6 sex tips from a pornstar

If you are adults, and not naive teenagers with raging hormones, then you have long understood a simple truth: sex in porn is not at all like real life. In cinema, everyone works for the viewer: there is a script, staged poses and rehearsed lines, oohs and oohs. And, nevertheless, the movie stars of this spicy industry have something to teach others. We have learned a few tips from the famous porn actress and are in a hurry to share them with you. Obviously, life is not enough to grasp all the techniques and try all the poses. It’s good to learn from personal experience, but it’s more productive (and faster) to learn the advice of experienced ones. And so one day I wondered what such secrets the most experienced people in sex could know – actors of adult cinema. Luckily for me, many of them calmly talk about the details of their profession. For instance, 

 Jessica Drake (one of the most famous American porn actresses), based on her impressive experience, revealed 6 tips for sex lovers. 

1. Don’t skimp on outfits in role-playing games

Jessica advises avoiding the common tendency among many to buy cheap costumes for role play during sales in sex shops. Well, I shouldn’t have been monitoring discounts … And the girl also recommends showing originality and not dressing up in banal outfits like a maid or a nurse. If you really want classic role-playing images, then take the trouble to choose a high-quality outfit that emphasizes the figure, diluting it with interesting details.
“The more elaborate image makes it clear that you spare no time or effort to dress up and do something special for your partner.” Well, someone who, and Jessica knows a lot about scripts for role-playing games! 

2. Do not rush to completely undress

Remember Joe Cocker’s erotic song, which many people associate with striptease? The legendary singer strongly recommended that the imaginary girlfriend take off everything except the hat. Jessica has a similar opinion, only she suggests staying shod. “We stay in shoes because they lengthen our legs and lift our buttocks, so some sex positions are more enjoyable.” Also, the star of “strawberry” suggests not to take off all your clothes: “If you are dressed in the image of a character, then it is easier for you to keep a sex fantasy in your head during the whole process,” the actress adds.
By the way, since we are talking about shoes that lengthen the legs … If you strive to look as beautiful as possible during intimacy, do not miss a selection of slimming positions in sex. They will not only inflame passion in your chosen one (who can admire you in all its glory), but also help you relax, forgetting about complexes. After all, the sexiest woman is the one who is confident in herself and is not ashamed of her own body. 

3. Masturbate during breaks

Drake shared the specifics of creating pornography, saying that “Scenes that are 15-20 minutes long can be filmed for an hour.” Of course, a porn star can’t have sex for that long. At some point, the actors need to catch their breath, this also concerns us – mere mortals who do not appear in spicy films. Breaks happen: sometimes because your kids need attention or your partner has lost an erection right in the middle of sex. If there is a pause, don’t let your sex drive die away. For example, Drake masturbates during breaks to keep him aroused. This is why she is always ready to return to the game as soon as the break ends.

4. Alternate foreplay and intercourse

“Don’t let sex get run-of-the-mill,” advises Jessica. The transitions from foreplay to sex and to oral sex will only intensify the approaching orgasm, making it also sudden. So you will not even know at what moment your body will tremble in sweet languor – this is such a pleasant surprise!
However, don’t forget about contraception and protection from STDs. When using condoms, change them every time if you are planning multiple penetration visits. Remember that STDs can be contracted during a blow job, so do not neglect condoms when having sex with an unverified partner.  

5. Feel free to use dirty words

Just don’t yell at the top of your lungs so that the frightened neighbors rush to call the police. Everything is good in moderation, you can limit yourself to a hot whisper. “I just love it when a guy whispers in my ear, telling me what he’s going to do – it’s incredibly exciting,” the actress admits. Even if you are educated as a teacher and in everyday life you are an example of cultural behavior, in sex it is worth liberating yourself and trying “dirty” words. Say them yourself, or ask your partner to say something obscene to you.
There is absolutely no need to curse each other on what the light is. You need to understand the difference between explicit insults and obscene words that simply fuel passion, and do not force your partner to get up and leave right in the middle of the process, slamming the door. Try to passionately describe to your partner how you feel about his touch and penetration, use piquant words to praise his movements or measurements of dignity. Why not? Everyone loves compliments. Men during sex also love with their ears, not just their eyes.

6. Pay attention to your needs  

According to Drake, it is much easier for her to achieve orgasm in scenes not of hard porn (hardcore) but during soft pornography ( softcore ). And the thing is that such moments allow her to focus more on her desires. No matter how passionately you wish to please your partner by sacrificing your pleasure, remember that sometimes selfishness is vital for us.
Follow Jessica’s example, determine the positions and situations that excite you most, and be sure to enjoy them. For a while, forget about everything in the world and just focus on your feelings. After all, men already more often, faster and much easier to orgasm than we women. So do not hesitate to be selfish at times.

Well, thanks to Jessica Drake for frankness and good advice. And we wish you to bring her ideas to life as soon as possible, delighting yourself and your partner with an unforgettable closeness. No boring night for everyone!

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