Dangerous sex: 10 blunders that harm your health

Sex is one of the most common topics of discussion in modern society. Every now and then we talk about sexual fantasies, about positions, about various variations of sex. What about safety rules? Here, unfortunately, the situation is unfortunate. Many people ignore the most important advice, and sometimes do not even know that they are risking their health. But ignorance of the rules of sex does not exempt from negative consequences. Let’s examine the main mistakes in order to avoid them and protect ourselves from trouble.

1. Lack of a condom

It seems that everything is very clear and all people understand that a condom protects not only from pregnancy, but also from sexually transmitted diseases. Yes, condoms are not 100% protective, but they are still highly effective. However, in real life, many stubbornly neglect this tool. Someone, you see, the sensations are not the same. The risk of an unplanned pregnancy and sores is not as bad for them as “the wrong feeling”. And it’s not only about vaginal sex, but also about oral and anal sex. It is foolish to think that diseases will not get into the mouth or anus. You can refuse a condom only in cases when you are absolutely confident in your partner, when both have a doctor’s note in their hands, and there are contraceptives of a different kind in the bedside table .

2. Improper use of condoms

Good condoms are expensive when your sex life is hectic and you have to buy them frequently. Quite often the thirst to save money pushes partners to ignore the rules for using product No. 2. If the man puts on the condom inside out, don’t let him turn it over and put it back on. Such a condom is already spoiled and its place is in the trash can. Another mistake is to re-fit a slipped condom.

3. The position “contraception is a man’s responsibility”

Many girls selfishly took the position that men should think about contraception, not women. Who is at risk of an unplanned pregnancy – a man or a woman? Who, if something happens, to experience the horrors of abortion or carry a child for 9 months? Who screams in pain during childbirth? In an ideal society, both partners should think about contraception, but in reality everything is not so. Don’t blame a man for forgetting to buy a condom. A woman’s first aid kit and cosmetic bag should always contain a pack just in case of fire.

4. Unwashed hands

Yes, yes, we all know to take a shower before having sex. Well, to be honest, have there been situations in your life when a lover’s hand suddenly dives under your skirt? You are driving yourself in the car, he stares at your knee and then how to grab – for the causal place. Don’t let this kind of trick. Consider how many times he has tackled the sources of germs with these hands – a hose at a gas station, for money, a dirty handle in the stairwell. You don’t want all the bacteria it collects to end up in your vagina, do you? Even if passion seized abruptly and suddenly it is necessary to force the man to wash his hands. And you yourself should not grab his pipirka without washing your hands. Always, always, always wash your hands before sex and caress! 

5. Refusal of lubricants

Many women are embarrassed to admit to a partner that in the coveted place they do not have enough moisture for intercourse. This happens when there is insufficient sexual arousal, as a result of health problems or because of the onset of menopause. In such cases, the logic of the ladies is twisted: “I will say that it hurts because it is dry there. He will decide that I am frigid, or sick, or too old. He will stop wanting me. ” Such conclusions can only come to the head of a very stupid and sexually illiterate man. Never hesitate to ask your partner to use extra lubricant. This way you can avoid discomfort, pain, and injury during sex. Another reason to use lubricant is that without lubrication, the condom can be damaged during active frictions. It turns out that shy ladies endure pain and unpleasant sex, resulting in the risk of infections and unwanted pregnancy. If your man does not rush to the pharmacy for lubricant, buy the lubricant yourself, having carefully studied its composition and application.

6. Using the same hand in mutual caresses

Some believe that by limiting themselves to manual caresses, they reliably protect themselves from diseases. No matter how it is! A common mistake couples make is that both a man and a woman caress each other with the same hand, transferring the partner’s biological fluids and bacteria to their genitals. Make it a rule: one hand for yourself, the other for him. If you touch your partner’s genitals with your right hand, you can only caress yourself with your left.

7. Stimulation of the genitals with long nails

Abroad, the fashion for long nails has long passed, but we will not just talk about stilettos, but about even more or less grown nails. What does it have to do with men too. Loose and long nails are a potential source of injury. Never allow a man to actively caress your genitals if his nails are not cut at the root. Micro scratches become breeding grounds for germs and can lead to erosion. Penetrating masturbation should also be avoided if your nails are not short enough . Long nails are dangerous.

8. Drinking alcohol while taking birth control

You can not drink alcoholic beverages if you have taken or are about to take medication. Alcohol pulls the blanket over itself, forcing your liver to switch to fighting ethanol, so the effectiveness of drugs for unwanted pregnancies can be reduced.

9. Oral sex with an unreliable partner

Even at school, anatomy teachers explain that microcracks in the mouth allow bacteria to enter the body. Remember: blowjob and cunnilingus are potential health risks. Only a reliable partner can please with your mouth. No matter how passionate you may be for cunnilingus, it is better to refuse such affection than to get infected from a possibly sick man .

10. Detergents for the introduction of vaginal contraceptives

Sadly, many people limit themselves to just reading the dosage when reading the instructions for medications. If you use vaginal contraception, in no case should you wash your private parts with soap, gel and other detergents. Read the recommendations for the use of the drug and strictly follow them. As a rule, it is allowed to wash two hours before and two hours after sex. The rest of the time, you can only take a shower, washing yourself with clean water without soap, because it destroys the action of spermicides and antiseptics.
Remember how important it is to undergo a timely examination by a doctor, taking tests. No one is immune from infections, but at an early stage, it will not be difficult to cure most diseases. Do not succumb to the persuasion of stupid partners who spit on their own and your health, do not let passion drown out the voice of reason. Follow the recommendations of doctors regarding safe sex and then you will save yourself from injury, infection and unwanted pregnancy. Let intimate moments give you only pleasure!

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