the Bedroom

Many girls pose as touchy, even when men are naked in bed. Forget about such antics. So sex will not be of high quality.

68. Don’t talk about children during sex!

Conversations in the style of “I want a baby from you” can only have a husband who wants to become a father. For the rest of the guys, this “hawthorn in the garden will fade foliage.”

69. Cleanse the body

If you have health problems (unstable stools or gas), then you should cleanse your body before having sex. Take an enema, drink chamomile tea, and avoid eating foods that irritate your gut. The advice applies not only to lovers of anal sex.

70. “These days” are not a reason to give up sex

Critical days are a natural process and one must learn to overcome disgust. Just think how many times a girl deprives herself of an orgasm just because of embarrassment. Every month. Year after year. There are sex positions during menstruation that will help you avoid soreness and the appearance of blood. 

71. Hold your breath

Mild asphyxiation helps to release adrenaline and experience brighter orgasms. There is no need to strangle yourself by tightening the noose around your neck. You can just hold your breath while building up your desire.

72. Redeem One Another

Take a shower together from time to time. I wouldn’t recommend having sex in the shower too much, as water is a terrible lubricant. It is also slippery and uncomfortable there. But foreplay during water procedures is a completely different body. Ugh, that is – business. Lather each other and wash off the lather slowly and erotically. Then go to the bedroom.

73. Have a sex weekend

As soon as the opportunity arises, immediately go on a sex vacation for at least a couple of days. Lock yourself in a hotel room and indulge in all sorts of sexual games.

74. Fantasize while having sex

It happens like this: you love a person with all your soul, but there is no strong desire in bed. Just close your eyes and imagine a situation that excites you or an idol that makes you quietly numb.

75. Set the pace

Don’t constantly let men lead the process. Try different top-down positions. By setting your own pace and speed, you can improve the quality of your orgasm.

76. Surrender in His Hands

Even if you’re a domination freak, it’s important to switch roles from time to time and try positions where the man is on top. Your partner can pleasantly surprise you, and you can relax in his arms. Passionately whisper in his ear: “Move as you want.” Oh, what will happen! Important: only say this to a trusted partner who knows your body and will not cause discomfort.  

77. Do Kegel exercises

This is extremely important for women’s health. Exercises to develop internal muscles not only improve your sexual techniques, but at the same time keep the body in good shape. Subsequently, they will help to avoid diseases of the genitourinary system and even facilitate childbirth. Most importantly, you will begin to experience brighter orgasms.

78. Hold hands more often

Do you know how I first realized that I was in love and mutually? When the guy and I woke up holding hands. It would seem that such things have nothing to do with sex, but they are not. Our palms and fingers are very sensitive to touch.

79. Play ” podglyadushki 

Spy on each other when you dress or undress. Not standing quietly outside the door – this one is unnerving. Just ask your partner to undress in front of you and do the same yourself.

80. The higher the love, the lower the kisses

In my youth I was turned back by the word “blowjob”. I am so old that during my youth oral sex was equated with vulgarity and perversion. Praise the gods, that terrible time has passed, and curiosity helped me overcome disgust and love oral sex. If this kind of sex jars you, reconsider your attitude towards it. When a really beloved person is nearby, when both partners are clean, caresses with lips and tongue give indescribable bliss. The main thing is to choose a comfortable position for oral sex. Of course, some people don’t like oral sex simply because they don’t. But it is worth thinking about what caused the dislike – personal feelings or inspired by someone else’s opinion. 

81. Try simultaneous masturbation

Games like this inflame desire and increase the affection of partners. You can either masturbate at the same time in front of each other, or caress each other. This is a great pre-sex petting .

82. Muffle the sounds of the “call of nature”

You are planning a night of love, and you have an itch for a little or not? Mute toilet sounds by turning on the water . It will also help to turn on the music in the bedroom – it also drowns out the noise of the drained tank well . What kind of weird advice? The fact is that many (especially girls) feel ashamed that their partner hears them babbling in the toilet. This is a natural, but non-sexual process. Desire falls from embarrassment and sex becomes awkward. You’ve probably noticed music playing in the toilets of restaurants. It is needed just to mask sounds and help visitors calmly “do the dirty business.”

83. Wake him up with a blowjob

Men just love it! However, do not forget that after a long sleep, a person desperately needs to relieve himself. So that the poor fellow does not suffer, wake him up after a couple of hours of sleep. It is preferable to do this on a weekend.

