6 postulates of a sexual diet

You’ve probably heard about deliberate abstinence from sex. Let’s try to figure out what pushes people to take such a step, and why they refuse intimate pleasures, declaring a sexual hunger strike to their bodies. The main task of such measures is the complete purification and accumulation of sexual energy. Before deciding on such an experience, familiarize yourself with the main principles of an intimate diet.

1. Intentions

When you abstain from sex for a long time, your body goes through a kind of detox . It is useful after painful breakups in order to put your thoughts in order and enjoy the loneliness without negative negative emotions. The energy that is released as a result of purification can be directed towards creativity, work, or other good purposes. It is important to understand why you are taking this step: just refresh the intimate feelings with your partner, or activate the movement of energies within yourself.

2. Psychological toxins

Toxins are a side factor in any purification. The sexual diet is no exception. During the period of abstinence, you will be especially susceptible to emotions and experiences, they will not always be positive: complexes, fears, and aggression will exacerbate. You need to prepare yourself to deal with a lot of energy. It is advisable to direct her in the right direction – sports, travel, spiritual practices.

3. The edge of what is permitted

Depending on what goal you are pursuing, determine the severity of sexual fasting for yourself. If we are talking about increasing the degree of emotions in bed with a partner, then you can refrain from direct contact, allowing yourself erotic fantasies, petting or masturbation. When the release of internal energy is at stake, then the prohibition is imposed on all manifestations of sexuality.

4. Irritating factors

During the period of purification, try to avoid anything that can ignite sexual desires in you. Do not watch erotic films, do not go to strip clubs, sex parties, beaches and pools full of half-naked bodies.

5. Timing

Everyone sets the period of abstinence for himself. Listen to your feelings and desires. Do not engage in violence against yourself – this is fraught with negativity, breakdowns and feelings of guilt. Start small and then extend your detox period as much as possible. Approach this issue consciously and adequately. Kra ynosti in this case to anything.

6. Exit

The first sexual contact after abstinence is very important. Listen to your feelings – they should be incredibly fresh, sharp and enchanting. After detox, you will learn to appreciate sex and all the pleasures associated with it more. This is the essence of intimate cleansing. Try to keep this effect for a long time.
Like any diet, sexual abstinence is only a temporary measure aimed at increasing your appetite for and intimacy with your partner. Sex has always been an inexhaustible source of energy, which can and should be used, so do not deny yourself this pleasure and watch the acuteness of the sensations. If the intensity of passions fades away , you know what to do.

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