Do men fake orgasm

Everyone knows that a woman does not always have an orgasm during intimacy. But we are all great actresses. In order not to upset our chosen ones, we often pretend it. But as it turns out, ejaculation in men during intercourse is also not an indicator of orgasm. So how, then, can you tell if your partner has reached a peak of pleasure or not?

Scientists’ opinion

Scientists say orgasm is a combination of physiological and emotional satisfaction. This has been proven experimentally. The subjects were attached to detectors that recorded brain activity during intimacy. After a detailed study of the data obtained, it was revealed that, first of all, the signs of orgasm are formed in the man’s brain, and only after this does the body begin to react.
Ancient practices

There are all kinds of philosophies and practices that teach the male population to have an orgasm without losing semen. The level of psychological and spiritual satisfaction is so strong that physical relaxation is not required. However, adherents of traditional sexual relations are very skeptical about this. However, this once again confirms that the physiological response of the body is not an indicator of psihological satisfaction.

Why the ending didn’t come

External factors affect not only the female physiology, but also the male. Diseases of various origins, uncontrolled use of alcoholic beverages and drugs, even banal fatigue affect the process of ejaculation. When a man cannot achieve physical satisfaction, intercourse becomes like an obstacle course. Consequently, the feeling of satisfaction is repressed, and negative emotions gain strength .

Can a man feign

A sociological survey was conducted, as a result of which it turned out that representatives of the stronger half also know how to imitate an orgasm. In this they are helped by moans, facial expressions and characteristic body movements. They do all this with the best of intentions, so as not to upset their beloved women, but also importantly because of the fear of appearing to be a bad lover.
If you’ve caught your partner faking an orgasm, don’t panic and sound the alarm. The main thing is that your closeness brings you pleasure and joy. But beware that this aspect does not become a harbinger of more serious trouble. If this happens repeatedly, see your doctor. This state of affairs may be the first signs that health problems have arisen.

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