5 reasons why he doesn’t want intimacy

It is believed that a man is always ready for sex: at any time of the day or night. We are used to thinking that the desire for closeness and a strong half is permanent, and it cannot be otherwise. But in reality, you have to deal with the opposite, when your partner suddenly loses interest in you, avoids marital duties in every possible way and is increasingly looking for excuses not to have sex. Do not listen to your friends and do not rush to accuse him of treason. Perhaps there is a crisis in your relationship, or physical or psychological factors are affecting your lover’s libido .

Physical activity

If your partner is physically tired, this could be the reason for their decreased libido. American scientists conducted a study in which thousands of men of different ages were actively involved in sports and other activities. As a result, the sex drive of the most diligent of them was 7 times lower than the rest of the subjects.

Lack of sleep

Male libido is directly related to the quality and quantity of sleep. So, the same scientists found that if a man sleeps less than five hours a week, his testosterone level will decrease by 15%! Needless to say, it is this male hormone that affects the sexual activity of the opposite sex. 


Stressful situations are not the last on the list of the main culprits of the lack of sexual desire in men. Do not be categorical towards your partner, especially if there are a series of difficulties and unpleasant events in his life. When a person is nervous and worried, his body produces cortisol, which, in turn, suppresses the hormones responsible for sex drive.


Your man’s decreased libido may be due to medication, which he may be taking on an as-needed basis. It is necessary to consult with doctors or study the contraindications of drugs.


There are two options here: either he is complex about his appearance, or you have ceased to take care of yourself and satisfy his aesthetic needs. In both cases, it is necessary to work on yourself in order to regain your attractiveness and confidence in your own sexuality.
Don’t worry in vain. All couples go through periods of upsurge and sexual calm. Perhaps you have come another pause, during which you can accumulate enough strength to plunge into the maelstrom of erotic adventures with your head. In any case, the problem is solvable and with an adequate approach it will be only temporary.

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