84. Try the ice cube foreplay

Personally, I hate everything cold, my ice just … frost on my skin in a bad sense of the word. However, many people are turned on by differences in contrast temperatures. Try fondling each other’s bodies with hot kisses, alternating with a touch of ice cubes. Just avoid the genital area and do not hold the ice for too long to avoid colds.

85. Have sex in someone else’s house

This is called “marking territory”. Terribly turns on. However, make sure that children or the owners themselves do not rush into the room. It is enough just to retire in the bathroom or in the kitchen for 10 minutes, while the rest are sitting at the festive table. After such tricks, you will feel a surge of playful mood.

86. Replace your mouth with your hand during a blowjob

Does your man love blowjob, but you hate him or are you just tired? Replace your mouth with your hand. I’m not talking about simple manipulations, when the palm wraps around the penis and moves up and down. Your palm will mimic your lips and tongue.

Thoroughly moisten the inside of the palm. It is best to use a lubricant as the saliva dries quickly. Now fold your palm with a “ladle”, as if you want to scoop up water. Put it on the head of the penis and move in a circular motion, periodically squeezing the head.

87. Pay attention to the male testicles

In every sense of the word: caress them and caress yourself with their help. In doggy – style positions, ask the man to move so that his testicles are slapping over your body. This is great clitoral stimulation.

88. Spank each other

Speaking of spanking, you need to learn to spank your buttocks erotically. Flip flops shouldn’t hurt. With a clever spanking, a man can make you want to be eaten, followed by abundant lubrication.

89. Change your appearance

Even if you love each other deeply and sincerely, having sex with the same partner can get bored as hell. There is no need to look for lovers on the side, it is enough for a couple to change their appearance! This is especially easy for women: just put on a wig and significantly change facial features with makeup.

90. Master the Pompur Technique

The ancient technique of priestesses of love is to bring to orgasm without movement. The pump uses only the vaginal muscles. You will experience unusual sensations and give your loved one the sweetest moments.  

91. Have masked sex

Remember the point about changing your appearance? Although it is cool, it takes time and money. Carnival masks will help achieve the same effect. By the way, some of them look very exciting. It is not a problem to buy masks, especially in the period after the New Year holidays, when stores sell leftover goods for a penny.

92. Buy sexy shoes

In your wardrobe, be sure to have at least one pair of sex shoes with insanely high heels. Do not wear these shoes outdoors – they will lose their beautiful look. Only wear it in the bedroom.

93. Write an erotic story together

It doesn’t have to be a rhymed poem in three volumes – just a short story in which you together give free rein to fantasy. You can write two stories – each one writes his own. Such exercises help partners to better understand each other.

94. Smell each other

Sounds strange, right? Try it! While petting – start slowly and with pleasure inhaling the body odor of your loved one. Scientists say that love often occurs when we like the smell of a person.

95. Try sex by zodiac signs

Personally, I don’t believe in horoscopes, but I love experimenting. So why not test the veracity of astrologers by experiencing zodiac sex positions? 

96. Visit a sex shop together

It is advisable not just to stare, but at the same time to buy something. You can replace going to a sex shop with a visit to an unusual place with a sexual theme. Large cities have BDSM museums, clubs and even restaurants. This will spice up your relationship.

97. Never Blackmail Sex

This punishment, popular with many ladies, is sheer stupidity. Never blackmail a man with sex, do not put conditions on him in the spirit of “Do this, otherwise no sex.” This will kill desire in yourself and in your partner.

98. Study the Kamasutra together

Viewing such pictures together and discussing them will make you awkward at first, then laugh, and then the desire to move from discussion to practice.

99. Pretend This Is Your Last Sex

Sex has turned into a dull routine, are you tired or just no desire? Then imagine having sex for the last time in your life. It doesn’t matter for whatever reason: tomorrow the world will end or men will disappear from our planet. This trick has always helped me out. Suddenly a burning desire awakens! You can also ask your partner to submit the same thing. You will be surprised how skillful a man suddenly becomes.

100. Don’t make sex a cult

Surprising advice, right? We’re talking about how to improve your sex life, and here you go – don’t make it a cult. Have you ever interacted with people who think about sex all day long? They are disgusting lovers, although they say otherwise. Fixated on creating a sexy atmosphere, they fail in practice. The second problem: they generate too high expectations in the partner. That is why it is not necessary to send erotic photos to a guy every minute – this is one of the problems that kill a man’s desire. Our advice does not need to be applied in bulk overnight. 

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