20 wildest sex positions

The world does not stand still, like you and me: people are constantly striving for self-development and self-improvement in all matters. It is possible without a twinge of conscience to assert that in matters of sex, humanity is constantly studying its sensuality and comprehending all new languages ​​of communication. If you are looking to experience new sensory experiences with your partner, then 20 new sex tips will be good for you. Perhaps you want variety, and the classic sexual positions that any mortal can perform are no longer fun, then this article is just what you need. Also, this selection is suitable for those couples who have perfectly studied themselves and their partner and know which sex positions bring more pleasure to women and which ones to men. 

    and are now ready for further experiments.

20 wildest sex positions – this is your next step in order to experience more sexual satisfaction and indescribable orgasms. Most likely, you have never tried or even met the characteristics of such positions. What you can be sure of is that you will gain a new, incomparable experience. I promise that even those couples who have already had sex in every place of the house will find something interesting and spicy for themselves.   

1. Enthusiastic Aphrodite
This position, at first glance, may seem simple, but it is not entirely true. Add it to the collection of the best sex positions for women, because it has a number of advantages for the beautiful half of humanity: clitoris stimulation, G-spot massage , control of penetration depth. The woman creates the situation and takes the initiative into her own hands. If a woman loves to masturbate, and this helps her warm up before penetration, then this position, like no other, will be able to satisfy her needs. 


2. Back view
To perform this pose, you will need a few handy tools: a comfortable soft chair for a man and a leather pouf for a woman. Any man will be delighted even from the mention or description of this position, because the stronger sex is very fond of contemplating the intimate zones of a naked female body. Here the partner gets a full-fledged vision of the situation, and the woman experiences incredible sensations due to the impact on her clitoris. 

3. Full immersion
This position does not require a lot of push, the movement should be smooth and gentle. The advantage of this pose is that as a result of the interaction of bodies, sensations are experienced by the whole body. Copulation proceeds well and calmly.

4. Man on his side
I would not surprise anyone if in this position the partners reversed roles, and the woman lay on her side. What about a man? Why is it usually all the work assigned to him? Let’s give him a chance to rest and enjoy the process while lying on his side with his legs up. Trust me, your partner will feel great.

In this position, it is the woman who enters her possession, she is the one who does whatever she sees fit. In this situation, both partners are able to look at their sexual relations with different eyes.

5. Cannonball
So we got to a pose that will reveal all your acrobatic talents. Now your partner will understand why you are attending stretching, pole or belt workouts and why you wanted to achieve flexibility in your own body. The pose is quite difficult to perform, but the results are worth it. Penetration from such a strange angle allows you to experience a different feeling that you probably didn’t know about before.

6. Lift
You, for sure, more than once, copulated in a dog’s pose, I am sure that not even one of the proposed methods. But have you tried this with your partner standing in a large, soft, comfortable chair? I think no. A man will be able to experience all the sweetness of being inside a woman, and she will work the entire muscle group and experience new emotions and discover an unknown pleasure. 

7. Flying
You are used to the fact that during intercourse the partner’s penis rubs against the partner’s clitoris, but it is not a fact that you have heard that the lower part of the penis can also rub against the clitoris. This position is good for those who feel insecure using a vibrator in bed. Even sexually liberated couples claim that after having tried this position, they realized that a natural “instrument” can deliver more intense pleasure than an artificial and buzzing one. In this position, orgasm is achieved through reverse penetration, which in turn becomes possible through the angle of exposure. If you look at the pair from above, the partners in the process of merging will represent the letter “X”. 


8. Unison
There is nothing better in sex than keeping the rhythm in sync. This pose is the best proof of this. Both partners can lash out at each other with equal force, achieving maximum pleasure and complete satisfaction. The man may also take the opportunity to stimulate his partner’s clitoris with his buttocks.

The advantage for women is that your partner will not be able to get out of this position if he climaxes first, because you blocked him. He will have no choice but to work hard so that you experience the desired orgasm. Forget about problems or imperfections, catch the rhythm and enjoy the process, and then unearthly pleasure will not keep you waiting long.

9. Italian candelabrum
Another position from which it is not so easy for a man to escape if the male orgasm comes before the female. Not only does the position stimulate all the main erogenous zones, it also gives a woman the opportunity to feel “on horseback”, not to rush anywhere, not to feel a sense of duty, but to enjoy the sensations that her own body gives.

10. Leaning Tower of Pisa
This pose is a great example of how to find pleasure through the correct angle of inclination and awareness of the strength of your own muscles. It takes a lot of strength to keep your balance during the merge, but it is definitely worth the effort. The man will have a magnificent view of the partner’s face and chest, which will definitely excite him, both during intercourse and after it, in the form of voluptuous memories.

11. Rock – Princess
Queen among positions for deep penetration. Moreover, the pose provides clitoral stimulation, which will add extra pleasure during body fusion. The only problem is that you won’t be able to stay in this position for long. But two minutes will be enough to satisfy the mutual passion.

12. Push-ups The
pose is perfect for those men who prefer to play sports even during sex. Well, women in this position are driven crazy by the male buttocks and complete relaxation.

13. Force of friction
In this position, couples frantically rub against each other, combining tenderness and passion. A man actively stimulates the female clitoris, and with a mutual desire, a fairly deep penetration is possible

14. Acrobat The
pose is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. But the sensations it delivers are so exciting that you will completely forget about the severity of the performance. Most of the effort goes into the partner’s arms and legs. And women will be delighted with deep penetration as a result of active clitoral stimulation.

15. Trampoline
A very energetic posture, with the help of which you can actively and usefully spend time, as well as completely reboot and sweat a lot. But remember that the partner must very carefully land on the partner’s penis so as not to damage his groin area.

16. Butterfly
Partner spreads his legs and grabs the back of a chair or chair with his hands. This position gives him the opportunity to experience a feeling of vulnerability, which the partner will gladly use for her own selfish purposes: to feel an explosion of emotions and be filled with a sense of freedom, getting what she has long dreamed of. Thrill-seekers find it necessary to add a few slaps to the buttocks to rekindle mutual passion.

17. Congo
This position is named after the dance ” Congo ” and is a sexual continuation or development of the situation. It includes hot movements and swaying of the pelvis to the rhythm of the Congo drums . A bonus can be considered an incredibly sexy look and a melodic slow performance. 

18. Lustful launch
In my opinion, the illustration will tell everything better than any description. What else can you add, besides the fact that this pose will be your best memory of riding, because with its help you can stimulate all of each other’s erogenous zones.

19. Legs behind the head You
may have copulated in a similar position while standing. So why not now repeat it in a sitting position, thereby giving the situation intimacy and providing the necessary penetration. Men will be able to show off the strength of their hands to their partner, because no simulator can replace raising and lowering a woman, as well as keeping her body in such a sexual position.

20. Powerlifting
Another pose that is visually appealing and ready to drive any sex expert crazy. Ladies are comfortable in this position, in addition, they will be able to pump muscles, feeling comfort and pride in their achievements.

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