5 ways to awaken sexuality

Your girlfriends boast of vivid orgasms, and you are forced to silently listen and feel inferior? Drop complexes and call on neuroscience to help . Sexologists advise to understand yourself and listen to your body in order to find exactly what can bring you to the highest point of bliss. Where to start to awaken your sexuality?

1. Accept your sexuality

Women are naturally sexy, only each gets an orgasm differently. One is from vaginal sex, the other is from oral sex, and the third is completely done with finger stimulation. Understand that you are unique and that the experience of others is not your benchmark. Find what gives you pleasure and orgasm in your own way , without being equal to the majority.

2. Eliminate stress

Unfortunately, stress and sexual desire are inextricably linked, so unnecessary excitement and anxiety can have a negative impact on your ability to reach the desired climax. Learn to deal with complexes and irritations. In the arsenal of women for these purposes, there are many options: from manicure to massage. Seek salvation in your favorite activities, build self-esteem, and love your body.

3. Emotional component

Sex for a woman begins in the head. Emotional overtones are of great importance to our sensuality. One and the same action on our body can have completely different results depending on the environment in which it is performed and by whom. If this is a loved one, from whom your head is spinning, if you are wearing amazing underwear, romantic music is playing and candles are flickering, you will experience mind-blowing emotions and will more easily achieve bliss than under other other circumstances. You must create ideal emotional conditions for yourself so that you can more easily achieve the highest pleasure.

4. Clitoris

It is a myth that an orgasm can only be experienced from vaginal sex. No more than 30% of women are capable of this. The rest call for the help of a sensual clitoris. Awaken your libido by exploring and stimulating this genital area. When you find a “common language” with him, you will discover a completely different side of your intimate life.

5. New

Do not ignore your curiosity about everything that generates waves of passion and desire inside. Don’t be ashamed to try something new, however radical. Explore the assortment of sex shops , indulge yourself with play costumes, experiment with places for sex. Constantly read specialized literature, communicate on thematic forums, get new ideas from there on how to make your sex life more interesting.
You are in charge of your own sexuality. There can be no strictly definite recommendations in this matter. Only you can listen to your inner “vamp woman” and give her what she needs. You should not sit on the bench, take active positions and increase your sensuality in all available ways.

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