20 most sensual sex positions for lovers

What do lovers want more at the very beginning of a relationship or at the peak of their development? I want to look into each other’s eyes, caress the body of a person dear to you with my hands, kiss him, hug him, exchange pleasant compliments in a whisper. We have collected the most gentle, most sensual poses for lovers.

1. Winged cupid

A wonderful position will allow you to relax in the arms of your beloved, hotly covering his face and neck with kisses. A comfortable body position gives room to experiment with edging , a sexual technique that prolongs the pleasure of arousal. In this embodiment, the man should lie down sitting, leaning on his arms or on the headboard. The legs can be extended or slightly bent to make the partner more comfortable to sit on them.  

2. Horsewoman

A pose of this kind is good because it gives the girl freedom of action. At any moment, you can bend over to your man, pressing your whole body, and merge in a hot kiss. This position is ideal for using the pompour technique, in which the woman stimulates the man’s penis not by rubbing, but by squeezing the intimate muscles. Having mastered the basics of pompur, you can amaze a man with completely unusual body movements in the holy of holies, simulating a vacuum, light massage and compression of varying intensity. In addition, pompur also helps girls to experience new feelings, increasing orgasm. 

3. Missionary classic

Where without the classics of the genre? The missionary position has been, will and will remain one of the most popular. In it, a man feels like a real king of the situation and can caress the neck of his beloved. For a deeper penetration and expansion of the variations of caresses, a man should slightly rise on his knees. So he will allow his girlfriend to be a little more active and will not put pressure on her with the weight of his body. A girl should bend her knees and put her legs behind her partner’s hips or pelvis if she wants more active sex.

4. Missionary with flattened hips

Want to experience more intimate contact? Then bring your thighs together right after the man enters. If the chosen one loves to be spanked on his buttocks (not only ladies like this), please him with sonorous spanks. If for some reason you have to have quiet sex, just drown out your moans with kisses. The missionary-type positions have both advantages and disadvantages. For example, many lovely ladies complain that it is hard for them under a man’s body. In this case, the partner should be careful. You can lean on your elbows so as not to improve your girlfriend with your carcass. However, to some people, on the contrary, such a heavy burden seems exciting and pleasant. Note that if your penis is short, you shouldn’t bend your hips. This position is optimal when the penis is long or too narrow. Hip reduction will become a buffer that will not allow a man to penetrate the entire length of the penis. In this case, the entrance to the vagina will become narrower, and therefore the diameter of the penis will be felt more strongly.  


5. Classic spoons

Positions in which the partner is behind the woman are the most popular options for guaranteed female orgasm. Why? It’s simple: a partner can stimulate the entire body of a loved one. If the girl turns her head a little, she will also be able to kiss!

The “Spoon” position is a good option for those who like measured sex before bed or in the morning as soon as the couple wakes up. 

6. Spoons with bent leg

Contract and throw one leg behind your partner’s pelvis – so it will be easier for him to caress your most intimate parts. By changing the position of her torso relative to the man’s body, the partner can also change the angle of penis penetration. This position is worth looking at for men whose penis by nature has an unusual bend, from which ladies may feel discomfort. Try changing the positions of the bodies (to the right, to the left, closer, further, and so on) in order to make the penetration optimal for both partners. 

7. Tilted Rider

A great option if you like to experience the vibrations of the clitoris (you can rub against a man’s body). Pay attention to the fact that the man is lying flat with his head raised. This is not very convenient, as the neck will start to swell quickly. You can encourage your partner to use high pillows under their heads. This trick will allow you to slightly change the angle of penetration of the penis and bring the man’s body closer to his friend’s clitoris, as a result of which pleasant friction will arise.

8. Iron

An unusually gentle position will drive you crazy if a man pays attention to such common erogenous zones as the buttocks, ears, neck and shoulders. The “Iron” pose will be a pleasant conclusion to an erotic massage that a man can give to his girlfriend as a preliminary affection. Lie back and ask your loved one to massage your body, starting with your head and shoulders and moving on to massage your buttocks and thighs. By the final stage of the massage, the girls, as a rule, feel a burning desire for closer contact.

9. Crab

Can’t stop looking at each other? Then sit back in your arms and enjoy the beauty of your bodies. The pose is designed for a slow, sensual act. She also loves to chat with fir trees during sex. 

