7 juicy facts about orgasm that you may not have known

Who cares about facial expression during orgasm? They joke a lot about this, but someone is seriously worried – and prevents himself from having fun. Superfluous reflections are generally ways to nullify the whole point of the process. Therefore, even if you know everything about orgasm, this material is for you.

1. No pain .

It turns out that orgasm is the best pain medication. The whole point is in chemistry, and more precisely, in those substances that are released into the blood when the highest point of pleasure comes. They block pain signals entering the brain. At the same time, orgasm helps with most types of pain, including toothache and arthritis pain. This is especially effective, of course, a pleasant remedy during menstruation (if your partner is not scared and does not repel blood) and with migraines. In addition, it helps faster than drugs. Therefore, dear girls, remember: if your head hurts, do not drink pills, but look for a man!

2. Orgasm is a unique thing .

According to statistics, only 30% of women in the world can regularly orgasm with a regular partner only from penetration. An additional 30% requires additional stimulation or the use of several types of sex. Yes, and the time to prepare the body for it will take from 10 to 30 minutes, so representatives of the stronger sex should not forget about the prelude, which will prepare the capricious female body for further activities! And about 12% of women in general have never experienced an orgasm. At the same time, even such a sex symbol as Marilyn Monroe suffered from anorgasmia – she had to go to sessions of a psychoanalyst. But it is the ladies who can experience multiple orgasm. For men, everything is simple with this: according to statistics, they experience an orgasm with a loved one in 70% of cases.

3. Quantity matters!

In the case of orgasm, this statement is true. The latest research has shown that those men who achieve satisfaction at least twice a week have a chance to live a much longer life. In addition, intense sexual activity halves the risk of prostate cancer. True, this requires almost every day to complete a sex marathon, because for these statistics to work, you need at least 21 orgasms per month.

4. Keep your feet warm

Scientists have found that cold limbs make it difficult to concentrate on achieving pleasure, making the whole process uncomfortable. This is especially true for women who are physically less active. Therefore, removing socks is not always necessary! Moreover, it can be very exciting and seductive, in the spirit of modern Lolita. It’s enough to choose a nice option for your intimate wardrobe.

5. The older, the better .

Female orgasm becomes brighter and longer with age. Despite the existing stereotypes regarding age, it is mature women who receive better sexual discharge, although the intensity and quantity of sexual intercourse as a whole decreases. According to statistics, girls aged 16 to 24 years have about 60% of orgasms, and ladies from 40 years and older – more than 70%. Perhaps this is due to factors such as self-confidence, lack of false bashfulness and knowledge of what, how and where to do a partner to be good.

6. Nothing to be shy about!

Many experience complexes about their facial expressions and other body reactions during orgasm. However, if you control them, you definitely will not get pleasure. Scientists also figured out this question: it turns out that the cerebellum is responsible for our facial expressions and movements at this important moment. The higher the tension of the moment, the greater the tension in the body: arms and legs can even cramp. In addition, excitation makes those parts of the brain that give a reaction to pain actively work. Therefore, from the outside you might think that you are not well, although at the same time you can be in the seventh heaven with pleasure. These processes are the same for men and women.

7. Falsehood?

Men also pretend to have orgasms – 30% of respondents admitted this. The main motive is to protect your beloved from resentment and disappointment, to avoid conflict in this area. At the same time, women pretend to be satisfied with sex at times more often: up to 70% of orgasms in women are fiction, scientists from a university in Kansas found out. The list of reasons for this behavior includes fear of losing relationships, too fast a process and fatigue. Moreover, men recognize fraud only in every third case. In general, the situation is unpleasant: the simulation for fear of offending only exacerbates the problem. If you want to reach the peak of pleasure, talk correctly with your partner, and tell us exactly what “turns you on”. Honesty in this case is the key to a happy and harmonious relationship.

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