9 exciting kissing techniques during sex

It would seem, why talk about kissing? It is only for the children that it is not clear what is there and how, but we certainly know a lot about how to kiss correctly. Is it so? Unfortunately, many people ignore the importance of kissing during sex, and not everyone knows how to kiss. We will consider options for any couples: gentle and passionate, thirsty for affectionate lovemaking or rough and hot sex.

Experience shows that many adult couples have never mastered a variety of kissing techniques. I went on a date once, so the guy almost sucked my whole head into himself! Seriously: I even felt myself being sucked in by a powerful stream of air, as if I was on the subway next to a commuter train. His saliva poured like the Flood. From the side it probably looked like this …
Br , it was terrible. The conclusion is simple: we all urgently need to learn to kiss so that the partner hums enthusiastically and cannot tear himself away from us in the good sense of the word. Without biting off the head …

1. Kiss with a jack

Such kisses will be a wonderful prelude to oral sex. They can combine several techniques, but regular lipsticks without a tongue are enough.


Place the jack. Slowly and simultaneously cover each other’s bodies with soft kisses without saliva and tongue. Gradually move closer to the intimate areas.

2. Vacuum kiss

Such a kiss will provide pleasant stimulation of the erogenous zones: earlobes, fingers, nipples, clitoris or penis.


It is advisable to practice, for example, on your own finger. Wrap your lips around the tip of your finger, closing them tightly. Without opening your lips, draw air from your mouth into your lungs, then let the air flow back into your mouth. Actions are like a pump. In this case, we breathe only through our nose.

3. Kiss with a bite

It is believed that kisses with bites are the most passionate. However, do not get too carried away, biting fangs into the body of a loved one. Teeth touching should be delicate. Our task is to recreate the feeling of a massage. Kisses with teeth are suitable for caressing almost any erogenous zone.


Lightly grab your partner’s erogenous zone (for example, nipple or tongue) with your teeth and remember it with your teeth with gentle movements. It will not be superfluous to add a vacuum effect.

4. Kiss noses (Eskimo)

This option is considered one of the most romantic types of kissing. There is no lustful passion in him, only boundless tenderness. You can also kiss other parts of the partner’s body with the nose in the Eskimo style. You will notice a particular response in the sensitive inner areas of the thighs and arms.


Lightly touch each other with the tips of the nozzles. Run your nose gently over the skin, paying particular attention to the sinuses. A slight tickling sensation may occur.

5. Kiss with the tongue “circulation”

Do you want a real whirlpool of passions? A kiss with massaging circular actions with the tongue guarantees it! It is noteworthy that not everyone likes the “cycle” when it comes to mouth-to-mouth kissing. But many react violently and voluptuously to the same kisses in intimate places. During oral sex it is great to combine such a kiss with the “pistol” technique, which we talked about in the article about positions for female orgasm. Instructions Clasp your partner’s lip with your lips, and then lightly slide your tongue around it, as if drawing the letter “O”. It is preferable to alternate between fast and slow paces. 


6. Kiss “smack”

Smack-smacking are well known to us from an early age. So we kissed kittens and our favorite toy. Our parents kissed us so loudly. However, a simple smack can become quite arousing when applied in the right context.


Fold your lips with a tube, pushing them forward. Soundly kiss your partner’s body, sharply opening your lips. There should be a slightly harsh sound. In this way, you can kiss not only the lips, but also the neck. The softer the area of ​​the body, the greater the result, because a smack increases the blood flow to the skin.

7. Kiss “frosty freshness”

I just love mint and lemon balm. They smell great, improve breathing, lift your spirits and … help you kiss in an unusual way!


Before kissing, chew a couple of mint leaves or brush your teeth with menthol paste. You can also put a cup of mint tea by the bed, occasionally sipping from it. When kissing, the partner’s skin will feel the effect of mint. Perhaps, there will even be a feeling of pleasant chill, goose bumps will appear.

8. Kiss “I would have eaten it!”

I am a foodie. I’m lying. I am a glutton, a troglodyte, a bottomless barrel and I can’t live without sweets. And what could be nicer than eating a treat from your partner’s body? While I’ve read that guys don’t like this, my personal experience suggests otherwise. It is only important not to apply too hot or cold products to the skin. No hot chocolate or ice cream! Another important nuance: do not overdo it and apply a thin layer of sweets, otherwise you will get each other dirty, and indeed the whole bedroom.


Apply some honey, whipped cream or other sweetness to the skin. Lick the delicacy slowly while gently wrapping your lips around the skin. Do not forget about the important soundtrack and quietly whisper cute nonsense in the spirit: “Mmm, how sweet and delicious you are!”

9. Kiss “in one breath”

And finally, let’s look at the kiss that even beginners can handle. Its essence is in gentle caresses with subtle touches of lips and streams of hot breath.


Bring your lips to the body of a loved one so that they hardly touch him. Exhale slowly, caressing your skin with air. There are an incredible number of types of kissing, but the most important thing about them is mutual pleasure. Always pay attention to your partner’s reactions and tell him yourself whether you like his kiss or want him to kiss you differently. You should never endure unpleasant caresses, otherwise they will lose their meaning. A kiss shouldn’t be torture! Love each other, kiss a lot, often and tasty, because kisses give us not only pleasant sensations. They strengthen the bond between partners physically and spiritually and fill us with hormones of happiness! 

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