10. Criss-cross

The man is inside, while caressing the clitoris with his hand, he can massage the breasts of the chosen one, whisper nonsense, stroke her legs – how can you not experience bliss? The pose is not very common due to the unusual body position. I must admit that perpendicular positions are not the easiest for a beginner. You have to get used to them. If it is inconvenient for a man to penetrate into a woman’s body at such an angle, then you can put his friend under the buttocks for a shower – this will raise her pelvis.

11. Hammer and anvil

When a volcano of passions is raging inside and you are unable to get enough of each other, this position will allow you to experience a storm of emotions. She will provide deep penetration, providing an opportunity for passionate kissing. The girl needs to lie down, bend her knees and press her hips to her chest and stomach, throwing her calves over the man’s shoulders.

The position is suitable for both vaginal and anal penetration. It should not be used with a partner you don’t trust. Carried away by the process, a man may penetrate too deeply or decide to play not “with only one goal” without permission. If you have established understanding and respect for each other’s desires, then you should definitely try this pose. 

12. Perforator

There is always room for experimentation in boundless love. If both you and your partner enjoy anal sex, repeat the Hammer and Anvil position with your legs tighter to your chest. Control the man’s movements by holding his hips.

13. Sitting face to face

This position is quite high quality if in other positions it is difficult for you to experience an orgasm. You can choose the rhythm and depth of penetration and at the same time not stop foreplay with kisses, hugs and other pleasant processes.

If a woman easily loses her balance or is afraid of falling to the floor, then do not lean on her partner’s knees. In this case, it is better to wrap your arms around the man’s shoulders. But grabbing the neck (as many people like to do) in unstable positions is not recommended. The cervical vertebrae are too fragile to support the weight of even a thin woman.

14. On the side, face to face

In this position, you will not particularly accelerate: the movements of the partner and the partner are very limited, but the posture is simply indescribably good if you want to merge together, hugging tightly, kissing passionately. This position is good to complete rough sex.

The whole catch is how to get a man into a friend, if the bodies are tightly together and the legs are intertwined. The solution is pretty simple. First, you just need to lie on your side, then enter, and then create a “plexus of hands, plexus of legs,” as the poet said.

15. Lying with bent knee

Your loved one likes your breasts, and does the way he looks at it turn you on? Then don’t snuggle up to each other in missionary positions. Showcase the beauty of your body. Throwing your leg over the man’s hips, you can guide him by pressing his pelvis towards you.

16. Blowjob lying

If you really love your man, then blowjob is not disgusting. To caress a loved one in such an intimate area is the peak of bliss. Don’t you have complexes? Then pay special attention to oral sex positions. Pay attention to the picture: the man spread his hips. In this position, it will be convenient for a friend to caress not only the penis, but also the scrotum. 

17. Cooney with bent knees

The same goes for cunnilingus. Does your boyfriend refuse to do it, although he knows that you are dreaming about it? Drive such a gentleman out of the bedroom, but quickly. You need a man who truly loves every part of your body.

And again, wide -apart hips help the partner get to all the erogenous areas of the secluded zone. If a man complains of neck pain during prolonged oral sex, then he should sit on the floor, asking his partner to lie closer to the edge of the bed. A great addition to the pose is the Pistol Technique, which we mentioned in section 100 Sex Tips. It is done like this: a man bends his fingers in the form of a pistol, with his index finger (imitating a muzzle) penetrates the vagina. The thumb is placed on the clitoris like a trigger. In this case, everyone can continue to stimulate with the tongue. 

18. Slingshot

Another great pose if you want to look into each other’s eyes and show off the seductive mounds of the chest. Braiding your fingers together will strengthen both physical and emotional contact.

As you can see, the pose really looks like a slingshot. In the Kama Sutra treatise, this type of posture has a more poetic name – “split bamboo”.

19. Doggy Style

For some reason, many people believe that doggy-style is an option for rough sex with a minimum of affection. Fools just don’t know how resourceful lovers are. In a kneeling position, you can feel the hands of a man wandering around the body: here they are on the buttocks, and now they flew to the chest, and now they gently massage your shoulders. Doggy style refers to positions that both guys and girls like. If you are uncomfortable on the soft surface of the bed and you lose your balance, you can move to the floor by sliding small pillows under your knees. Otherwise, carpet burns on the knees cannot be avoided . 

20. Lotus

A wonderful option in which you can have both slow and violent sex. Again: a wide range for mutual caresses and kisses. A delightful pose for voyeurs who love to see the body of a loved one. In variants of the pose with the legs of a man together, you can use this position for sex in a bath or jacuzzi . Enjoy the most intimate moments together. Love each other, try new positions and be infinitely happy!

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