7 sexual types of men

There are no identical people: neither in appearance nor in character. Moreover, the styles of behavior in everyday life and in sex are often strikingly different. We offer an overview of the most common sexual psychotypes of men with which each of us can meet in bed. Knowing the features of each of them, we can accurately find an approach to a partner and make your intimacy as pleasant and unforgettable as possible.

1. Extraordinary

Such men are rarely similar in their sexual preferences to all others. They are distinguished by their passion for non-traditional practices, knowledge of new facets of consciousness, the ability to manage internal energies, thoughts, feelings. It is difficult to be on the same wavelength with such partners, but it is possible. To do this, it is enough to focus on your feelings, adjust to the rhythm of a man and follow the path of pleasure he has traversed.

2. Soulful

For these men, the primary stimulating factor is the emotions and feelings of the partner. The pleasure they give you feeds them from within, inspiring them to conquer new heights. They will do everything to bring you to the desired climax. Let them do what they do to you, and be generous with praise and gratitude after intimacy.

3. Expressive

The behavior of men of this type can be compared to acting in adult films. They please you as if someone else was watching them. Gestures, postures, sounds, caresses – all for show and too emotional. You just have to play along with them in order to get what you want. Their artistry does not spoil the quality of sex itself.

4. Listener

The type of men who love with their ears. Sounds give them the highest pleasure, therefore, in order to bring them to the desired degree of arousal, it is enough to describe in detail their sexual fantasies and desires, moan loudly, scream and sigh in a fit of passion.

5. Mutual

In sex, such men behave as equal partners. They will only demand from you as much as they can give you, so play with them according to the rules to get everyone’s pleasure in bed.

6. Creative

With this type of men, sex is never boring – they are always looking for something new, fresh, innovative: be it poses, places, toys, roles. To achieve harmony in sexual relations with such partners, you also need to constantly experiment and change something. Routine is not for them, so prepare for constant movement.

7. Rude

Men of this type in bed are like animals that copulate roughly and aggressively. Sex with them is always active, passionate and extreme. Partners show power and strength over a woman, reveling in their own domination. Long foreplay and gentle caresses are not for them.
When in bed with a man, remember that you are an equal half of a couple, whose desires and moods largely determine the course of the process. If you are impressed by the sexual temperament of your chosen one, you know how to play along with him and how to behave with this or that type. The main thing is that the preferences and characters of the partners match perfectly. Only in this case bright and unforgettable sex is guaranteed.

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