11 weird facts about sex

Nowadays, the topic of sex is very popular: a lot is said about it, written and, of course, films are made. Despite this, scientists with surprising constancy continue to amaze us with all the new facts about intimacy. What new could have happened, you ask? In terms of technology, everything remains the same. But the research results are simply shocking. Sometimes it is difficult to understand how true the information from psychologists and sexologists is. We bring to your attention some very interesting facts.

1. Dog lovers have sex more often than those who have cats in their house

This is the conclusion reached by researchers from Britain. Company VetPlus conducted a survey among the owners of cats and dogs. A very surprising fact was found out – those who have dogs have sex 3 times a week, and those who prefer cats only 2 times.

2. A woman’s gait can tell about her sex life.

Scientists in Belgium report that women who are satisfied with sex give themselves away with a free and confident gait. Ladies, for whom everything is not so great on the love front, on the contrary, lead from themselves when walking more constrainedly.

3. Intimacy is a good prevention of age-related brain ailments

Researchers from the University of Maryland surprise us with the fact that there is a direct relationship between brain activity and intimate life. They found that those who have a successful personal sex life are less likely to suffer from common brain diseases with age. It turns out that this is due to the hippocampus – the region of the brain responsible for memory and attention. And good sex stimulates this part of the brain.

4. Great sense of humor promotes sexual satisfaction

The scientific journal “Evolutionary Psychology” published a report of scientists. It says that partners with a great sense of humor succeed in satisfying women best .

5. Partners of different political views do not feel the sexual scent of each other

Writes about this “American Journal of Political Science.” Our sex drive is directly related to the smell of our partner. And if a person shares our political point of view, then his smell seems more attractive to us.

6. Sandwiches also affect sexuality

This was found out by American researchers. In their opinion, lovers of hot sandwiches are more active in sex than those who are indifferent to such food.

7. A person in love uses the same parts of the brain as people who are on drugs. 

Euphoria and bliss – such sensations accompany people in love. For such lucky ones, psychologist Helen Fisher made a tomography of the brain and, according to the results, came to the conclusion that their data are very similar to the changes that occur due to the use of drugs. And in particular: cocaine and heroin. We can say that it has been officially proven: love is a drug.

8. It turns out that love joys help strengthen bones

Researchers at the University of California show that consistent good sex is a preventative measure for osteoporosis and generally has a positive effect on bone density.

9. Men dressed in red clothes are liked by women more than in clothes of any other color.

As you know, red symbolizes passion. But this applies not only to women. The weaker sex is also impressed when men wear red. They associate this color with success and leadership.

10. Best frequency for lovemaking

To their own surprise, the researchers noted that partners who make love once a week are happier than those who devote more or less time to this enjoyable activity.

11. Secret aphrodisiac for men revealed

It turned out to be a mixed scent of lavender and pumpkin pie. This act was found out by scientists from Chicago.
We have brought to your attention only a small fraction of the surprising facts about sex. Now you can decide for yourself which of this is true and which is fiction. And perhaps a lot may seem like just a fantasy, but all the above facts have been confirmed by scientists from different countries.

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