5 ideas for spontaneous sex

Are you capable of insanity? Are you ready to change the usual bedroom decor for unexpected places where you can indulge in amorous pleasures? Such a desperate step can significantly improve your sexual relations and increase the degree of arousal. Here are five options for where you can do it to get your adrenaline pumping and drive.

1. Elevator car

We are not talking about standard elevator cars with dirty walls, sewer odors and a pile of rubbish underfoot. Imagine yourself in a luxurious elevator of elite offices and shopping and entertainment complexes. Chic, shine, mirrors and the coveted stop button … The thought that there are a lot of people around who can catch you on the hot spot at any moment will instantly excite you and your partner and speed up the process without compromising quality. Choose a pose at your discretion: either he is behind, or you face him, clasping his legs around his hips.

2. Fitting room

Make your man love shopping! Have sex with him in the dressing room. The sharpness of sensations is guaranteed to you. The main thing is to observe the silence mode so as not to confuse buyers and sellers. Large mirrors, in which your bodies will be reflected in the process of merging, will only add fire to your passions.

3. Car

A classic option that helps out in a variety of situations: there is no place for meetings or romantic feelings flooded in on the road. Poses directly depend on the size of the car. In large SUVs, there are practically no restrictions, but in small cars, most likely , you will have to “saddle” a man.

4. Nature

In the warm season, you can indulge in passion in the fresh air, to the rustle of herbs and birdsong. Can you imagine how picturesque it is ?! In the pose, when you are from below, in front of your eyes, a bottomless sky with clouds (or stars), a warm face blows a light breeze. Don’t forget about hygiene – stock up on napkins and take a wide bedding with you for a walk. It is advisable to choose places with the lowest probability of meeting strangers.

5. Cinema

The cinema is a favorite place for lovers to date. The dark room and the glare of the big screen create an incredibly romantic atmosphere. In the twilight, you just want to touch your soulmate, let your hands have a little extra. If you buy tickets to the “kissing spots”, you can dare not only kissing, but also oral sex. It is better if there are not many spectators in the hall, so that you feel more comfortable and do not bother anyone with frank caresses.
Talk to your partner about the idea of ​​spontaneous sex in unusual places. Perhaps he has special wishes or interesting suggestions. Do not let your feelings cool down – bring variety to your intimate life, and your relationship will always be strong, and sex – passionate and desired.

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