7 best sex therapist tips: don’t talk about it

Couples are often forced to turn to sex therapists to get help in solving the most difficult sexual problems. But now you have the opportunity to get absolutely free of charge with the best advice from leading sexologists from around the world. This will help prevent any sexual difficulties from arising forever and remain confident that you are not in danger of such a meeting. After all, a problem is always easier to prevent than to solve!

1. Do not forget that the stronger the love, the better the sex life.

“Lately, when I’m working with couples, I’m increasingly beginning to remind them that the stronger the emotional connection they feel, the more pleasure they will enjoy having sex. Lovers often lose sight of the importance of the feeling that binds them outside the bedroom and the impact it has on their sex life, ”says clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst Jason Greenberg.

2. Have sex for yourself

“Women most often have sex to meet the needs of men, but in fact, sex is very important for women’s physical and emotional health. Do it for your pleasure, not forgetting, of course, about your partner. In this context, consider the steps you can take to make sex as enjoyable as possible for you. First of all, you need to think about what you can add or remove to satisfy all your desires and make sex as fulfilling and enjoyable as possible. ”- Jen Greer, Ph.D., author of“ What’s Wrong with Me? Don’t let selfishness ruin your relationship. “

3. Forget about such concepts as “requirements” and “obligations”

“Many people feel pressured because their partner or female partner expects too much of them in the bedroom and wants to see them literally as sexy machines. And this undoubtedly suppresses sexual freedom and makes the response to courtship less sensual. You and your partner should forget about words like “demands” and “obligations” about your sex life. This will be the first step towards reducing bedroom anxiety and return you to more realistic expectations. ”- Board Certified Sexologist Ginger Berkow, co-author of Living Room to Bedroom: A Modern Couples Guide to Sexual Abundance and Stable Intimate Relationships.

4. First think about the intimate side of the relationship, and only then about the sexual

“I am increasingly telling my clients that they need to start adding more intimacy, sensuality and romance to their relationships. Sex is a pleasure only in an atmosphere of true love. Therefore, add more intimate caresses to it. It can be a combination of foreplay, erotic massage, oral sex, romantic love or quick sex – choose the one that’s right for you! ”- Eva Kadell, Ph.D., founder of Sexpert.com.

5. Change your mind about scheduled sex

“It may not seem too romantic, but when there is a prolonged lull in your sexual relationship, you really should think about planning your sex life. After all, every day, each of you will more and more often remember about sexual intercourse and expect the second, with thoughts: “Why should I propose first? Maybe he (or she) does not want this at all?” them until sex becomes more natural and spontaneous for you, ”sex therapist Karen Stewart.

6. Be flexible (psychologically)

“Couples who have no problem sexually are different in that they have flexible expectations and are able to reconsider their preferences and make adjustments in lovemaking. We encourage our clients to adopt the following philosophy: be open to new experiences and treat each sexual act as unique. This reduces pressure and leads to more sexual freedom in the bedroom. ”- Board Certified Sexologist Bill Berkow, co-author of Living Room to Bedroom: Modern Couples’ Guide to Sexual Abundance and Stable Intimate Relationships.

7. Constantly warm up your feelings with something new.

“Trying new things is a great way to spice up your sex life. As the lovers get to know each other better, they all seem to gradually develop for themselves a certain sequence of actions in sex that suits them in most cases. Basically, it boils down to creating a kind of repertoire that includes unmistakable stimulations that “will surely work.” It may be fun and exciting at first, but over time it will become familiar and even boring. In any case, the beginning of any relationship, as a rule, still contains a little experimentation. But established couples often forget to keep on discovering their fantasies and trying new things, ”- clinical psychologist Ursula Ofman.

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We hope you find these tips helpful and that the passion in your relationship never fades! Take care of your love and be attentive to each other, then your sexual relationship will truly become a sublime manifestation of true intimacy.

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