7 erotic dreams every woman has

This moment – you are all in pleasure, the atmosphere is rapidly heating up, your eyes sparkle with passion, everything is going as it should, and it has never been so good. You are on the verge of orgasm, and suddenly … you open your eyes. And it was just a dream.

Erotic dreams are more common than you imagine. And they sometimes contain characters that you would never even think about in real life.

Holly Richmond, a New York City sex therapist , says that we almost always dream of things that we dream outside of dreams. However, like any other type, sexual dreams can have a deeper meaning. In this article, you will find out the opinion of experts who decided to figure out what some of the most common sexual dreams among girls really mean.

1. Sex with your boss

“No, just because you are dreaming of having sex with your boss doesn’t mean you really want to do it. In fact, it could mean that you don’t feel 100% comfortable with this balance of power between you, ”says Richmond.

There are two options for how such a dream can continue: in the first, you dominate it, which probably means that you want to somehow push it away, show your desires. In the second, you are submissive, which means that you have a passive-aggressive, rather than competitive attitude towards the boss.

2. Sex with someone you don’t like

“Think, why doesn’t he sympathize with you: does he treat you badly? Doesn’t let you say a word? ” Richmond suggests asking himself. Maybe this person is making you feel insecure or weak.

While people don’t always like to admit it, often the only reason they don’t like a person is the sense of inappropriateness they make them feel. Perhaps in your subconscious mind you are having sex with this guy in order to at least somewhere show your strength and power over him.

3. Sex with your ex

Just when you think that you’ve completely thrown your ex out of life, he suddenly appears in your dreams.

Dream analyst Lauri Levenberg says that if he became an ex not too long ago, having sex with him probably means you haven’t gone through a breakup yet. If you broke up about a year ago or more, don’t worry – that doesn’t necessarily mean you want him back, Richmond explains. “It could be because you still have unresolved issues,” he explains. Maybe your relationship didn’t end well, or you left something unspoken in your soul. Levenberg adds that if your first love visits you in a dream, it is quite possible that you simply lack something romantic in your current relationship: passion, novelty, or the usual “butterflies in the stomach.” If you are mired in a routine with your boyfriend, in a dream you simply remind yourself of the feelings that each of us feels with the First.


4. Sex with someone who isn’t your type at all 

First of all, this does not mean that you always went in the wrong direction and looked at the wrong ones. “Something new is the basis of human sexual arousal,” says Richmond. “A lot of people are so firm in their positions that they need dreams to get fresh space and open the always locked doors.”

The same goes for porn. Even heterosexual women love to watch lesbian porn, although for the most part it’s just to pique the imagination.

5. Sex with someone who is ashamed to even think about

Some erotic dreams are troubling, such as being intimate with a coworker who always sniffs when he breathes, or an annoying boyfriend who tortures you at your favorite bar.

Levenberg suggests taking a step back and asking yourself what three personality traits come to mind when you think of this person. “Of these three things, at least one will be a quality that you must incorporate into your behavior to improve your life right now.”

For example, your coworker is the best problem-solver in the office, but at the moment you are worried about a situation in your life and you must figure out how to solve it. Or maybe the guy at the bar is definitely pushy and you have to be that way to get there.

6. Sex with a celebrity

I think that all women are sometimes awakened from sleep with Leonardo Di Caprio or Brad Pitt, and feel exhausted due to the fact that it was not true.

These are, of course, just dreams reflecting your fantasies, says Richmond. But there is also a deeper meaning. “Moments like this that are missing in real life can really give you a sense of sexual power and confidence.”

7. Sex in a public place

Being intimate in a place where other people can theoretically see you may mean you need to be bolder and take more risks inside (or outside) the bedroom.

Richmond says dreaming about having sex in public can also be a manifestation of rebellion in your unconscious part, especially if your partner is less adventurous than you. If so, you have a lot to discuss with him and find compromises.

But this is a dream that can also be interpreted more literally: you just want to have sex in the locker room of a store or bar restroom. Yes, for some it is outrageous, but our life was created for crazy and extraordinary things. If you really want to – go ahead, just be careful: sometimes there are surveillance cameras in public places.
Dreams still remain a little-known part of human consciousness. But this is not a reason to be ashamed of them. It is likely that your brain is trying to tell you something. Understand your feelings, talk to your partner. It is much better to enjoy real sex with a real person.

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