8 condom use errors

To use the condom comfortably, you need to use it correctly. There are mistakes that people often make when storing, donning and using. Knowing them, it will be possible to avoid damage to latex, which means it will prevent pregnancy or infection. There are 8 major errors in the operation of latex products.

1. The use of oily lubricant

Grease is present in almost all condoms, but it is made on a water or silicone basis. Such formulations do not spoil latex. If you apply an oily lubricant, the thin material will become brittle, the likelihood of damage to it will greatly increase.

You can not apply vegetable oils, creams and lotions, petroleum jelly. They can contribute to product rupture. It is not necessary to use a lubricant, infections can be transmitted with it, as a result, condom protection will not be effective.

2. Incorrect lubrication

If there is not enough lubricant, it can and should be added. But they apply it only after the condom is put on the body. If you lubricate the penis in advance, the condom just slides off the body in the process.

Lubricant is applied to the tip and shaft of the penis, but it should not get inside.

3. Opening with sharp objects

Condom packaging must be opened very carefully so as not to damage it. Do not use scissors, teeth for this. It is better to gently tear with your fingers, making sure that the edges of the package do not tear delicate material.

It is necessary to carefully open and put on a condom for women with long nails. They can also violate the integrity.

4. Putting on the wrong side

A common mistake is to lean against the body on the wrong side. Then it becomes clear that this is a mistake, since the condom does not roll out. But if you just flip it, there may be problems. Allocations of the man already come to the surface, and as a result they will appear inside the partner. In this minimum amount of secretions, spermatozoa can be, and this is enough for conception. And the infection is also transmitted, if any.

Before putting on, you need to find the right side, and then only touch the body.

5. Late donning

Sometimes people don’t put on a condom before the intercourse, but in the process. First comes a series of frictions without protection, and a condom is put on before the finale. And this is also a mistake, since there is no protection against infections. And pregnancy can come from a preejaculant. This male lubricant, it contains sperm, it is secreted even before orgasm to lubricate delicate skin.

It is important to wear a condom before sex, and remove it after graduation.

6. Reuse

Even if the man did not finish the condom, it is not necessary to put it on a second time. This is a one-time thing, do not reuse it.

And certainly you don’t need to wash the condoms to use them again. This completely deprives them of their protective function.

7. Expiration date

The pack always indicates the expiration date. Usually it is 3-5 years from the date of production. After this period, the use is prohibited. The protective properties can be lost in whole or in full, and you do not need to experiment with health.

8. Incorrect condom storage

The condom should be stored in a dark place at room temperature. Heating and cooling can spoil the latex product. Direct sunlight falling on the packaging, strong humidity can lead to deformation.

If the condom is carried in a bag, pocket or purse, its shelf life should not exceed 1 year. Even if the date of use indicated on the package has not expired, it is still better to regularly replace the condom with a new one.

The rules for using condoms are simple, but mistakes are still made. But avoiding them is very simple.

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