Alternative to vaginal sex

When ordinary sex is bored, it can be replaced by other actions. They will give no less pleasant sensations and help to make intimacy brighter. And these are not only alternative types of sex, but also other erotic practices that not all couples use.

Vaginal sex is the most common form of sexual interaction. It is present in most couples, but becomes boring over time. Even attempts to diversify can end. Therefore, it is worth having alternative methods.


Blowjob and cunnilingus are a good alternative. Lip caresses often bring to orgasm faster than penetration. You can do these things one at a time, or at the same time in pose 69. There are hundreds of techniques that you can try in the process.

Anal sex

This is also penetration, but into another hole. Emotions are completely different, new sensations. If you approach the preparation correctly and take your time, you can get an orgasm for both. Often not like it on the first try, but over time, couples get a taste. In a passive position can be both a woman and a man.


Mutual caresses that do not allow penetration at all. Hugs, kisses, touching any part of the body, but without contact with the genitals. It does not always lead to orgasm, but practice is an exciting game accessible to everyone. It may just be a prelude, or it can replace vaginal sex completely.

Mutual masturbation

Why not stimulate a partner with your hands? Diving into any holes and touching any erogenous zones is permissible. Manual exposure is very effective, requires little energy, but everyone likes it. It is especially interesting if you give each other advice – how to do it right.

Masturbation with sex toys

Pleasure is delivered with the help of sex products. Masturbators are useful for men, vibrators for women. But it is not the owner who is holding them, but his partner. This pairing practice brings people together a lot. It also allows you to better understand the partner, his needs. The best way to find new erogenous zones and ways to influence them.

Erotic massage

It is done on the whole body or only on the genitals. Stroking with special oil is very pleasant. There are hundreds of movements that will give the strongest response to a loved one. Often massage is reduced to masturbation with the hands of another, but the beginning is strikingly different. Sexual massage is worth everyone.


Many BDSM practices can be a substitute for vaginal sex. They give very strong feelings, often superior to the sensations of ordinary sexual intercourse. And flogging can be applied without penetration. This game action can carry psychological overtones or just be a physical action. And it is very interesting, it is worth experiencing personally.

Intramammary sex

This is the penetration of a member between the breasts of a partner. Realistically realize only with a bust size of at least the second. A beautiful action, but the sensations from it are not too bright for both. A man can finish enjoying a bright picture, while a woman will need additional stimulation.

Axillary sex

An armpit can also accommodate a penis. And this is a pretty tight girth. But for everything to go well, you need good lubrication and the right posture. This alternative, again, is interesting to men, but gives a minimum of pleasant sensations to the girl. And sometimes it’s also ticklish.

Masturbation demonstration

Giving yourself pleasure in front of your loved one is interesting for many couples. At the same time, approaching and touching are prohibited, you can only watch. Of course, not everyone can stand it, and sometimes everything goes to mutual masturbation, but the beginning is still interesting.

All these types of sex are suitable for couples of different ages. You should try them if you are only recently together or have been living together for many years. These are ways to diversify sex, to find something more than ordinary vaginal contact.

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