12 passionate sex positions for those looking to make a sex tape

Intimate satisfaction is an important factor for well-being and happiness. Many couples strive to make sex spicy by bringing something new to it, for example, filming amateur porn, intended only for the eyes of its participants in love. Well, let’s explore a few popular position options for those who have long dreamed of making a homemade sex tape.

Before we move on to studying the poses themselves, I would like to stipulate a couple of safety rules. Do not shoot homemade porn if you are not sure about your partner’s honesty and reliability. Capturing your intimate life on camera is possible only if absolute trust reigns in a couple. If you find it difficult to overcome the embarrassment, try wearing an erotic mask, hiding your face. Also remember how important it is to store homemade porn properly. The footage should be hidden in a password folder stored on a personal computer, which also has a password of high complexity.

Well, we figured out the basics of security. Let’s move on to exploring the positions that will make your intimate video memorable.

1. Lap dance

A comfortable seated sex position for those who enjoy female dominance and deep penetration. How do you like the idea for a video that begins with an erotic striptease followed by a stirring lap dance that turns into sensual sex? This option has quite a few advantages: you can combine the pose with sex toys, a man can caress a woman’s breasts during sex.

2. Wheelbarrow

Do you want to take your breath away from watching videos? Then try this standing sex position. You won’t be able to stay in it for a long time, but it will look very spectacular.

3. On the edge of the bed

Try a position in which the guy is standing behind her friend. In this position, you can use clitoris stimulation and actively use erotic fingering techniques, which will give the lady a bright and strong orgasm.

4. Ballerina

Homemade porn is usually offered by guys. Well, they really want to admire the process of sex from all angles, enjoying the view of their friend’s body. Therefore, a good decision would be to choose a pose in which the girl’s body, her face and reactions to the movements and touches of the man are most clearly visible. And if the pose is unusual, then the video will turn out to be even more exciting.

5. Spider

A sensual position for couples in love who love to look each other in the eye. If you couldn’t find a tripod for the camera, then so be it – let the man hold the camera in his hands, filming the body of his beloved. Plus the pose: you can film the very process of the penetration of the penis into the female womb.

6. Doggy Style Doggy Style

Homemade porn without a kneeling position is a waste of time. Doggy style items look great on video. They are not only pleasant and entertaining, but also give scope for the use of various sex techniques, for example, spanking – slaps on the buttocks.

7. On the table

Planning to host a marathon of sensuality and passion? Then try the sultry sex position on the table. This is a great sex position idea for couples with a big height difference, where the man is big and tall and the girl is short and fragile. With this position, you can enter a role-play scenario with a secretary and a boss or a strict teacher and a playful student. The surface of the table is quite hard, so it will not be superfluous to put something soft under the body – a pillow or a blanket.

8. Golden Gate

In the pose “69” the girl takes a gymnastic stance “bridge”. Is this why this position received the same name as one of the most famous bridges in the world? Undoubtedly, the situation is quite difficult and it will not be possible to stay in this position for a long time, especially if you need to simultaneously give affection to your partner and try to restrain your groans caused by his caresses. However, it doesn’t hurt to try such a spicy option. In this position, the girl will surprise her chosen one with unusual blowjob techniques.

9. Armchair of love

A wonderful option with a huge number of advantages: the girl’s body will be perfectly visible in the frame, there is the possibility of active stimulation of the clitoris. Among other things, this position provides room for fantasy when using sex toys for couples.

10. On the face

Another spicy option for oral sex in our selection. This position will be appreciated by men who sometimes love to give women dominance in the bedroom. Unlike standard positions for cunnilingus, in this position you will experience completely new sensations, since the partner’s tongue will caress previously hard-to-reach erogenous zones, moving in the opposite direction from the standard direction.

11. Spoons

A gorgeous and sensual pose for lovers of slow sex. The fast pace in it is difficult to achieve, but you can bask in each other’s arms, caressing your bodies and capturing these intimate shots on camera.

12. By the wall

If you have long dreamed of having sex while standing, then we recommend that you first try positions against the wall. Leaning against the wall, the girl will find balance, and it will be much easier for the man to hold her with his hands. This option can be a great idea for shower and bathroom sex.

Attention! If you are going to apply complex sex positions that require endurance and flexibility, then you should first warm up. Just like preparing for a sports exercise. Warm up your muscles, stretch. Otherwise, the next morning after a passionate night will come back to haunt you with all the “delights” of DOMS.

In addition to the options described above, you can look for ideas in erotic films. For example, you can try all of the sex positions in 50 Shades of Gray.

When planning to shoot a homemade sex tape, treat the process as you would a theater production. Rehearse your sex script with your partner in advance so that the video looks a breeze. Fulfill your cherished sexual fantasies. Love you and mutual orgasms!

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