20 comfortable sex positions on a narrow bed: when a bed of love is not enough for two

It’s great when there is a huge bed in the bedroom that allows you to feel comfortable during intimacy: take any position in sex or just wallow with an “asterisk” with your arms and legs outstretched. But sometimes the bed of love is too small for two and is clearly not designed for love joys: it can be a single bed in a student dormitory, a shelf in a train compartment, or just your old bed, which is dear to you as a memory and it’s a pity to throw it away, but you don’t have money for a new one. enough. Poses that do not require a lot of space will help here.

1. Classic spoons on the side

This is perhaps the coolest pose for a narrow bed. Why exactly she? Yes, because in it more often girls reach orgasm, and it is also so convenient to fall asleep after sex. The undisputed leader in our top. At one time, my boyfriend and I, in this position, even managed to play pranks on a cot, spending the night at a party. They woke up the whole house, but after sex, when the fabric under us broke and we collapsed to the floor. Conclusion: the old Soviet clamshell does not support the weight of two bodies. 

2. Doggy- style with emphasis on the bed

If the bed is completely unreliable (like that damn cot), then it is better to go down to the floor and use the bed only as a support for your partner in the doggy- style position .

3. On the side, face to face

Another proven option, perfect for sex on the train. There are also pleasant frictions, vibrations. If you have never made love on the train, then urgently correct the situation. Grab the sweetheart by the scruff of the neck, take your set of underwear (just for everyone) and buy all the seats in the compartment. 

4. Missionary classic

Probably part of the popularity of the missionary position is that it allows you to have sex anywhere – even on a narrow bed. A good pose for lovers who can’t get away from each other and need kisses, eye contact and hugs. 

5. Doggy- style lying

An interesting option in the spirit of doggy- style (also called the “Jockey” pose), but the girl is lying down. I just love this position, because the guy has to puff in it, and the partner can relax and even take a quiet nap. Another plus of the pose: it stimulates the G-spot. Well, that’s what the seasoned say. True, we have not yet groped mine, but he who seeks will always find!

6. The Girl on Top (“The Rider”)

Another delightful position with an added bonus is that after sex you can fall asleep lying on your partner. Of course, it all depends on the difference in weight, if the girl is frail and the man is large, he will not feel discomfort. In any case, the 120 kg “grizzly” did not complain about my 49 kg. Although…. Perhaps he was not snoring, but wheezing from lack of air?

7. Slingshot

The flexible pose is another interesting option if the bed is both narrow and short. Personally, I prefer to put my feet on a man’s shoulders, as it gets boring to hold them. I am lazy … 

8. Cooney (lying)

If the bed is narrow, but long, then there is enough room for this position. The best foreplay for women, in my opinion. And from this position, you can easily move on to variations of the missionary position.

9. Cooney (partner on his knees)

Is the bed not long enough for point 8 ? Then the partner is better off kneeling. Since the angle will change for him, it will not be superfluous to put a pillow under the girl’s buttocks in order to raise the body.

10. Missionary (tight)

If there is not enough space for a regular missionary, bring your feet together. This will also provide a tight penetration, making sex more exciting.

11. Hammer and anvil

After the usual kuni, you can also accept this position. The sensations will be enchanting: the partner, heated with excitement, will gladly feel the weight of the man’s body.

12. Split bamboo

The main disadvantage of a narrow bed of love is that it significantly limits our capabilities and deprives a couple of room for action, thirsting for the deepest penetration. But the need for invention is tricky: try the position with the raised leg – this way the partner can enter deeply.

13. Face to face (sitting)

The amazing, sensual, stimulating Lotus position guarantees passionate sex on any surface.

14. Cooney (partner below)

Do you like spicy sex? Then try this position with a jack. The movements of the tongue of a man, going from the clitoris to the entrance to the vagina, are perceived completely differently. It’s unusual, weird and incredibly turn-on. 

15. Pose “69”

A classic of the genre for lovers of oral sex. You can go to it from the previous pose, or you can alternate points 14 and 15.

16. Reverse cowgirl

From positions 15 and 16 of points, you can also go to the “Inverse Rider”. A good option for clitoral stimulation.

17. Jumper

Sometimes a man is too tall for a regular bed. One of my guys was over two meters tall! In my bedroom he felt like Gulliver in the land of the Lilliputians. In this case, the man should bend his knees more. The Jumping Pose allows the girl to actively move, stimulate the clitoris and rub against her partner. Orgasm will not be long in coming.

18. Blowjob (regular)

Since we mentioned the Cooney options , then we cannot ignore the blowjob adored by men. This option is also called “Sloth”, since the guy doesn’t have to do anything. 🙂 Lie to yourself, yes blah with pleasure.

19. Spoons with a leg behind the partner’s back

A delightful way to achieve a quick orgasm, as the pose allows you to actively stimulate the genitals and other erogenous zones on the woman’s body. And again, after sex, you can sleep comfortably on your side.

20. Sitting on the edge of the bed

And we finish with our top option for the deepest penetration in the style of poses “woman on top”. For greater stability, it is better to wrap your legs around your partner’s body. Do not rush to the salon for new furniture if you are cramped on the old bed. Let your imagination run wild and you will surely come up with options for poses that will allow you to enjoy each other even on a small bed of love. 

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