Doc Johnson: real American phalluses and other legends since 1976

Let’s start right away from the legend – Doc Johnson, an American family-owned company that has been producing sex toys since 1976.

This is a whole novel that promises to be a saga. Therefore, we will divide the story into pieces and begin with a general acquaintance.

Doc Johnson, the beginning

In 1976, Ron Braverman bought a small rubber manufacturing company. The assortment included artificial phalluses, gags and products for anglers.

After a small comparison of the development prospects in different markets, it was decided to focus on sex toys: at that time in the USA there were neither really large manufacturers, nor national brands. Braverman decided to create the first.

And he succeeded!

After receiving an enterprise with several employees, after more than forty years, he became an employer for about five hundred people and the largest producer of intimate goods in the world. The main office along with the main factory is located in North Hollywood, California.

And this is Ron Braverman (right) with his heir son Chad:

Leadership Application: Vibro Bullet

How it was?

Starting with basic products – dildos and butt plugs – over time, Doc Johnson was able to climb the crest of sex toy progress!

The company attributes the authorship of mini-vibrators to itself. The usual “bullet”, which is now not ordered from Chinese manufacturers, is only lazy. And once people did not know that it was possible. 

Subjugation of America: rabbit vibrator

But to become a truly cult name, Doctor Ivanov (Doc Johnson, if made “ours”) was helped by a very complex design, invented in the late 1990s: a rotator inside a dildo made of translucent polyvinyl chloride, to which a short stimulator with a vibro-bullet inside was attached. The long part was supposed to be immersed inside, and it was issued in imitation of the male penis. And with a short “shoot” designed to stimulate the clitoris, one could take risks. He was made a “rabbit”: if the ears are not very dense to cast, they tremble from the work of the internal vibrator and tickle the clitoris, its hood, lips or any part of the body surface that it reaches. The device was very complex in appearance, and even heavy: powerful motors required a good supply of energy, and it was provided by replaceable batteries inside the large handle. Four, or even six! How to sell it? Buy native ads in the most popular television series about sex, of course! What was done: 


The splendor of greatness: Jenna Jameson

How can such a promotion not work? All of America lined up for rabbits, and the management had the idea to separate the “base” name from the glossy premium products.

Yes, in those days, translucency, luster and tinsel were indispensable attributes of an expensive and high-quality product!

Doc Johnson hires a real porn star and makes her the face of a separate product line for women. If Cindy Crawford says that Revlon owes beauty, then the “rabbit” for her orgasms began to thank Jenna Jameson!

Who are these people?

The two most famous models of the past. One went dressed on the catwalks, the second starred naked in a special movie. It is hard to even say whom the Americans knew better.

Ultra Realistic, the new face of Doc Johnson

In the early 2000s, a revolution in materials for medicine began. Racing developers offered new items for surgery, prosthetics and medical consumables. “Departed” losers were sometimes picked up by other industries; for example, the production of sex toys.

This happened with thermoplastic elastomers, which were invented to simulate the human body externally and to the touch in dentures. Everything with the new product was perfect, except for a small detail: the material did not withstand the serious mechanical impact that a person encounters in ordinary life. And far from all resisted chemicals chemically: it deteriorated, for example, even with vegetable oil.

Doc Johnson did not bother the specialists! Realism is the main thing in imitation of organs for sex, and here even ultra-realism came out. They soon cast cult dildos from thermoplastics and cut them , and the whole world learned the mantra “use only with intimate lubricants based on water.”  

Artificial Vaginas and the Conquest of Men

As soon as ultra-realistic phalluses came out, vaginas became a logical continuation (followed by anus with mouths, of course). Now this is surprising, but twenty years ago, the only assistant to a single man was his palm, and the entire industry was “sharpened” to satisfy women, as well as those who might be excited by the penetration of various objects into the anus. And this is logical, if you think about it: you can’t rub your penis safely with vinyl, glass, metal, ABS plastic. But as soon as a worthy replacement of the corpus callosum of the palm and the delicate vaginal mucosa appeared, it began to be consumed in tons! And even without any advertising in the television series. A copy of Sasha Gray Dream’s vagina on its laurels And exactly at the moment when Doc Johnson brought to the market goods for any consumer, he lost the lead. No, not general quantitative, but intellectual. Everywhere and anywhere, in any niche: competitors instantly appeared and grew up who endlessly come up with and produce vibrators for couples, vacuum clitoris stimulators, artificial vaginas speaking in a human voice, phalluses with muscle stimulation and phalluses that can simulate frictions, muscle trainers controlled from smartphones pelvis, devices with a “mill” of velvety silicone tongues and devices with moving soft tentacles. That’s all the largest manufacturer in the world no longer has. What is there? Doc Johnson has focused on classic and basic products, quality materials, perfumes and packaging design. Yes, do not be surprised: the toys from the Doctor can be recognized by smell, and they can be disassembled among themselves by collection with eyes closed and hands tied – only by aromatic compositions. About this very soon!  

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